5 Tips and Tricks for Detailing a Car Interior

If your car’s interior needs some detailing, then you have two options. You either pay or you do it yourself.

Paying for a service is always beneficial if you don’t know how to perform the task or have no desire to do so. However, you are still paying for something that you could learn to do yourself.

Keeping our cars “brand new” is only possible through extra care in both interior and exterior detailing. Both are inherently different from one another and both require learning a few skills.

But we’ll solely focus on detailing the car’s interior in this article. So, instead of paying someone to do it for you, here are our 5 tips and tricks for detailing the car’s interior.

1.  Materials & Tools

What detailing job could be possible without having the necessary tools and materials?

It seems that scrubbing with a simple towel and some cleaning products is more than enough if you ask some people. But for those that want their interior to look clean and smooth, well you’ll need a few extra things.

Let’s see what those are:

· Vacuum Cleaner

An absolute necessity when it comes to cleaning carpets and tights, a quality vacuum cleaner with a few extensions will get the job done ten times out of ten. If you ever wondered why dad is so skilled with a vacuum cleaner, well you do now. If you want to check out a comprehensive list, go to to check them out better.

· Cleaning Products

Whenever you need to clean something, then you use cleaning products. As for interior detailing, there are various products that can assist you when scrubbing any surface inside your vehicle.

You should always read the labels and see whether the particular product can interfere with a particular material.

· Wiping And Polishing Materials

If you’re a serious player, then you need to up your game with this one. A simple towel will get the job done, but a serious player will need other tools.

For example, rags and anything that consists of cloth will help you with nice and sturdy scrubbing while fine cloth will help you to polish like an expert.

But there is one more type of cloth out there that will manage to do the job without worrying about scratches. This, my friends, is called a microfiber cloth.

· Brushes and Applicators

Dust is a huge problem with it comes to our cars interior. And what’s the best way to clean dust? You use a brush.

The front panel’s air vents are the parts that accumulate the most dust over time.

However, since the front panel is made out of all kinds of stuff, you might need to use different sizes for greater reach.

Applicators are also necessary when cleaning dust.

2. Carpets And Floor Mats

Once you’ve acquired everything that you need, it’s now time to take care of your car’s floor mats.

Experts in interior detailing, such as, say that this is the first place to start. That’s because the floor mats and carpets get dirty the most.

Naturally, they require the most cleaning and looking after out of any other part. But cleaning your carpets and floor mats is a very easy job. All you have to do is take them out and give them a nice whopping.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner. Before vacuuming, make sure to remove any junk such as paper, food, and any other small objects that might get sucked into.

3. Seats

The car seats also need looking after, but the method of cleaning depends on the material itself. Car seats are mainly made out of three materials. Those are cloth, vinyl, and leather. Each one is different from the other and requires its own way of cleaning.

Let’s discuss them a bit further.

· Cloth

Cloth requires the most when it comes to cleaning hard stains. This material is very prone to getting dirty, messy, and even smelling like a trash can.

Based on the smell or the toughness of the strain, you will need to use a specialized product.

· Vinyl

Vinyl is very easy to clean and takes little to no time doing it. Literary every product you have in mind will get the job done. All that it takes is to go through the ingredient label and determine whether the particular product will damage the material.

· Leather

Leather also requires a lot of looking after, like cloth, but is very easy to clean. You don’t want to wait too much when removing stains from leather as it could potentially turn it bright.

But even so, there are products out there that work perfectly on leather and get the job done in no time.

4. Windows and Mirrors

Cleaning the windows and mirrors is nothing but a piece of cake when it comes to detailing a car’s interior. An easy way to solve this issue is to buy some glass cleaner.

But there are a few things you should look out for. For example, make sure to only use a glass cleaner if you clean parts that are made out of glass. For the plastic parts, using any all-purpose product is completely fine and safe.

Whenever cleaning the mirrors and windows, never apply the cleaner onto the surface. Instead, a good practice is to apply it onto the cloth. This is done so you don’t get potentially harmful chemicals onto parts of your car that aren’t supposed to be exposed to.

5. The Front Panel

The dashboard, air vents, and console make up the front panel. Each one has a different way of cleaning them. But there are also a lot of extra things you should worry about when doing so. Because of that, we recommend you get in touch with a professional whenever needing to clean the front panel.

And, this might sound like nothing special, but dust is your biggest enemy here. And remember when we talked about dust, the best way to deal with it is to use brushes.

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