Car Safety Features You Can’t Afford to Miss

Owning a car comes with a responsibility to keep it safe by fitting quality equipment like good windshield wipers, secure seat belts, durable tires etc. Before you buy one take a test drive and test out the comfort and working of the seats, head room etc. Preferably take the test drive in the evenings to that you are able to check the quality of the headlights and the amount of visibility they provide.


And manufacturers too realize the importance attached to car safety nowadays and buyers will not part with their money unless they know that their car is coming with the majority of the modern safety features loaded in it. And why not? There is enough research data to show that advanced safety features drastically reduce the risk of injury and road fatalities.

So exactly what are the safety features that you can’t afford to ignore or overlook in your car. We take a look at some of those below:

1.Seat Belts


Seat belts perhaps the most important safety feature and present in any vehicle. They are designed to keep you in your place in the eventuality of a crash. The make sure during impact that you are firmly in your seat and don’t collide with the steering wheel, dashboard or the windshield.  Seat belts are equipped with the following features to improve the safety quotient

Adjustable Upper Belts

The adjustable upper belt increases the comfort of shoulder belt as with the upper belt the driver can change the position of the shoulder strap to suit his size.

Rear Center Belts


A rear center belt is provided for the safety of older children or children in booster seats who are most of the times seated in the center of the rear seat

Seat Belt Pretensioner

In the event of a crash, seat belt pre-tensioners come alive as they instantly retract the seat belt to remove extra slack. However, it is important to firmly tighten the seat belts as pre-tensioners may not always be powerful enough to pull you back in the eventuality of a severe crash.


A flexible seat belt with energy management features yields during a serious collision and extends gradually, so it doesn’t apply too much pressure on your chest.


2.Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers/wiper blades are something which wouldn’t cross your mind until you face a situation when you desperately need them to say a sudden shower or snowy conditions. Windshield today come in various sizes and are made of different material like rubber or silicone. The best windshield wipers are soft on the glass and glide smoothly to adjust according to the surface of the glass; thus they produce no noise and no scratch marks on the windshield. Some of them come with a water-repellent technology and apply a water-repellent coating on the glass as they move from one end to another. Check out top 10 best pro best wiper blade reviews. These wiper blades are must have in tough weathers.




The wheels or tires are central to any vehicle. When it comes to your car, get the tires which are made of durable material capable of driving through rough terrain for long-lasting use. Good traction tires provide good stability to the vehicle and control the degree to which tires can slip when excess brakes are applied while running at high speeds. S

Some vehicles come with an anti-lock braking system which prevents the vehicle from locking during braking at high speeds and provides more control to the driver. It, however, doesn’t guarantee that the vehicle will not slip as it ultimately depends on the driver’s skills and the speed of the vehicle when brakes were applied.

Also, all wheel drive wheels come with greater traction and provide more stability.


4.Air Bags


In the event of a crash, air bags inflate to prevent the driver and other occupants from hitting the dashboard and steering wheel. The side air bags prevent them from colliding with the doors. They, however, are effective when seat belts are also used as the rider will not be thrown around. They only complement and do not replace the need for seat belts.

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