5 Best VIN Decoder API Providers in 2024

The automobile industry grows every day with new technologies to offer. As growth continues, the need for information on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other automobiles continues to rise, and the demand for VIN decoder API providers also increases. VIN decoder APIs allow dealerships to decode the VINs of vehicles in their inventories and other automotive businesses to accurately decode their customers’ VINs when the need arises.

This in turn helps customers get accurate vehicle information and make the best decisions during car purchases, sales, and repairs. In this article, we will be looking at the 5 best VIN decoder API providers based on the features they offer to dealerships and other automotive businesses.

Top 5 VIN Decoder API Providers

There are many VIN decoder API providers in the automotive industry, but which ones offer the best services? Here, we will highlight the top API provider with high-quality information and services. They are:

  • Vehicle Databases.
  • DataOne Software.
  • Vincario
  • CarMD
  • dev

Vehicle Databases


Vehicle Databases is the leading provider of VIN data APIs to dealerships and automotive businesses. It provides premium services to dealerships and automotive businesses seeking to provide instant VIN check and VIN decoding services to their customers. With Vehicle Databases, dealerships and other businesses can seamlessly integrate VIN data APIs into their websites and applications without issues.

Some of the key features of the Vehicle Databases VIN decoder API include:

  • It accepts all Vehicle Identification Numbers
  • Decodes all US and UK license plate numbers in seconds
  • Suggests correct VINs for users when wrong VINs are entered
  • Provides highly accurate responses for vehicle year, make, model, and trim
  • Provides support for classic vehicles having VINs with fewer than 17 characters
  • Detects incorrect or partial VIN numbers with ease

The VIN decoding API provided by Vehicle Databases returns the vehicle’s age, year, make, model, trim, body type, engine size, engine description, number of cylinders in the engine, engine manufacturer, manufacturer information, transmission details, dimensions, drivetrain, suspension, and more.

Vehicle Databases stands out as the best VIN Decoder API provider for dealerships and other automotive businesses. With Vehicle Databases, your business can expect robust and consistent APIs designed to be easily integrated into websites and applications. Besides the VIN decode API, Vehicle Databases also provides a bulk of API services to dealerships and other automotive businesses, such as:

  • The VIN check API
  • The VIN lookup API
  • The VIN scanner API
  • The vehicle specification API
  • The vehicle market value API
  • The vehicle services API
  • The auction history API
  • The sales history API
  • The vehicle media API
  • The window sticker API, and more.

DataOne Software

Next on our list of the 5 best VIN decoder API providers is DataOne Software. DataOne Software provides VIN decoding logic that returns accurate matches to VINs provided by customers and provides accurate vehicle details. DataOne Software’s VIN decode API utilizes data from manufacturers and the DMS to decode VINs and provide accurate equipment information to customers through automotive websites and applications.

With the VIN decoder provided by DataOne Software, dealerships can easily expand their businesses with the provision of:

  • Technical specifications
  • Vehicle descriptions with installed options
  • Interior and exterior colors
  • Enhanced images
  • Marketing content

Other APIs provided by the VIN decoder API provider include vehicle research data APIs, vehicle service data APIs, a VIN database API, and more.



Vincario is another VIN decoder API provider that provides data solutions and APIs to dealerships and other automotive businesses. The API provider specializes in the provision of vehicle specifications, automating vehicle data processes, validating vehicle information, and correcting human-based errors. With the Vincario VIN decoder API, automotive businesses can easily:

  • Boost their sales
  • Save time and the costs associated with a manual VIN search
  • Decode the VINs of all vehicle types
  • Provide accurate results instantly to their customers

Vincario is one of the best VIN decoder API providers because it can easily be integrated with websites and applications and finds usage across different automotive businesses such as fleet management, telematics solutions, car rental, and car sharing, car insurance and leasing services, automotive aftermarket, and more.



CarMD also provides a VIN decoder API that returns accurate VIN data to consumers through websites and applications. The basic CarMD VIN decoder API covers vehicles from 1981 to the current year and provides year, make, model, manufacturer, engine, trim, and transmission information. The CarMD VIN decoding API also has a premium feature that allows dealerships and other businesses to provide detailed vehicle specifications to their customers.

They offer up to 25 free API calls per month and request a fee for further usage of the CarMD VIN decoder API. CarMD also provides other APIs to dealerships and other automotive businesses, such as:

  • OBD2 port location API
  • Vehicle maintenance API
  • Vehicle repair parts and costs API
  • Vehicle code definitions API
  • Predicting vehicle breakdowns API
  • Technical service bulletins (TSB) API
  • Safety recalls API
  • Vehicle warranty API
  • Car image API, and more

Last on our list of the best VIN decoder API providers is provides simple and easy-to-use automotive vehicle database APIs. With, dealerships, and other automotive businesses do not have to worry about providing accurate and transparent vehicle specifications and information to their customers. The VIN decode API provided by returns the following:

  • Year, make, model, trims
  • Vehicle options
  • Interior and exterior colors
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle pricing
  • Engine and transmission offers free VIN decoding API services for a month (with some limitations), and automotive businesses are charged for other months based on the packages selected. The VIN decoder API also provides a vehicle listing API, a make and model API, a vehicle history API, a vehicle valuation API, and more.

There are many VIN decoder API providers in the automotive industry, each offering its own unique features and plans. Before choosing the vehicle decoding API provider for your business, be sure to consider your needs and budget. This way, you can choose the best VIN decoder API for your business.

Our list contains the best 5 VIN decoder API providers in the market, and they are all great choices and can cover most automotive business needs. However, in terms of features, pricing, and reliability, we would like to recommend Vehicle Databases, as they have over time proven to be dependable by providing detailed information about vehicles through their various API services.

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