Connected Cars of the Future

The automatic industry has gone through a sweeping transformation in the past few decades with expanding uniformity and computer-aided designs. Also, it has been several years now that the notion of the connected cars is under progress; however, it is still comparatively new to the masses. Within the next couple of years, car connectivity is going to be a definitive feature in all the vehicles, which will include the Wi-fi, Bluetooth and all the cellular networks. It is self-evident that the automakers will be represented with a lot of revenue generating opportunities with the evolution of connected cars.

With connected cars, consumers will get intricacy and profound integration of all the devices which will give a driving experience that will be nothing like they have ever known. They will get an easy connection with the outside world similar to their home and office. There will be sensors positioned around the car which will provide safety even in the most extreme of traffic.

The technology will allow the vehicle to communicate with other vehicles and even traffic lights. In response to the conditions on the road, the speed of the car and the distance from other vehicles will be regulated promptly. The navigations system will guide the car through the traffic and with the voice recognition facility; the consumers will be able to communicate with a virtual assistant to give commands such as making calls and sending text messages.

While until this point, most of the technological developments in the automobiles have been primarily concentrated on safety with a few user conveniences. Now, the contemporary automakers, software developers and tech companies are introducing innovative technology in the connected cars to create a fully-integrated and eminently personalized experience for the consumers. There are even electric conversion kits getting popular with diesel and petrol car owners. Car customizations are also getting popular with easy access to car components and turbocharger on

The possibilities for a more amiable and safe driving experience are endless with this digital evolution in the automobiles. Let’s have a glance at the most expected features that these connected cars will offer in the near future:

Hands-Free Driving

Delegated driving can ensure safety in situations particularly inclined to when the driver lacks attention, which can prevent the majority of road accidents. Automakers are racing to create driverless cars which do not need human intervention. However, this technology will definitely take a lot of time to shape up as it needs connected infrastructure and other advanced technologies.


The latest connectivity feature in the new automobiles-telematics, help in assessing the behavior of a driver for various purposes such as tracking the locations and the condition of the vehicle. Other features include remote door unlocking and reporting an accident along with providing emergency service.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Connectivity
With the sensors and advanced electronic communication technology, consumers will be allowed to interact and share information with other vehicles and external infrastructures. This will make a huge difference in the efficiency of car operations and reduce the risk of accidents.

Integrated Control

Until now, all the connections were managed by the vehicle itself. However, in the future connected cars, the consumers will be able to control all the functions through their smartphones. The vehicle will have access to the Internet which will become as important as engine power when someone is buying a car.

Wrapping Up

The design of connected cars will primarily be focussed on the applications and software rather than the hardware. The driverless cars will have a lot of applications of environmental sensors, advanced artificial intelligence technology, and Wi-fi connectivity.

Similar to the regular maintenance and fuelling, the consumers will need to fund the connectivity of their respective vehicles as a recurring expenditure. The evolution in this technology in the automobile industry includes assorting smartphone and home connectivity with the car which will improve connectivity and guarantee security.

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