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Red Rims (Wheels) on a Silver Car – Do they look good? (Pictures attached)

Any exquisitely neutral color like silver looks good on almost all categories of vehicles, and never goes out of style. Moreover, silver cars tend to have a much higher resale value, which is a huge driving factor for choosing it.

Silver cars require relatively less care and maintenance, since dust, dirt and scratches are less likely to be noticeable. This can be a huge relief if you tend to drive in unfriendly conditions, or simply, are lazy.

Furthermore, silver cars reflect a great amount of sunlight, preventing the interior from becoming heated up. Lastly, they blend perfectly into the surroundings and are aesthetically pleasant to look at.

Will Red Rims Look Good On A Silver Car?

Silver cars have the advantage of going well with almost all rim colors, including red. Red rims on silver cars can look absolutely stunning if properly matched.

Proper matching requires that you pay attention to the design, category of vehicle and the shade of the rim to make sure that your car pulls off that dashing appearance that you are looking for. This unique combination can look great on muscle cars as it imparts a sporty and semi- aggressive outlook.

Red rims on a silver car- From

If you simply want your silver car to stand out on highways, then again red is your color. For silver cars, we recommend deep and darker shades of red for an ideal end result.

Word of caution: this rash combination is not for everyone. I dig it, personally. The final choice, after all, depends on the owner and his taste. Here is another picture to help you decide.

Red rims on a silver car- @jdm_passioncars

Why choose red rims?

Red rims are a comparatively rare sight these days so you get that element of uniqueness. That being said, it is also one of the top choices for someone who wants to make their car stand out.

Bright red wheels have been used since the fifties by people who are fond of making their vehicle look unique in a crowd. It not only provides a bold appearance to the car, but also makes it look fancy and valuable.

A car with striking red wheels is sure to turn heads from miles away, and if it is a sports or muscle car, the sight can be thrilling! However, for luxury cars and minivans, you might need to think a lot before deciding to put on red rims. You definitely don’t want your vehicle looking over-the-top.

Red rims, although look superb, require a great deal of care. Even the tiniest of scratches or mud can pop on a color like that. Moreover, you might need to hunt for a great design it as red wheels are not very common.

Red wheel recommendation: Konig Hypergram

This stunning red opal wheel by Konig is sure to leave everyone in awe. Its exterior is glossy and shiny which something you want opting for red wheels. The shade is also a bit darker than most red wheels on the market which I really like.

The design language is pretty simple and straightforward and there is nothing very revolutionary or controversial about it. There is not much going on on the faceplate except a 12-spoke sleek design and a snap-in center cap.

Konig wheels may not be the last word in the finish durability, though and this might be an issue for people who want to keep these wheels on for a considerable time. The basic frame of the wheel is, undoubtedly, resilient and lightweight at the same time.

Can I paint my rims red?

If you are craving a change and planning to go red with your rims, you might be considering painting them. As compared to getting new rims, this is a way cheaper option whether you decide to do it yourself or get it done from a professional.

There are a myriad of paint types and qualities that you can pick from, depending on your ultimate goal. These options range from tough strength paint, spray paint, powder coat etc. to much more This allows for better customization as compared to buying red rims. Win-win situation, isn’t it? 

However, for best results you might need to do extensive research on the procedures and experts, otherwise you might end up with a disastrous looking set of wheels.

What other rim colors look great on a silver car?

1. Silver

For those of us who are not very fond of flashy combinations and prefer a more elegant look on our vehicles, silver rims might be the best option for a silver car.

Silver wheels impart a graceful and timeless look which is soothing to look at. They can make a silver car appear luxurious and magnificent, while making sure that it is not boring.

As a bonus, silver rims are easier to clean and maintain, as they tend to hide scratches and dust better and for longer.

Silver wheel recommendation: Advanti Racing HYBRIS

Advanti Racing HYBRIS is a wheel that rocks the hyper-silver shade and will keep doing so, if not even more, once under your silver car. Advanti Racing came out with one of the best looking wheels you will find in the market as of today, i.e., without handing your pocket over in return.

The 5 sleek spokes split into 10 that branch out even wider giving off a particularly masculine look and makes the diameter appear bigger than it actually is. The elegance with going for slim and thin-spoked wheels is, almost always, unmatched.

And did we mention how the hyper-silver finish gives the elegance and show of the wheels a boost? Because it does! Of all the recommended wheels this one is my top picks in terms of aesthetics.


Among the rim colors that never go out of style, black undoubtedly tops the list. No matter what kind of look you plan to pull off, black rims will fulfill all your needs. Black rims on silver car make a charming combination that can grab anybody’s attention. They look regal yet fancy, without even the slightest hint of mismatch.

If you want your silver car to appear finely balanced between aggression and luxury, black rims are your absolute go-to. However, care needs to be taken as scratches, scrapes and dust are prominent on black rims.

Black wheels recommendation: Touren TR60 (3260)

TR60 wheels have an advanced and finely detailed construction which pops out even more due to the marvelous color scheme. The black/red ring color scheme has been especially popular and no one does it better than Touren.

The TR60 series is especially an authority when it comes to black wheels. Not one but two black options are provided; matte black/machined ring alongside the black/red ring. On top of that, TR60 wheels are available in two additional finishes.

TR60 offers a mesh style, split 7 spoke design with a notched, step-down detail on each spoke. This wheel looks especially exquisite on sporty sedans or crossovers, in my opinion.

I hope the article helps you make the right decision for you. If we share a taste in color, make sure to read my other color recommendation guides like:

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