Dateless Number Plates in the UK

As we all know, the UK has many cherished dateless number plates that have been passed down through generations. These numbers are cherished for many reasons: they can be handed down to family members, they are memorable, or represent something special in the owner’s life. They also hold significant value and prominence on the road.

The importance is not just restricted to individuals but extends onto communities as well who work hard towards preserving these precious plates and ensuring their future generations inherit them too.

The article will explore some of those plates with an aim to educate readers about what it means to own one – from how much they cost, how you might go about getting one yourself. Plus more information on why people cherish having a dateless plate and how services can help you navigate getting one.

Rare Number Plates


Rare number plates are a cherished heirloom in the UK, and dateless plates are especially prized. Dateless number plate auctions have been steadily increasing in value over the years, with the most recent auction for a dateless number plate reaching £1 million.

Today, motorists looking for a cherished heirloom that they can cherish for years to come will be looking at the benefits of dateless number plates. Getting one can be a little tricky, but there are services that offer help.

What are Cherished Number Plates?

What is a dateless number plate? These types of license plates do not contain an embossed year on them. It’s difficult to tell how old they are without doing some research or seeing when they were registered, which could be anywhere from about 1950-the 1990s depending on their first letter and where they were issued.

There are many benefits to owning dateless number plates. They are not as easy for people to steal or fake, and they can’t be personalized which is great if you want a private car!

Cherished Number Plates as an Investment


Dateless number plates have become more valued by the year due to their rarity and increased interest in preserving them. Some people in the UK have even invested a lot of money into dateless number plates, and if they are preserved well then these investments can last for generations.

One way that owners can preserve their cherished number plate is by getting it registered as an Object of Historic Interest with English Heritage. This will legally protect the plate from being altered or destroyed without any type of consultation.

If you are interested in purchasing a cherished number plate, then it can be quite expensive. It is best to research the process and learn more about what your options are before getting into anything too serious.

Depending on which type of dateless number plates you want there will also be different prices to consider as well. There are some plates that are given out at auction and these types of plates can go for millions.

There is also a lower-end type which some people refer to as “modern dateless number plates”, but even those will be quite costly when you compare them to other similar items in the world such as cars or houses.

Search our database at Platehunter to see what you can find. We are happy to help!



Some people are crazy about having unique number plates for their cars. If you are amongst them, then this option might be the best for you. It is one of the most unique personalized car registration number plates. As already mentioned above, it does not reveal the age of vehicles. It is considered the best investment for people looking to purchase unique dateless plates for their vehicles.

It doesn’t matter which vehicle you will own in your future, because you can always use these dateless plates on it. That is why these dateless registrations are pretty popular in demand these days.

Its first format came in 1903, where one or two letters were used and followed by a sequence of numbers ranging from 1-9999 by giving some space. However, in 1932, this format got minor changes. It now contained three letters ( AAA to YYY) followed by a sequence of digits ranging from 1-999 by adding some space.

Dateless plates representing very short sequences of digits and letters are also trendy amongst people. For example, if it consists of only one number and one letter in it, it is probably the costlier number plate. On the other hand, if it contains many digits and letters, then it comes at lower prices.

Many people also like vehicle plates with two digits on them because they may represent their age. However, it is also avoided by many people at the same time because the age changes every year. Another way is to use numbers on your vehicle plates as a reminder of some special occasion or day in your life. In this way, your vehicle will become a cherished gift.


Now that you have learned many things about the dateless and the cherished number plates. It is time for you to get some information regarding applying for these unique vehicle plates. Some people have doubts that it might be a time-consuming and challenging process. Let us see the following steps and know if the process is that difficult or not:

  1. Under the Motor Vehicle rules, the first step is to apply for a unique number plate at the Regional transport office ( RTO).
  2. Once some unique number has been assigned or approved, you have to pay the required amount of money in the office.
  3. If there is more than one application registered for getting a particular number plate, then its owner is chosen via an auction.
  4. Remember to finish the registration process within 30 days because its bookings are valid for 30 days only.


Personalized and dateless number plates are getting popular each day because of their unique identities. Some people have their sentiments related to some numbers or dates, so they feel the need to have unique digits for their vehicles. If you are also looking to get one, then follow the above steps.

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