Why Ceramic Coating For Your Car Matters

An attractive and stunning car is something we all admire. Every year, thousands of people invest a handsome amount of money to make their vehicles look rich and magnificent. Stains can be very annoying as they not only make cars look dull but also speak a lot about the person who owns them.

Ceramic coating does all the job for you. It not only provides your car a glossier finish but also protects it from UV rays and toxic contaminants.

Ceramic coating is a crystalline protective solution of chemicals applied on the surface of cars to safeguard them from external damages.

Chemically infused with polymer, when ceramic is coated to any product, it creates an additional synthetic layer of protection. Due to the creation of an extra shield over the paint surface, the original paint remains untouched, thereby preventing it from getting defaced.

How Ceramic Coatings are Manufactured?

Usually, several subspecies from varying compounds and oxides go into the production of ceramic. Extracts from silicon carbide, aluminium oxide, chromium oxide, and so on are used in the process. To achieve the desirable requirement, the compounds are measured carefully and cautiously before going into machining.

However, the most widely used compound that goes into the manufacture of ceramic is silicon dioxide extracted from natural sources like sand or quartz. In some cases, titanium dioxide is used as an additional agent to increase the hardening properties.

When compounds like Si02 or TiO2 are applied to any surface, they infuse themselves and create a hydrophobic bond with water-repelling properties.

Why Should You Go for Ceramic Coating?

There are alternatives in the market like polish and wax; however, nowhere do they match the benefits of ceramic coating. Wax lasts for only a few weeks and attracts dirt, whereas ceramic lasts longer and is extremely easy to use and maintain.

  1. Prevents Oxidation– When vehicles are exposed to the heat for long periods, UV rays from the sun chemically react with their surface and oxidise them. Oxidation not only corrodes and damages the surface of your vehicles but also fades the paint away and makes them look dull. Once you apply a ceramic coat, it binds with the body and forms a protective thermophobic layer. This layer further blocks the sun’s ultraviolet rays, prevents oxidation, and retains the fresh and matte look of your vehicle. An extra benefit of using ceramic coats is that Keeps your car paint protected
  2. Protection from Chemical Stains- The air that we breathe contains a surprising number of toxic gases. Compounds like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are emitted as residues after manufacturing products in factories. When it rains, these residues mix in water and drop as acid rain. Acid rains are a matter of concern because they have a pH value of less than 7, making them highly corrosive in nature.

Whenever acid rain falls on surfaces, it rusts and wears them off slowly, causing a lot of damage. However, such damage can be avoided by applying a ceramic coat. By creating a chemically resistant surface, Ceramic coating keeps toxic contaminants from bonding to your vehicle’s paint. It also makes them stain-free, which keeps your cars forever new.
  1. Regulates Internal Temperature- Like any other machine, cars also get heated up due to high external temperatures or engine overuse. When this happens, some of its parts, including the motor, have a high chance of getting damaged. This is why it is essential to use ceramic coatings. Due to their thermophobic properties, ceramic coatings are easily able to block out sunlight. The firm layer acts as a shield and prevents extra heat from reaching the car’s interior, thus regulating its temperature. A cooler interior adds to your comfort and makes your car rides more enjoyable.
  2. Easy to Maintain- Due to its translucent and crystalline appearance, it gets effortless to clean ceramic coatings. Any sort of potential dirt is visible to the naked eye and can be wiped off in just one swab. Since ceramic coating is hydrophobic, it repels water. The moment you wash your car with a pipe, you’ll notice water sliding and running down very quickly. This eases the cleaning and maintenance process tenfold.
  3. Increases Durability- As mentioned previously, ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, thermophobic, and prevent chemical degradation by their protective layer. All these factors add up to giving your vehicle durability and long service life. Ceramic coatings are usually a one-time investment and cut down on excess and wasteful expenditures like car polish, washing, repainting after a few years etc.
  4. Enhances Appearance- Today, people judge others based on the belongings that they own, which includes cars. So, who doesn’t like to have an attractive car? Thousands of people spend a handsome amount of money every year to have a good-looking vehicle.

Ceramic coating does the job perfectly. The clear and crystalline formula sits perfectly on the vehicle paint and stands out like none other. One of its most notable features is to provide the car a glossy finish, thereby enhancing its looks.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing The Right Ceramic Coating
  1. Choosing the Right Company- Choosing the ideal company for your vehicle becomes the first and foremost task when it comes to ceramic coating. It is crucial to get high-quality ceramic coating like the one from This also involves checking the previous samples done by the company, in the form of images and video clips available online. An authentic company would offer you a coating with a high sio2 percentage, whereas others certainly won’t.
  2. Vehicle Colour- Whether you want to get a ceramic coating or not depends upon the colour of your vehicle. Dark shades of cars like black and grey are the hardest to coat, whereas lighter shades like white or yellow are the easiest.

This is because the translucent coating of ceramic camouflages perfectly on lighter colours, whereas, it might stand out on darker counterparts.

Hence, it is advisable to go for only reliable and authentic companies that provide superior quality materials.

Final Word

This article covers almost all important aspects to be kept in mind while going for ceramic coating. However, there are a few things that the consumers must do themselves.

A detailed background check of the company, the materials they use, the skills of the professionals are a few to be named. Most importantly, the users must read the manual correctly, follow instructions while washing the vehicle and be cautious while handling all materials that come along.

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