How To Choose The Best Tyre For Your Car

The tires are just as important to your car as any part of it. Tires are important because they are the main performance factor for a lot of vehicle types such as 4 wheel drives and solar-powered hybrids.

Tires are so important for the performance of a vehicle that we’ve seen a clear disparity in car performances purely due to the tire manufacturers in certain sports such as Formula 1. What’s even more interesting is that certain racing sports have a rule which says that all vehicles must use the same tire, in order to avoid advantages.

Most car dealerships sell cars with standard tires which can eighter work for you or don’t. But if you are a true enthusiast, then do understand that there is a clear difference between standard tires and those that can be found on the market.

What Can New Tires Bring to the Table?

There are a few criteria that each and everyone should know before getting new tires. If you are looking to improve your road car, then the criteria are the following:

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  • Grip and Handling
  • Comfort
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Tyre Life

It’s important to know these criteria, but do understand that they are intended for road cars only.

For general vehicle tire selection, there are e few specifications that your car needs in order to understand what tire works best for your car.

  • Tyre Size
  • Load Rating
  • Speed Rating

These are the three specifications that make the first step towards choosing the best tires for your car. However, with so many tires to choose from, how can you know which are good for your car? Well, every tire has a code printed on the side that uses a standard format. This code shows the dimensions of the tire, the type of tire, the load rating, and the speed rating. If you want to know more about your tire’s code, click here where you can get a tire reading on all types of tires.

The tire size is the diameter and the width of the tire and the diameter is always the same but the difference is how much of the diameter is a tire and how much a rim. A tire can be of low profile or high profile. While there are isn’t a fixed definition as to when a tire is a low or high profile, but the standard diameter of any tire is usually 17 or 18 inches.

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How to Choose Your New Tyres?

As soon as you’ve got all the information needed (the tire size, load rating, and speed rating) it’s time to visit the tire manufacturer’s website and enter your car’s details. Remember that code we talked about earlier? Well, if you don’t want to bother entering your car’s details, you can enter that same code and a list of all tires that fit your specs will be shown to you. You can check here to find the right tires for your car.

Once you’ve found the tires you want, it’s time to buy them. Do understand that whenever you’re buying new tires, an ideal number would be to buy five tires. Four of those will be instantly used to replace your old tires, and one will be a spare. Another great thing to do, that will significantly expand your tire’s lifespan, is to check your tire pressures every month. Under-inflated tires are very prone to blowouts, so make sure to have the tire pressure under control at all times.

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