8 Best Tools to Decode a VIN Number

Buying a car needs you to first acquire as a lot of information as possible. Asking the seller is okay but they may not reveal everything to do with the car, especially if it has several issues.

You can collect as much as you need, but one important number can tell you everything about it. It’s the VIN, and every car has one. It’s the number to tell you everything from the vehicle to make details to any repairs done on it.

Well, the number can’t tell much by just looking at it. That is why you need a VIN decoding tool to help you read the characters and get more information about the vehicle. Do you know any lookup tools?

Searching on the internet will give you everything, but we have eight of the best ones to provide you with conclusive information.


The first one on the list is a reputable website that can crack the VIN of vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, and more of the moving engine bodies. VinPit can decode the VIN based on the make, state, or auto type.

It’s, therefore, VinPit armed with the VIN lookup tools that will benefit you no matter the model you are having. To use it, all you need is a VIN from your car and an internet connection.

Being web-based means that VinPit is a platform that you can reach out to no matter where you are and the device you are using. Once you feed the VIN on the input provided on the website, that’s it.

It will show detailed information about the vehicle, starting with the decoded data from the VIN. You get to see where the car is from, the model, transmission, the assembly plant, and if the VIN is fake or not.

More info will involve accident reports, repairs, criminal records, if any, market value, insurance, and more. So, feeding the VIN on the VinPit website will roll out all the details that will allow you to make a good buying or selling decision.

These are the advantages of having VinPit as your VIN decoding site:

Easy Access and Use

It’s a website, which means you only need an internet connection and a browser to use it. All you require is the VIN which you will input on the website, and that’s it. The rest is about reading the report and downloading it.

Vast Database

VinPit allows you to decode VINs based on the auto type, make, or state. It, therefore, has a large and resourceful database that spreads across fifty states in the US. That is why you are always bound to get information as long as the car is within the US.


The VIN checks you carry out on this website are strictly confidential. VinPit will not keep a trail on you, and if any other person decodes the VIN, there will be no history of the previous lookups.

Customer Support

If you have any questions about what you are viewing or the website, customer support is always ready to help. The response is timely, and they always consider any suggestions you may have to improve the service delivery.

More Tools

Apart from the VIN decoding service, you can also lookup license plates. That reduces the journey to the DMV offices since you can get the report on your device with a few inputs and clicks.

Car Detective

Car Detective can also help you decode the VIN character and tell you what the numbers signify. Each car has a unique VIN, and this is a free lookup tool that will tell you what the characters mean.

It works with all cars that were made after 1981. Those are the vehicles that contain the 17-digit VIN code, which is the standard today. Apart from what the characters stand for, you can also get a report on the vehicle, including the market value, accidents, insurance, criminal records, warranty, and more.


VINAudit uses the NMVTIS, a government agency with the most information about cars in the US. Therefore, you can use it to decode the VIN, which will go ahead to give you all the information that the federal database has.

You also get other details that relate to the vehicle. It’s, however, a paid site that will cost you $5 for a single check. For unlimited access, they charge you $20 every month. That is why car dealers find it favorable since they check for multiple VINs.

VIN Decoder

VIN Decoder is also free, and it will let you know the model, manufacturer, production year, type of engine, and more when you use it to decode the VIN. Once you search for it on the internet, the next step is to feed the VIN and let the website bring you the information.

It’s also possible to get the vehicle’s report here. It will tell you if the car was involved in an accident, the previous owners, mileage, and if the vehicle is stolen or salvaged.


AutoCheck is another paid website for VIN decoding, and it will also tell you what the characters mean. All you need is the VIN and the website to generate the report. It will also show you if the VIN is legit or not.

The site depends on a database that has records of over 500 million cars. It might not show you everything about the car, especially if some issues were not recorded. For 25 reports, they charge you $49.99, which is much better than the single check that needs about $25 to generate.


If you want to decode a VIN and get un-tampered information from different parts of the world, try CarVertical. It’s equipped with modern technology to tell you about the characters and more about your vehicle.

The use of blockchain to decode the VIN and bring other results makes it resourceful, not to mention no one can compromise the data you get. You have to pay $15 for a single search, but the information will be from other parts of the world, too, if you are involved in a car that was outside North America.


AutoDNA is another VIN decoder that can serve a variety of auto types. The results are not always comprehensive, even though you need $10 for every check. Like most decoders, you will know more about the VIN you are dealing with and associated information about the car.

More details include the overall status, damages, car’s title, insurance, and more. If there are repairs and other unreported issues, the website may not reveal that.


Lastly, we have the VINInspect that can also help you decode VINs belonging to millions of cars. It also requires your VIN only and a superb internet connection to make it work. That implies easy access and limited time before delivering the results.

It can also tell you if your VIN is fake, show what the characters mean, and generate more reports related to the car.


Which of the eight best tools do you want to use? You can start with VinPit to see what the VIN holds and if it’s a legitimate number. In all, all you need is the internet connection and an updated browser to proceed.

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