9 Car Tuning Tips Every Gearhead Should Know – 2020 Guide

The configuration allows you to achieve exactly what driver needs from a car. Someone just want to drive his car from point A to point B, the other needs sports equipment, and for some all at once, and even an additional 100 HP under the hood.

Car tuning is divided into three main areas. External adjustment, internal adjustment and mechanical adjustment: Engine, gearbox, chassis. Exterior adjustment gives the main external effect of the car.

Because there are so many areas of cars that can be changed and modified, car owners have incredible versatility in choosing products. Areas of the car that have been modified are engine, spoiler, wheels or aerodynamics to optimize the overall performance of the vehicle.

With the myriad possibilities that can arise from modifying and adjusting a car, it’s no surprise that it’s still becoming an increasingly common practice. Individuality is IN! The most common setup usually involves activities such as setting up chips or installing a so-called box to adjust or modify the exhaust system and modified air intake systems (air compartment, etc.).

Here are some areas where you can optimize your car’s performance:

  1. Tuning Brakes: Brakes are maybe most important part of every car. Brake adjustment is essential for the safety and best performance of your car when performance is increased. You can improve your brakes by installing high-performance discs, new calipers and new pads.

A modified brake often significantly improves the stopping power of your car. In addition, the braking system withstands higher temperatures than standard ones.

  1. Engine tuning: There are several key tuning areas that can help your car or even truck improve performance. One of them is the installation of a performance chip.

In non-turbo tuning of engine chips, an increase in performance of about 3 to 5 percent can be achieved with new software. On the other hand, supercharged engines, such as turbocharged engines, often range from 25 to 30%. With the new software, you can improve automatic switching points.

  1. Tuning Air Filter: This is a simple task, because you can easily replace the air filter in the car. Either simply change the paper filter or remove the original air box and replace it with a brand new air intake system. This gives the engine more air and therefore more power.
  2. Exhaust system: According to the , the engine intake and exhaust are probably the least appreciated engine modifications, but very important. The exhaust serves as an outlet for the exhaust gases generated in the burner. You can install a sports exhaust system to improve vehicle performance and sound.
  3. Chassis upgrade: Suspension is another important area when adjusting a car. You can place springs in the car to make it look good. Alternatively, a completely new suspension. Lowering the car improves handling.
  4. Eco tuning

The so-called eco-tuning primarily refers to reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing performance. With the right settings, this can even be increased. It is best to contact an experienced setup specialist for this.

Optimize consumption with it – Although the tuning was previously mainly used to increase performance, the eco tuning wants to reduce fuel consumption. More and more drivers want to drive as environmentally friendly as possible and save money at the same time.

Therefore, this is becoming increasingly popular. Torque plays an important role in eco-tuning. This is increased so that the engine gets enough power even in the lower speed range. This allows you to switch earlier, which saves fuel.

Better performance through eco-tuning – When it comes to eco-tuning, eco-driving style and high engine performance are not mutually exclusive. It’s up to you whether you just want to adjust the chip or whether you decide to install a new, modified speed. As a result, fuel consumption can once again be significantly reduced.

In addition to the correct parameters made by the adjustment specialist, successful eco-adjustments also depend on the extent to which the manufacturer has taken into account the criterion of fuel consumption in the control unit. Your driving behavior is also very important because it is the only way to really realize potential savings in fuel consumption. Without the right driving style, the best adjustment is useless.

  1. Diesel chip tuning

By adjusting the diesel chip, you can increase engine performance and ensure a sporty drive of the diesel vehicle. This increases driving pleasure and can even reduce fuel consumption.

This is how diesel chip adjustment works – Engine performance is not increased mechanically by adjusting diesel chips, but all changes are made through software only. Since the motors are subject to certain tolerances, the manufacturer of the control unit that regulates the motor power is very rough. If individual parameters – such as diesel injection or torque – are adjusted perfectly, engine performance can be significantly increased.

There are basically two options: The setup specialist can try to reprogram the chip or use a new, tuned chip. In cases when the chip in the control unit cannot be sufficiently modified, the latter is the only option.

  1. Optimized engine for more fun driving

Adjusting diesel chips increases engine performance, making driving more fun. However, this is not the only advantage that can be achieved by adjusting the chips. At the same time, you can adjust the engine so that fuel consumption is reduced even when driving in sports mode.

As a result, you are not only doing something good for the environment, but you are saving – at today’s diesel prices – in cash. However, keep in mind that you should always have an experienced setup specialist who adjusts the diesel chips. Avoid cheap providers and do not do anything yourself, because otherwise the vehicle warranty for your diesel will disappear.

  1. Paint

This will not affect performances, but you car also need to look god. Metallic colors have been popular in the setting for some time. But there is another variant of painting: the pearl effect not only looks chic, but also has more advantages in terms of durability.

The varnish with the pearl effect is applied in the second step, and then it is applied only with clear varnish. The price of this adjustment is significantly higher than the classic paint. The difference is clearly visible after the first car washes. Tiles that appear in metallic paints are not noticeable when painting with a pearl effect. The value of reselling vehicles with a pearl effect is significantly higher.

Metal particles give the color a subtle glow reminiscent of a pearl. The brightness of the colors clearly stands out from the other colors. When the vehicle is viewed from different angles, the color changes in relation to the brightness. The car literally shines. Metal particles not only increase the color fastness, but also create these special optical effects.


We hope that this text has helped you increase or change the performance of your car. Car lovers, improve the work of your cars and have fun. Of course, we advise you not to make serious changes if you do not have the equipment for it or you are not trained enough.

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