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Black Rims on Black Cars- Do They Look Good? (Pictures attached)

Black cars have always been the hype, all due to the stately yet unquestionably alluring sight they present. Doesn’t matter which car or model we are talking about, black can always give the aesthetics of any vehicle a jumpstart.

To complete the outfit, however, it is important you decide on an equally steamy pair of shoes for the car. Deciding on a rim color for a black car wouldn’t be a huge deal since the color is relatively flexible.

Do Black Rims Look Good On A Black Car?

Black can be an incredibly intense color. Therefore, if you plan to match your black vehicle with a matching set of black rims, we believe the combination will be just that: intense and intimidating.

I am totally up for this enigmatic pairing. Plus, it’s a common belief that you can’t really go wrong with black rims. Also, the so called, black on black combination is one of the most popular color combinations among car enthusiasts.

Black rims on a Black car- @hostilewheels
Black rims on a Black car- @p0rsch3_911_carrera

But with this hot duo, you also receive a ton of responsibilities concerning the care of the car. Maintenance would be just as intense as the appearance of the car.

If you plan to go ahead with this, make sure you are ready to put in the extra work to keep your car shining. This, nonetheless, will be a hard task considering every little speck of dirt is as visible as ever on a black ride.

I like the combo, but this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Some may consider this match to be too intense or too showy among other reasons. Maintenance issue and the relative loss of prominence of design elements are also up there.

Black Wheel Recommendation: Black Rhino Glamis

If you’re seeking a wheel-set heavy in quality but lighter on the pocket, then Black Rhino’s Glamis might be made just for you. While the 8-spokes design is nothing exceptional, these rugged wheels are built to last a lifetime, a feat sure to grab some love. 

Glamis, like any other Black Rhino wheel, is hub-centric and includes a bolt-on center cap with the toughest animal on the planet on it; the Black Rhino. Diameters range from 17 to 20 inches.

With a sleek matte finish and a center cap of the iconic brand’s logo, these wheels certainly grab the attention of every passerby. Moreover, the Glamis comes with unprecedented aura straight from the box.

Can I Paint My Rims Black?

Yes, you can. Here’s how: Start by taking off your wheel, placing it on a smooth, horizontal surface, and washing it. Thoroughly rinse it off, and sand away with 1000-grit sandpaper.

Then use some masking tape with cardboard or newspaper to cover up the rest of the wheel, the ground, and the tire, if you haven’t taken it off. Apply the primer over the tire. Once done, let the wheel be for 30 minutes, before putting on the paint. Hold the spray at a distance and apply it in multiple coats.

Wait 15 to 20 minutes between each coat. Put on two light coats initially, followed by two heavier coats. Leave the wheel for the next 30 to 120 minutes, to ensure that it dries properly.

What Other Color Rims Look Great on a Black Car? 

1. White: 

Talk about striking contrasts and this evergreen pair couple just jumps to the mind: white rims on a black ride. Well, black and white do complement each other, more than do almost any other color. Since white is a universal color, it aligns perfectly with darker shades.

As overwhelmingly impressive as white rims appear with a black car, they’re equally unfamiliar to many eyes out there.  While you simply can not deny the fact that these rims can make your buddy stand out in a crowd, it is not a combo for all. Some can classify it as way too striking for taste.

White rims on a Black car- @mikkee_23
White rims on a Black car- @williampascu

For the cleaning part, white comes in a lighter tone, so the dust and debris can be quite prominent. Therefore, we foresee a future with loads of awed stares and frequent car washes.

White Rim Recommendation: KONIG Dial- In 

KONIG Dial- In are wheels that won’t have your bank shattered into unfathomable pieces, as you try to get some decent shoes for your metal friend. You can’t say that for most of the other wheels that look this good and have the same brand panache.

Besides being on the inexpensive end, the glossy white color on a black car always makes for an expensive look. Although the brand hasn’t provided diversity with the colors, it’s still a very reliable alternative that you can opt for. 

2. Silver: 

Another great combo would be a black car with silver rims to add vigor for adding to the splendor. Silver has a sleekness to it, which would be perfect to bring out the one apparent in black itself.

It can flawlessly counteract the darkness of a black car while staying ferociously neutral. As a rule of thumb, sedans and coupes are especially suitable candidates for this color option.

Silver rims on a Black car- @iggggi_46
Silver rims on a Black car- @caddy_lucky

Also, silver reflects a sense of richness and modernity within the owner. Fortunately, the maintenance of silver includes a single gentle wipe with a wet cloth, and the wheels revert to their original shine. Even if you have layers of debris, cleaning them won’t be a draining task.  

Silver Rim Recommendation: DRAG DR-73: 

Drag DR-73 isn’t the best-seller for no reason. Drag’s silver rim with painted finish arrives with a sleek modish design. The wheel has a simple 5-spoke pattern but manages to look just about gorgeous.

Due to the impressive layout, the rims are well-suited for a variety of vehicles including and especially, including minivans and trucks. We see and fear the heavy price tag, however, it can’t be helped if you’re taken in by the quality.

If we share a taste in color, make sure to read my other color guides:


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