How to Make Your Car’s Interior Reflect Your Personality and Stay Practical

Does your car have a name? If so, you’re in the minority of Americans, but just barely. A recent survey finds that almost half of us — 42%, to be precise — have christened our cars with a unique moniker. 

Calling your car Zippy, Bessie, Blueberry, the Silver Bullet, or the Bloodmobile is one way of expressing both your personality and your vehicle’s. Another is by tricking out the interior with fun accessories and practical gadgets that can truly make your ride a home away from home. Need some inspiration? Read on!

Keep Everything You Need Close at Hand

If you spend a lot of time in your car, either commuting a long distance for your job, driving home to Mom and Dad’s from college every weekend, or just sitting in traffic, you know how frustrating it can be to fumble around trying to find a napkin, a pen, or your cell phone.

Get a couple of adhesive-backed, sticky gripper pads for your dashboard and console. These are cool, low-priced little doohickeys that hold your cell phone, sunglasses, lip balm, pen, coins, and basically any other relatively lightweight possession that you need to keep handy. 

Set Up an In-Auto Office

A few inches’ worth of dashboard space might not be enough to corral everything you need while on the go. If you are a serious road warrior, and/or you spend a lot of time in your driver’s seat inputting account information, updating your boss, contacting clients, and of course taking your lunch breaks, you need a professional setup. 

Enter the car console dock. This helpful item is less an accessory and more like a piece of office furniture. It’s essentially a tabletop surface that straps onto your center console and is equipped with positionable electronics mounts that also charge your devices as well as a cupholder and convenient storage options. 


Sew Yourself a Soft Seat Belt Strap Pillow

Are you handy with a sewing machine and a pair of scissors? Take a lot of road trips with your friends? Whip up some sweet little pillows that strap right onto the seatbelt, so that your friends can snooze safely and comfortably.

These pillows also pull double duty as cell phone holders, even if your ride-or-die isn’t napping. These make great custom Christmas presents, especially if you and your buds spend a lot of time together in your car, and they’re inexpensive to make using fleece remnants.

Custom Car Seat Covers

Maybe squishy little pillows aren’t your style. Instead, you’re the type who is fastidious about your car’s interior, and you want things to look sleek and clean at all times. Then custom car seat covers are for you.

Yes, you can buy “off the rack” car seat covers, but there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to colors and designs. Moreover, since they are designed to fit many different makes and models, these covers tend to fit poorly.

Custom seat covers are more than just an aesthetic option, too. They actually help improve the resale value of your auto by protecting the original upholstery from stains, rips, holes, odors, and general wear-and-tear. For more information visit .

Little Things That Mean a Lot

Naturally, no car could possibly reflect your personality and suit your lifestyle without those little touches that mean a lot. We’re talking about whimsical accessories like stickers and decals, air fresheners and diffusers, maybe an old-school fuzzy steering wheel cover or set of rear view dice, stick-on bling that will make you feel like a star, a dashboard bobblehead, a plug-in cooler, and so on. After you’ve outfitted your ride with the essentials like custom car seat covers and convenient organizers, splash out on some of these super cool items.

Whether you’ve recently bought a new car and you’re trying to help it feel a bit more “you,” or you and your ride are old buddies, but you both need a bit of an upgrade, we hope these tips for pimping out your piston-pumping machine have been fun to read and inspirational!

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