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How to Instantly Get Rid of Your Broken Car

The number of vehicles on the road has increased in the last decade, thanks to stable jobs and better car options. However, this has also led to an increase in the number of cars that are unused, just gathering dust in people’s garages.

This is a waste, both of these cars’ potential and of the space they’re taking up. For functioning vehicles, the option of selling them to another person for a decent profit is a viable option. However, broken vehicles will take a bit of time to get rid of when selling privately.

Cars that are old and broken down beyond repair take up plenty of property space, hence, getting rid of them instantly should be among your top priority.

But how do you get rid of broken vehicles? After all, you can’t just throw them in the bin like a bag of expired goods.

In this article, we’ll go over 3 ways to get rid of your vehicle instantly. You’ll also get tips on how to earn from them despite their condition. Plus how to get rid of them with minimal effort.

Sell To A Car Wrecker

In our opinion, the best way to get rid of a broken vehicle fast is to sell it to a cash for vehicle service, also known as an auto wrecker. Vehicle wreckers are in the business of buying junk cars, recycling the parts, and selling them for profit.

The great thing about car wreckers is they take any vehicle regardless of its condition. Whether you’re selling a totally wrecked car or something that’s still fixable but isn’t road worthy, any vehicle is an option for car wrecker to purchase.

Furthermore, car wreckers usually come to your location with tow trucks and service crew so you don’t have to worry about bringing your unregistered vehicle to them. All you need to do is contact a vehicle wrecking company within your area, like this one.

The amount they pay depends on the vehicle make and model you have, the condition it’s in, or the total weight of the vehicle. However, don’t expect to get a premium for your broken vehicle. Usually, they give out $200 to a few thousand bucks per vehicle.

Sell it on eBay

Another alternative to selling your vehicle to wreckers is selling it to eBay and other similar platforms. We recommend this method of selling vehicles quickly if you have a broken but repairable vehicle just waiting to get in the hands of a skilled mechanic.

You are probably wondering who will buy a broken car on eBay and if it is even ethical to do so. Well, selling broken but repairable cars is actually quite common on these platforms. People who restore cars as a hobby often search these marketplaces to buy these vehicles and make it their project to get them running.

Believe it or not, some people will even spend more to restore rare cars that are no longer in production. So if you own a 60s Chevrolet Corvette, 50s Bel Air, or a 60s Oldsmobile, getting rid of an old vehicle can quickly turn into a profit.

When selling on eBay, don’t forget to note the condition of the vehicle along with the problems that come with it. You can also note that your target buyers are vehicle restorers. You don’t want to get yourself in trouble by not declaring that you’re selling a broken vehicle.

Donate it to Car Restorers

If you think your vehicle is too special to sell as junk or you’re afraid you’ll never see your vehicle running again after selling it on eBay, you can donate it to vehicle restorers on the condition that they will fix it up and show you the finished product.

The good thing about this is that you get to choose the restorer you want to work on your pre-loved vehicle. If you can, try to work out a deal with the restorer of giving you a certain percentage of the profit if they are able to flip the vehicle and sell it for a decent price. There is a way to sell no matter how wrecked it is, to a company such as Sell The Car USA.

Some car restorers will agree to this kind of arrangement provided that your vehicle is not beyond repair. Just remember the restorer will need be able to make a profit after recovering his invested time and money from restoring your vehicle.


Is it legal to sell a broken car?

There are no laws preventing you from selling a vehicle with mechanical problems. However, most states prohibit registering vehicles without a road-worthy certificate. That said, you may be able to sell a broken vehicle but not as a registered vehicle.

Also, be honest when selling a broken vehicle. It is important that you declare that your car isn’t road-worthy and has mechanical problems.

Selling to junkyards or car wreckers, however, doesn’t require anything other than giving them a description of your vehicle. So when selling a broken car, this is the most viable option for a fast transaction.

How long does it take to sell a car online?

The time it takes to sell a vehicle online varies for every situation. Selling a popular car with minor damages may only take a few hours to serveral weeks. Selling an unpopular car, however, can take months or even years. Hence, we recommended selling to wreckers when you are in this situation.

Your skill in selling your vehicle also plays a part in how fast you will be able to sell it. Taking good photos, writing detailed descriptions, and being responsive to inquiries may help sell your vehicle a bit faster.

Final Thoughts

The fastest and most convenient way of getting rid of your junk vehicle is to sell to a local cash-for-cars service. They are efficient and will take care of all the logistics for you.

However, they may not pay out the greatest amount. This is the compromise. If you think you can generate more value if you sell to restorers, we recommend that you use online platforms to reach them.

Selling to car restorers can also happen instantly. However, you may have to help out with the logistics, but you will most likely get more money from this transaction if you have the right vehicle.

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