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Do All Terrain Tires Wear Faster?

Clearing up your confusions about All-Terrain tires before getting started…

All-Terrain tires are outstanding tires that are designed for individuals who usually switch from off-road down to highways. 

These tires offer utmost grip as they are meant for both on and off-road driving. Therefore, All-Terrain tires are a top-notch choice for driving on highways, concrete surfaces, and paved roads.

Moreover, they possess a tread that features deep grooves and large blocks that stretch to a portion of their sidewalls. Also, their appearance and grip are amazing while on the road. If you enjoy driving on snowy roads then All-Terrain tires might sound suitable for you.

These All-Terrain tires are constructed for all purposes but if you are driving your vehicle only on streets and highways, all-season tires offer more ease and less noise. But still these heavy tires offer much greater rolling resistance due to higher friction which increases fuel consumption and reduces its efficiency.

Nonetheless, All-terrain maintains the stability of your vehicle, especially on icy and harsh surfaces. They do boast a decent life span of around 50,000 miles.

What causes All-terrain tires to wear out?

Addressing all your issues related to wearing out of tires!

In this article, we’ll be communicating a major issue related to All-Terrain tires. Before getting a tire one should be familiar with the different types of tires available in the market. 

If your tires wear out too quickly then these worn-out tires can also cultivate several undesirable scenarios during your drive.

These include the chances of a quick blowout along with skidding. The gripping ability of tires highly influences your control on the road and losing it elevates the chances of meeting an accident.

Another factor affecting your drive is the heat generation of tires. Fortunately, All-Terrain tires are made up of softer rubber compounds that might deliver a shorter life but facilitates better heat dispersion which is very essential for long summer drives.

Some important features which influence the life span and wearing time of your all-terrain tires are given below:

1. Improper Pressure

If these giant-sized tires are not supplied by adequate pressure, it will eventually cause them to wear out faster. Adequate pressure is required to prevent them from wearing out before time. When the tires are under-inflated they tend to show wear on the outside of the tread. 

On the other hand, over-inflated tires show wear down the middle of the tread. Keeping your tires sufficiently inflated will assist you in getting the desired mileage from your tires.

2. Lack of Rotation

If the rolling of the tire becomes faster than usual. It can result in wearing them faster than others. If you don’t rotate your tires in a timely manner then it can cause a lot of trouble and premature wearing out of the tires. A simple way to rotate your tires is to do it with every 2-3 oil changes. 

Since, most vehicles today are FWD (front-wheel drive), front tires are all responsible to acceleration, steering, most of the braking and bearing the heavier portion of the vehicle. Thus front tires usually wear faster as compared to the rear ones.

Although the rear tires are not so quick in wearing out, they may undergo “free rolling wear” as there is much lesser weight on the rear tires which means that they can develop huge and low spots (cupping) if not rotated from time to time.

3. Worn out suspension parts

Last but not the least, a factor which is often ignored is the worn-out suspension parts. These include tie rods, axle boots, coil overs along with shocks and struts. These can cause your tires to wear too quickly.

Wheel alignment gets disturbed if the front end parts are loose or worn out. Extremely worn-out parts can cause your vehicle to literally bounce off the road. Continuous bouncing will wear your tires out and compromise road safety.

4. Wheel Alignment

If your tires are improperly aligned then it can be the terrible culprit to induce premature tire wear. The term “wheel alignment” indicates the alignment of your wheels. The mechanical adjustment on your vehicle which allows your wheels to be set in a way to roll down the road. 

Proper wheel alignment requires adjusting the different angles of wheels relative to the road. In case of All-Terrain tires, the improper alignment settings result in the inside of the tire to wear out very quickly while the outside of the tire stays almost new.


Before you go…

The short answer to the question is, yes. In most cases, they do wear out quickly because of the softer rubber used as its major component. You can still go for the ones with harder rubber which comes with the disadvantage of less traction. If you’re curious, you might also want to know Do OEM tires wear faster?

So, after reading the things discussed above what must have gotten through is that there is no rocket science involved behind the terrain tires wearing out faster. The durability and life of your tires depend solely on the construction and usage.

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