Why You Must Recycle Your Old Car (And How to Do it Properly)

The automotive industry has been around for just over a century. In this time the rate of production has grown to astounding levels. In 2016 over 70 million cars were produced worldwide and this amount continues to grow by millions more each year.

Producing anything at this rate is a surefire way to run out of resources. This is why recycling is so important to help prevent such a devastating issue.

Unfortunately, many car owners still choose to keep their old cars in their garages, in their backyard or abandon them on council roads. You may also be thinking it is easier to dump your old car somewhere and just leave it as many others have done before you.

However, there are many reasons why car recycling is a better option compared to car abandonment or disposal. Read on to learn about the benefits of recycling your old car and how to do it properly.

Car Recycling Helps Save Our Environment


The most important reason you should recycle your old junk car is due to the benefit of helping save the environment.

Wrecked, old, and damaged cars can spill fluids that pollute the environment. These fluids may end up in water bodies and can severely damage soil too. Most of these effects are long-term which can take centuries for the environment to recover.

As more cars are produced from raw materials this leads to overuse of natural resources. As an alternative, when cars are recycled these raw natural materials are saved.

Also by removing deteriorating cars from your property and local highways we are preventing these cars from polluting the environment.

Car Recycling Eliminates Tyre Contamination

Carelessly disposed tyres are a hazard to the environment. Whether a car sits in the landfill rotting away or the tyre has been dumped on the street, it causes environmental damage.

By recycling your unwanted car, the tyres are also recycled too. For example, used tyres can be resold or used to create items such as insulation blocks, compost bins, and planters.

In many third world countries, burning rubbish is carried out to reduce the amount of waste. However, burning tyres should never be performed as they produce acid smoke. This is a hazard to humans, animals, and the environment at large.

Vehicle Recycling Reduces Greenhouse Gases

In car production and throughout other industries, there is a higher amount of greenhouse emissions that are created when producing products from raw materials than producing the same product from recycled materials.

This includes using scrap metal and aluminium which are used in very high amounts in cars. As such, another benefit of car wrecking facilities is that steel is recycled to prevent the refining of iron ore and burning of more coal.

You Get Paid to Recycle

Undoubtedly, this is the number one reason many people decide to recycle their old car.

Some people will donate their car to a car recycling company as they are happy to do the right thing for the environment. However, many other people need to be persuaded with the lure of making some quick cash.

If you have an old car that is ready for disposal and cannot be resold as it has too many issues, you should contact your local car wrecking company that buys cars for cash. Companies like this one will pay market rates for the scrap metal value of your car so they can recycle it.

It is best to contact a few companies to find the going rate and then choose a reputable company that has good reviews from other customers. This will allow you to not only get a fair price but you will also be helping the environment too.

Car Recycling Helps Other Car Owners Too

When you sell your car to a car removal company for recycling purposes, other car owners benefit too.

Once the car has been towed away and arrives at the car scrapyard, parts that are still in good condition are removed. These parts are then resold to other car owners as affordable replacement parts which allows them to save money.

Not to mention that some car parts belonging to older vehicles are rare and hard to find. As such, your local car wrecking yard is a great option when trying to restore a vintage car.

Even for common vehicles, refurbished genuine parts are always more cost-effective than new ones.

How to Properly Recycle Your Car

For most people who have had enough of their car they can choose to either sell it privately or trade it in when they purchase their next vehicle.

However if your car has too many issues or is totally wrecked then no one will want to buy it from you. Unless of course it is a rare collectible, in which case it might be quite valuable even if it is not working.

In cases where your car is too hard to sell, it may be best to recycle it. The easiest way to do that is to find a local car removal company. These companies are either operated by car wreckers who recycle cars or partner with them.

By choosing a car removal or cash-for-cars company you will not have to pay for towing fees, but instead will be given an amount of money based on the scrap value of your vehicle.

Normally this will only be a couple hundred dollars, but this is still something that can be put towards your next car or spent on anything else you like.

The Car Recycling Process

Once your car is removed and taken to the auto wrecking facility, the car is inspected to find out what parts are valuable and what are not.

Gas, oil, transmission and brake fluids, lubricants, and antifreeze are then drained. These are hazardous to the environment and must be recycled separately or safely disposed of.

Next all the usable parts are stripped and are offered for resale. Then the car is shredded into scrap metal and recycled.


Today, millions of cars are being recycled which is important for the environment. When cars are dumped and left to deteriorate or are sent to landfill, the environment is significantly damaged due to leaks of fuel, oil and other contaminants into the earth.

If repairing your car has been impossible or it is sitting in the backyard waiting for whatever happens, car recycling is the best option. Contact a local car removal company and have your car recycled to help the environment. You will also make a few bucks in the process.

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