Signs of a Bad Windshield Replacement

No one wants to spend the time and money, and it takes to get a windshield replacement for their vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re left with no choice. If your windshield is damaged in some way, either from chips, cracks, or it was straight-up smashed in a vehicle collision, you absolutely need to find a local auto shop for windshield replacement. The safety of you and others is at stake.

If you need windshield replacement, check out a website like this one Most reliable auto glass companies will detail how they can help with your windshield troubles. As was mentioned earlier, no one wants to spend their time and money on a windshield replacement. But, what’s worse is sometimes it needs to be done twice. Sadly, not every auto shop operates with the same commitment to quality and high customer service standards, and there are many ways to screw up a windshield replacement. But how can you tell? Today’s informative article breaks down how you can spot the signs of a bad windshield replacement.

Single Person Installation

If you happen to be hanging around the auto shop when the technicians are installing a new windshield, take a look to see how many people are working on your car. Installing a windshield takes a lot of balance, timing, and precision that can only be accomplished with two technicians working together. If only one person worked on installing your new windshield, that’s a sign it was installed incorrectly. If you’re concerned about potential problems due to the lack of a second technician, you can always get the windshield inspected by another professional.

The Installers Weren’t Wearing Gloves

Another problem that you can spot from right inside the garage is what equipment the technicians installing your windshield are wearing. If the installers are wearing gloves, that’s a major red flag. Not wearing gloves may seem like it’s more of a safety concern for the technicians, but it can significantly affect the quality of your windshield replacement.

Windshield glass is covered with urethane, a substance that’s needed to secure that glass in its proper place. Since human hands are covered in natural oils, when a technician installs a windshield without gloves, they will likely be covering the glass with those same natural oils. When the oils interact with the urethane, it loses its adhesive strength making it harder for the glass to stay in place. That means the glass could be loose or have leaks.



After your new windshield is installed, take it out for a ride next time it’s raining or take it through a car wash. Keep a close eye on the edge of the glass where it meets the edge of the windshield. If you notice any moisture seeping through, your windshield definitely wasn’t installed properly. There’s no reason why liquid should ever find its way past the windshield.

Rattling and Noises

Next time you’re cruising down the highway at high speeds, open up more than just your eyes. Open your ears and take a listen. If you hear a rattling, whizzing, whistling, or dull whooshing sound, there is most likely an issue with how the windshield was attached. Sometimes you need to listen hard to hear these sounds, but it’s important to get them fixed no matter how faint they are.

Other than the rattling, these sounds come from wind that gets into the cracks and spaces where the windshield has been poorly installed. To give yourself a better chance to hear, turn off your car speakers, the air conditioning, and roll up the windows.

Quality of Glass


The quality of glass used in windshields is extremely important. Most places that do windshield replacements only install manufacturer-approved glass. Unfortunately, some businesses are willing to cut corners to save themselves a few bucks at their customer’s expense.

To check if your glass is up to snuff, look at your windshield in the sunlight. The glass is supposed to look smooth and consistent. Signs that indicate a sub-standard glass was used include bumps and waves in the glass. If you notice those signs, the glass used is most likely not from the manufacturer.

You Were Allowed to Drive Away Immediately After Installation

When you picked up your vehicle after the new windshield was installed, did the technicians let you drive away as soon as they finished putting in the finishing touches? If so, that could cause major problems for your windshield. In order to get a secure windshield installation, your car needs to be sitting still for at least a few hours after the work is completed.

This is because the adhesives used to keep the windshield in place need the appropriate amount of time to cure and harden. If you hit the open road before the adhesives have enough time to work their magic, even the smallest bumps and turns could cause the windshield to shift positions. You’re almost guaranteed to have an out-of-place windshield if you drive off right away.

What To Do If You Notice These Problems

Now that you know what signs to look for to tell if you’ve had a bad windshield replacement, you need to figure out what to do about it. If you notice any of these signs, there’s a good chance something went wrong with the installation, and some fixing is in order.

The only thing you can do to rectify these problems is to take your car to a reputable auto glass company for an inspection. They’ll be able to give you an honest second opinion on the state of your windshield, and they can give you a recommendation for the next steps you need to take. Unfortunately, that may mean your car is in for another windshield replacement.

Whatever you do, don’t take these signs lightly. Even if you don’t mind dealing with a little bit of excess noise or moisture while you’re driving, these problems are just indicators of bigger problems. Continuing to drive a car with a poorly installed windshield is a safety issue for not just you but other drivers and pedestrians as well.

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