Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job: 9 Things You Need to Do

A car is among the basic necessities to have in order to live comfortably. Of course, its convenience comes with the need for regular maintenance. However, upkeeping the mechanical parts alone is insufficient; the exterior should also get the same amount of attention for a car to remain well-functioning and appealing, even in the long run.

Why Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job is Important

Undoubtedly, one of the redeeming qualities of a car, no matter how old, is an exterior with a well-maintained paint job. However, although most people consider a paint job as typically only serving a car’s aesthetics, it actually has a more essential role of protecting a car’s steel body by acting as a barrier coating from external hazards.

Sign Up Fleet understands the importance of a car’s paint job, especially in having it applied properly, as well as educating car owners about its importance and how to protect and prolong it.

What You Need to Do

Maintaining a car’s paint job can be tasking at times; however, a little effort goes a long way. By giving time to your car’s exterior, you are also extending its lifespan. With that, below are the nine things you can do to preserve your car’s paint job:

Paint Sealant

Paint sealants are synthetic-based wax often offered by dealers after paint jobs. Besides locking the paint in, the other purpose of paint sealants is amplifying a paintwork’s gloss. Moreover, although it is quite pricey, its protection can last up to a year.

Sealants are different from regular car wax in that they bond with the car’s paint; hence why they can protect the paint for so long. Moreover, sealant can be easier to apply or remove, unlike wax. Thus, having this can make it easier to maintain your car’s exterior.

Regular Car Wash

Unfortunately, not many car owners appreciate the importance of regular car washing to the preservation of a paint job. Over time, a car’s exterior can collect harmful substances that threaten a pain job’s quality.

With regular car washing, car owners can ensure that the paint’s surface is free from accumulated dust or from other corrosive materials that could harm the paint. Unless it’s the rainy season, it is recommended to wash the car’s exterior at least once a week.

Proper Car Washing Equipment

Besides following a regular car washing schedule, it is also important to use the proper car washing equipment. Otherwise, car washing could be more harmful to your car’s paint job. For example, using brushes with harsh bristles for scrubbing can be too abrasive for the surface of the paint.

Other instances could also include sand residues in cloth used to clean a car’s exterior surface, which can no doubt leave scratches on it. To avoid damage, ensure that the right equipment is chosen and cleaned for car washing procedures.

Dry Thoroughly

After washing, drying the exterior thoroughly should be prioritized. It is also advised to avoid air drying, as it is actually a counterproductive step that could leave water spots from mineral residues, especially if tap water is used during cleaning.

Instead of air drying, use a dry microfiber towel to wipe the car as soon as you finish rinsing off the cleaner used. With microfiber towels, water is perfectly absorbed, which leaves a clean surface free of spots. Of course, drying with a towel is also faster than air drying, so you can immediately apply wax if you need to.

Polishing Wax

Car washing typically only cleans the surface free of dirt. What really makes a car paint shine is the wax that’s applied after drying. It also doesn’t just shine the paint; it also provides protection from harmful things like heat, bug splatters, bird droppings, ultraviolet rays, and more.

What’s more, it comes cheaper than car paint sealants; however, it requires more reapplications. Nevertheless, it still provides sufficient protection to keep car paint jobs looking new.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl or car wrapping is a new method of protecting a car’s surface by using a layer of vinyl films to cover a car fully or partially. This process can completely cover the original paint color of a car so that a car can wear the color of the vinyl instead.

Vinyl wraps are also good protective alternatives as a layer can be thick enough to prevent scratches on the real surface of a car. Moreover, the glue used in this method is removable and leaves no residues, so you can have it removed or replaced anytime.

Paint Protection Film

For a more expensive protective option, paint protection films can be applied to a car’s exterior paint job. This type of film is similar to the ones employed on headlights and can protect a paint job from damages caused by UV rays, dust, scratches, and other harmful things.

As stated, this protective option is more expensive; however, quite worth it, as its powerful protection can last up to five years. Opting for this can save you five years’ worth of money that you could otherwise spend on maintenance.

Proper Parking

Having space to properly park a car can save car owners a lot of money from exterior maintenance. A proper place to park is a safe space where bird droppings, falling leaves, tree sap, UV rays, hit and runs, and other damaging materials to paint cannot reach your car.

These materials can be corrosive and result in irreversible damage to a car’s paint job. Hence, if you have a car, it is advisable to also invest in a garage for your car to have full protection even when you’re not looking.


Car detailing is a car maintenance service provided by professional technicians that can address all parts and issues of a car. Car detailing can include interior and exterior cleaning, polishing, and waxing; engine maintenance; paint retouching, and other services that can be personally requested.

Hence, this option is perfect not only for paint jobs but for a car’s general well-being. For maximal and consistent results, car detailing should be scheduled every few months. This way, damage can be confronted before they accumulate to become irreparable.


A car’s paint job is not only for cosmetic purposes; it also serves as protection for the material used to build the car’s body. Hence, it is important to perform regular maintenance to protect a car’s paintwork, as this, in turn, protects the car’s whole exterior.

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