4 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Lovers

The most festive and jolly time of the year is a few days away, and there is no better time for some late gift shopping than right now. It does not matter if you did not have enough time to buy all the presents yet as you still have a few days until Christmas. However, if you are having trouble thinking of the best gift for you special someone, whether it is a partner, a friend, or a family member, we are here to help. Particularly if they are a motorcycle lover.

If you have someone in your life who lives for the two-wheelers and who always rides one, or simply someone who likes the idea of motorcycles and supports biker fashion, there are plenty of gifts you can pick that will make them remember Christmas of 2020 for the rest of their life. Without further ado, let us explore the world of possible Christmas gift ideas for the motorcycle fan you have so that you can choose the coolest one for them.

1. Clothes

As mentioned, motorcycle and biker fashion is a thing that exceeds true bikers and those who actually ride bikes every day. Considering the fact that these clothes are made of strong and durable materials and that they are practically lifelong investments, the gift receiver will appreciate and wear them for years to come. Best of all, the leather and denim, two most dominant materials used in this fashion, both look better with age especially if they are well taken care of. Now, what items of clothing could you get?

First and foremost, you must not forget about the iconic leather vest. Every biker and motorcycle enthusiast should have one of these as they are the staple of the industry. There are numerous styles and cuts to choose from, with various zippers, chains, pockets, and buttons. Some even have spikes, faux gun holsters, and a few even look like bulletproof vests. What all of them have in common is that they are sure to make the person in question adore you.

Next up we have the shoes, gloves, sunglasses, goggles, bandanas, and all the rest of the accessories. These are great as gifts because they are often affordable enough for you to combine a few of them and make a bundle gift. Most of it should be in darker colors, with as much leather and edge as possible. You can find a whole range of motorcycle clothing at

2. Bike Accessories


There is no better gift for a biker than something that is actually for their motorcycle. And boy, what a selection of products exists for them. From ornaments they can put on practically every corner of the bike, to different saddle covers, light grills, and additional bags, you truly have a world of possible gift ideas to work with when it comes to motorcycle accessories. Mind however that not everything can fit on every bike, and chopper fashion and lifestyle is vastly different from the one that the riders of powerful Yamahas and Kawasakis sport.

Motorcycle tools are also a good choice especially if you know that the biker you care for has been needing a certain tool to take care of their two-wheeler. Nowadays there are all sorts of handles, pedals, and meters that can be fitted to make a bike look better. There even exist lights that can be equipped onto the bike to make the rider stand out more and increase safety for them and everyone else on the road.

3. Helmet

Helmets are highly personalized items that bikers usually care deeply for. Most think of them as the most important thing relating to their favorite hobby apart from the bike itself. Therefore, they polish it and clean it all the time, make sure it is stored correctly, and adorn it with special messages, stickers, and patches that have some meaning to them.

If you believe you can do something special for their helmet, ask for their permission and have it engraved, or gift them some kind of accessory that will make the helmet more unique and special. You can even buy them a new helmet if you know their old one is no longer working for them. Just make sure it resembles the overall theme of the bike because it is after all an extension of the bike itself that the biker wears on their body. As a matter of fact, always try to remain within the general theme of their bike. You can find a wide variety of helmets online on sites such as

4. An Action Camera

Small and durable action cameras have started becoming popular about a decade ago, and right now no extreme sport or adventure is complete without one. If your biker friend is always riding somewhere and constantly on the move, chances are they like taking pictures and videos of the outdoors, so what better thing to get than that a camera they can attack to the helmet or the bike?

These little gadgets also have a ton of features and additional mount accessories so even if they have the camera they may be lacking a key thing that will make their life easier. The possibilities to capture distant corners of the country where cars have troubles reaching are endless, but within reach if a biker is equipped with the right kind of tech.

Bonus Ideas:

A New Tattoo – Of course, you will only be gifting them with a session with the tattoo artist and they will be the ones choosing the tattoo they want. Bikers usually love inking their skin so chances are your friend or family member will soon be in the mood for some fresh ink.

A Reason to go on the Road – If none of the other options are a possibility for you, no matter the reason, you can reserve a ticket for or book a short stay at some place far enough for them to take a road trip on their bike. The journey will be the actual gift, and what you booked will only be a chance for them to rest and take a breather. Trust us, they will love it, especially if they have not gone anywhere for a while.

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