How to Choose an EV Charger: Pros of Buying a Station

Electric cars are a step towards an eco-friendly future. The steadily growing popularity of e-vehicles among drivers explains the increase in demand for EV charging stations. You drive a car but don’t pollute the environment and don’t spend money on gas and nerves on parking. However, without recharging, your e-car will lose its ability to move, so every e-vehicle owner faces this issue. A commercial EV charger can solve the problem without your constant going to a special point. In this article, we’ll speak about how to choose the right commercial charging station and what benefits it will bring you.

Types of EV Chargers

There are private and commercial charging stations. A private EV charger allows you to charge your electric car twice as fast as a regular outlet. The connector is deliberately tailored for your vehicle. This option is often chosen for an installation in a garage or parking lot, as it gives people the opportunity to always be on a fully charged e-car.

Note that a full charge of the battery of an electric car on average pulls the same amount of energy as all electrical appliances in the apartment take in 7-8 days – it makes the electric car profitable to operate, especially if you use the night rate.

A commercial EV charging station is your competitive advantage. If you are the owner of a shopping center, restaurant, cafe, sports club, hotel, business center or parking lot, installing a charger will bring you new clients, and their devotion will last for a long time. Choosing between interesting locations, the owner of an e-car will always prefer a place where he can recharge his vehicle while shopping, watching a movie or working out in the gym. Your charging point will be shown on the international map of e-charging stations, and the services you provide will be visible to everyone. Today, the installation of a new charging station gets a lot of attention among owners of e-vehicles, so they will find out about your brand very quickly.

Generally, one can point out the following advantages of installing a commercial EV charger:

  • Extra services in the area of your business are a priority for customers when choosing a future destination.
  • You get the opportunity to invest in such a point and have passive income from its installation.
  • The maximum payback period of an electric charging station will be set at 2 years with a minimum daily charging load (which is approximately 3 hours a day).
  • The price of a charger isn’t high, as it depends on its power, the maximum speed of battery refueling, the principle of operation and the scope of application.

Modes of Charging Stations

Alternating current circulates in the household network but the battery of any electric car is charged and powered by direct current. Modern charging stations allow you to convert alternating energy into constant energy, ensuring the battery’s performance. Unfortunately, a unified standard for e-car chargers hasn’t yet been agreed on, so there are various options for commercial EV charging stations for sale.

Let’s look at the following modes and get acquainted with their specific features:

  • Mode 1. This can be named the least powerful charger for an e-vehicle, the refueling interval is about 12 hours. The model makes it possible to charge your car battery from the general network, using a special AC adapter. Due to the low protection of connections, such devices are almost never used.
  • Mode 2. This model may be suitable for use both at home and for commercial purposes. It’s used for electric vehicles equipped with standard connector types. The duration of the charging period is 6-8 hours in this case, with a battery capacity of 20-24 kw/h.
  • Mode 3. This is the most powerful charging of e-vehicles – it can be used at stations with alternating current too. One can have Type 1 and Type 2 connectors, and three-phase circuits.
  • Mode 4. These are the stations that use direct current. For some models of e-vehicles, the power of such a charger will be too much. For vehicles that support charging in such a format, the battery is charged to 80% within half an hour. The cost of such a charger is quite high, and its installation requires a separate power supply line. However, it’s widely used in different city areas and public places.

In addition to power indicators, all charging stations can be classified according to the specifics of their operation:

  • Stationary;
  • Portable;
  • Universal (for portable and stationary use).

How to Choose the Best EV Charger

It’s more convenient and profitable to buy charging for an electric car on the Internet, which can be done in well-known marketplaces as well as on specialized sites. For example, CyberSwitching takes care of our green future and provides high-quality chargers of many types. They are innovative and may greatly surprise your clients. The speed of charging is incredibly high, so your business can be boosted by improving its extra services.

When choosing a charger model, pay attention to the following points:

  • Price;
  • Product delivery options and cost;
  • Product delivery time;
  • Available promotions and bonuses;
  • Detailed description of its characteristics plus some customer reviews;
  • Technical characteristics of the charger and its compatibility with e-cars.

There are only a few main functions of an EV charger – they are responsible for safety during charging:

  • Electric shock protection. The most important thing that should be inside the station is current leakage protection. This module will protect you in case of contact with the metal surface of the case.
  • Grounding. For example, in rain, dangerous voltage will go into the ground, and the special device has to instantly turn off the charging process until the causes are clarified. A high-quality charging station constantly monitors the presence of grounding.
  • Voltage quality control. High voltage is dangerous for the power inverter inside the car, timely shutdown prevents any failures.

All in all, you have to choose an EV charger taking into consideration your requirements and initial conditions for installation. It’s always better to contact professionals and use their service.

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