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Can My Damaged Car Window Be Repaired?

The unfortunate happened, and your car window has been damaged. You have no idea whether it can be fixed or if a replacement is needed.

Any kind of damage is a huge inconvenience. Often occurring unexpectedly, plus this also means more money will be spent to get the issue resolved.

If any of your car windows have a chip or a crack, an expert should examine it. The good news is that some damages can be repaired, however in other cases, the glass has to be replaced.

If it is the windshield and the damage is minor, repair may be an option but if it has been shattered then a full replacement is needed. This is like the side windows that break into small pieces when impacted and will require replacement every time.

Each car window is just as important as the windshield, and every other glass piece in the car. It not only protects the inside of the car but also shields you against elements.

What Causes Smashed Windows

Different causes could result in different damages. Most commonly your car’s glass will experience damage after a head-on collision, storm damage, flying stones or rocks, or even break-in and theft attempts.

Whatever caused your car’s damage, a smashed window should be repaired or replaced.

What Determines Whether It Can Be Repaired?

Car windows are made of tempered glass and some damages can be repaired while others cannot. This is determined by how extensive the damage is.

If the chip or the crack is shallow, then a repair can be done. Typically this will be the case with the front windshield, however, the side windows will totally smash.

A window that has been smashed has no way of repair and replacement is the only option.

Remember that all other windows apart from the windshield will break into small pieces when smashed. They cannot be patched up.

Whatever your damage you should seek professional intervention for your safety and that of the car.

Work with Professional Technicians

It can be quite tricky repairing broken windows and windscreen glass. Too much pressure can cause small damage to become worse. Hence you should work with a professional car glass expert such as

High-quality tools and materials should also be used in repairs to ensure that they do not cause further damage. It is also imperative for your safety.

What Will the Technicians Consider?

Before the technician works on the side window, they must consider some things. Besides the amount of damage, they will want to figure out how safe that glass will be.

In some instances, the ability of the window to slide up and down will be affected. One will have to struggle to roll down or up the window. This can be risky, especially when in an emergency.

The technician will also consider the safety of the glass when repaired. How strong will it be after the process?

In some instances, the process can weaken the glass considering that it is made of tempered glass. If it is weakened, it will be easy to shatter, especially when you drive on a bumpy road or a door is slammed.

They will also consider how bad the crack or chip is. The crack could be deep and extensive, or it could be small and shallow.

If it has not penetrated through the glass, then they would recommend a repair. If it has, then you would have no option but to get a replacement.

The Repair / Replacement

As long as you hire a reputable professional, a professional repair or replacement will be done. These technicians are trained, certified, and experienced in car glass repair and replacement.

They do not take chances with your car, and you can get back on the road confidently. It is a shame and a risk to have a window that is poorly fixed.

Enjoy Quick Turnaround

When working with a skilled person, you will appreciate a quick turnaround. They will not start researching on how to go round it as they already know what to do.

They work round the clock to make sure you get back on the road as soon as you can. Using the latest technology and tools, it no longer takes hours to have a window replaced.

It can take a minimum of one hour.

Can You Make an Insurance Claim?

This will highly depend on your car coverage. Some will cover the replacement while others will not.

You must consider the policies that govern your coverage. Ask all the relevant questions about making an informed decision.

Take into account that in some instances, your rates could go up. It also depends on your coverage.

Even if you go through your insurance you still may have the option of choosing who does the repair work.

Sooner or later, you will require a professional to replace the glass. Keep in mind that they must be reputable. As you can imagine, there are numerous advantages in working with a skilled person.

In Summary

Some small chips in the car glass can be repaired but if it is a crack, it has to be replaced. A technician assesses the damage first to see the best solution.

They will consider three things before they can start the repair. This includes; how deep the damage is and if it affects the opening and closing of the window as well as the amount of damage.

It is not advisable to repair a tempered window, but if the damage is small, it can be fixed.

Also, it can be extremely difficult to repair a smashed window or windscreen. Nothing can cover it enough or mend it so that it looks new. The best solution is to have it fixed professionally.

As soon as you notice a crack or a chip on any window, act fast, and request a technician to have a look at it. The earlier the better as you could have a repair rather than a replacement.

When you work with a professional, they offer the best advice. They will also be focused on safety and the structural integrity of the car.

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