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Free Country Premium Trailer Tires Review

Free Country knew what they were doing when manufacturing their Premium Trailer tires. With an emphasis on brilliant design, the tires turned up as durable and well-engineered as expected.

Load bearing capacity, towing, and safety are the top priorities in the design process of trailer tires. Being one of the most reliable brands in the market, how could Free Country leave such traits out?

Free country delivers performance on the road with its high-quality trailer tires. And while these qualities are accolades for the manufacturers, the price range is a treat for you! Unlike what you might have been guessing, they won’t cost a kidney.

If you are contemplating buying a trailer tire, we are here to aid you in your research. To save you from blowouts, there are a lot of factors demanding consideration.


When it comes to trailer tires, the performance aspect is tailored to their job; carrying heavy load for long distances over all sorts of roads.

In that aspect, these tires perform pretty well. They handle well too, for trailer tires, but do not expect them to be near as capable as regular radial tires.

These are low rolling resistance tires, so they generate lesser friction. This results is fuel saving along longer journeys and a slightly decreased engine load.

Load capacity

Free Country offers these tire in 6,8 and 10-ply configurations. The load capacity varies with it and tires are available in the load range of C all the way to F, for you to choose.

Companies fool customers by using the term 6-ply rated. A ply rating of 6 means that the strength of rubber is equal to a 6-ply rated tire. It does not mean that 6 layers of rubber were used in the construction of this sidewall. Free country went down the same route too.

These tires have a load range of C, which makes it apt for many types of trailers. Each tire can bear a load of 1760lbs and maximum load pressure of 50psi. No doubt it is not the best load capacity compared to other tires, but considering the price, this can be forgiven.

The finest trailer tires are designed to handle maximum pressure. For this reason, the trailer tires have high sidewall strength. A substandard trailer tire with low sidewall strength can have adverse consequences.

Ride quality:

The tires provide enhanced towing stability and a smooth driving experience like other trailer tires. Therefore, you can sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride, wherever it is. This is probably one of the primal reasons trailer tires are adored by many.


When it comes to trailer tires, many people prefer the bias-ply tires, which these tires offer, due to their unique crosshatch design and construction. Such construction results in stronger sidewalls, which is one of its advantages over radial tires.

These tires are built to handle the load, so the chances of tire blowouts are fairly low. However, users have experienced blowouts with these tires as well.

One of the features that stands out is the unique pattern on the tread that wears evenly. Nevertheless, some users have had to replace these tires after 3 or 4 years of low usage.


The credit once again belongs to a thicker sidewall that helps to avoid swaying of the trailer as they travel on road, move down the slopes and take turns.

Trailer tires do not need to handle sharp cornering, so their tread design focuses mostly on the middle section of the tire to help with heavy loads and braking. And if you are planning to use them for sharp cornering, please don’t. Irrespective of the tires, the trailer will topple.

Price and Value

These tires are among the most popular choices in the market because of their affordability and high quality. You can check out the latest price by clicking here.

For a relatively low price, you get the highly popular, adequately capable, comfortable tire that is sure to last you 3-4 years.

The value for money proposition is insane with these tires. You are essentially not missing out on any of the key features of a trailer tires and you do not have to pay a premium for that.

It is up to you to decide if you want to go with cheaper less durable trailer tires or some other tires that are a bit costlier but more durable.

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