How to Start A Private Blog About Cars – 2020 Guide

Have you ever thought it would be fantastic to be your own boss? No doubt, especially after a busy day at work and many commitments that increase every day. You all know this, don’t you? Well, if so, why not try making money online? There are so many ways to make money online and this valuable information is just a few clicks away from you.

However, one of the most popular and lucrative online businesses is running your own blog. The best part is that you can monetize your writing skills in many ways, with different help and tools to do it in the best possible way (we’ll talk about that later). Also, you can choose any topic to write about, one that you are passionate about, that you have the most knowledge about, etc. For example, one of the popular topics these days are cars. So many people in the world love cars and want to know new information about these machines, see new models, maybe buy some interesting gadgets or accessories. Today, we have decided to present you how to start your own private cars blog. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

  1. Select niche

Since you are starting a blog whose topic will be cars, it means that you know the topic, however, now you need to pick a niche. Now you’re probably wondering what the hell is a niche? Well, to put it simply, the niche is a certain part, a sub-topic of the theme you have chosen before, which in this case are cars. You know, there are so many car blogs out there right now, and it’s really hard to attract people to visit your blog and read your posts. On the other hand, a niche for a targeted audience is a better solution that may not get you hundreds of thousands of readers, but you will have a decent audience.

For example, you can write about car accessories, car care products, etc. The possibilities are quite good and there is no doubt that it is possible to find an audience for every niche. Of course, the possibilities of a particular niche are fortunately possible to analyze in advance. There are certain tools, such as Google Trends, that allow you to analyze whether your potential niche is of interest and whether people are searching for information that you can provide. We must add that all this is completely free.

  1. Pick blogging platform, hosting plan and domain name

The next important step to creating a successful cars blog is choosing a reliable blogging platform, hosting plan and of course a domain name. When it comes to blogging platforms, we believe you have heard about the super popular WordPress which is definitely the best platform of its kind. In addition to WP, there are Wix, Blogger, etc. Basically, you can create great websites and blogs using any of the platforms mentioned. Still, if you ask any successful blogger what his or her choice is, there is no doubt that the answer will be WordPress. This is also our recommendation for you brand new cars blog.

Beside a fantastic blogging platform, you also need a hosting plan, and currently the first choice is Bluehost. This hosting provider has been partnering with WordPress for years and is recommended by a reputable platform. What we want to highlight in Bluehost hosting plans is that they are really affordable and have good features. Of course, you can choose other hosting providers such as HostGator, GoDaddy, SiteGround, etc. Feel free to develop your writing skills by publishing anonymously on this discourse; you will learn too much from others’ comments.

Finally, the last but not least step in this chapter is choosing a domain name. Domain name is the address of your future website through which users can read your articles. Therefore, this is a very important step in creating a successful blog. Think of a domain name that should be easy to remember, unique, simply said, to be brandable.

  1. Create valuable and engaging content

One piece of advice we can give you is to look at the situation from the perspective of your site visitors. For example, you are looking for quality steering wheel covers or any other car related product. You probably want to find as much reliable information as possible that can convince you that the product is of good quality and should be bought. This requires that your articles be written in an engaging tone, call for action, and, above all, be of interest to the people who read them.

Also, it is very important that all content is valuable, meaning that it offers relevant information and unbiased data. However, in this case “value” could also mean grammatically correct and well spelled texts. This is important because you are starting out with a cars blog so you don’t want to turn away visitors with bad grammar and spelling. Use Grammarly for these purposes or some similar tools. If you still have trouble with writing, you can seek help from a freelancer (Fiveer, UpWork, Freelancer, etc.) or use some of the professional services like

  1. Optimize your blog

When we say optimization, we mean SEO. After installing WordPress, make sure you install plug-ins that are essential so that you can grow your cars blog and be better placed in search results. Also, pay attention to optimizing the images you use in your blog posts.

Of course, we must not forget the handful of free tools that are at the service of all bloggers who plan to monetize blog or simply reach as many audiences as possible. These include Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Mobile-Friendly Test Tool by Google, Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, etc. There are really so many quality and free tools that you just have to use if you want people to visit your blog.

  1. Monetization

If you have done all the previous steps correctly, there is no reason not to think about monetizing your work. There are many ways to do this and some of the popular ones are affiliate partnerships, online sales, donations, etc. All of these are great and legal ways to take advantage of the high traffic to your cars blog and make decent money. However, the first and foremost thing is to build an audience, offer quality and interesting content, and to keep your audience permanent.

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