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Is Your Car a Thief’s Dream? Discover How the Ghost Immobiliser Can Make It a Nightmare

Car security is something that every car owner has to take very seriously. This is irrespective of what part of town they may live in. Of course, we know that if you live in an area like Essex with its high crime rate, you will feel a greater urgency to secure your precious belongings.

That said, wherever you may reside, you must find a way to safeguard your vehicle from thieves, regardless of where you live. One very effective method is the use of the ghost immobilizer. You can visit to learn more about it. In the meantime, let’s quickly discuss this type of car immobiliser to see if it is the right fit for your needs.

What Is a Ghost Immobiliser?

You may have heard of or used vehicle immobilizers, but nothing like the ghost immobiliser. It is a model or type of vehicle immobilizer with extra features beyond the immobilisation feature.

Let’s back up a little: what is a vehicle immobiliser? It is an electronic device that secures a vehicle from theft, preventing it from starting if the right key or fob is not used.

That is the standard type. The ghost immobiliser does much better; it prevents device spoofing, jamming signals, and cloning keys for theft.

These are ways experienced car thieves use to steal cars that already have a regular immobiliser. They have difficulty getting into your car, but if they succeed in opening it, they cannot drive it away.

How Does the Device Work?


The immobiliser is an interesting piece of electronics that uses the car’s parts to protect it from theft. Every car has an electronic control unit or ECU, which comes with a factory-fitted chip. The ECU is part of the system that enables the vehicle to start; once you use your key or key fob in the ignition, the unit receives a code to respond.

However, the immobiliser springs into action when the wrong key is used. It sends the wrong code to the ECU, preventing it from starting. The ghost immobiliser sends a code sequence, pin, or other protective measures to protect the vehicle. That way, even if the thief succeeds in cloning the key and getting the code right, they will need a sequence to operate the car. Without it, the key cloning is useless.

Furthermore, it may send a signal or alarm to the car owner to alert them of the attempt at stealing it, although not every type of this device has this feature. It also shuts down various vehicle components required to move it. As a result, the car becomes immobilised, hence the device’s name.

Reasons to Install a Ghost Immobiliser in Your Car

Many cars manufactured after 1998 already have a standard immobiliser. You may not have to worry about installing another one. However, the ghost immobiliser is different; it is an advanced and sophisticated version of the regular one.

That means it performs much better in protecting your automobile or any other type of vehicle. Here are reasons you may need the advanced type for your vehicle.

You Own Luxury Cars

One of the primary reasons for getting a ghost immobiliser is the type of car you own. Luxury vehicles, such as Porsche, Ferrari, and Maybach, cost a lot of money, and leaving them without adequate security is risky.

While the car seller or manufacturer may provide car security, taking it a step further is ideal. It helps to know you have an extra protective layer to keep the investment safe. The same rule applies to antique cars, sometimes costing more than the luxury ones. Keeping them safe with this device is crucial, especially if you have more than one.

You Want Peace of Mind

It is not every time you can keep an eye on your prestige cars, especially if you travel a lot. Leaving them at home or in a safe place may be great, but you cannot be sure of their true safety unless you deliberately set them up to be safe.

Therefore, knowing you took a step to keep them safe and monitor them gives you peace of mind. You are not alarmed if there is a break-in on your property because you know the thieves cannot move the vehicles.

The Resale Value of the Cars

Thieves are usually attracted to these top-of-the-line cars because of their value. They may not sell them at the true price, but they will get good money on the black market, if not for the entire vehicle, then for its parts.

That means luxury, expensive, and antique cars are targets for vehicle thieves, regardless of where you hide them. There are always steps to improve car security devices and technologies, and the ghost immobiliser is one of the best security devices on the market.

With this device installed, you reduce the resale value of cars because no one can use it. They are only good for parts, which may bring in much less than the cars’ worth.

What Type of Car Works Best with a Ghost Immobiliser?

The good news is that this security device works well with many types of cars. All you have to do is take the car to the right auto engineer or electrician to check and fit the car with it.

Moreover, the immobiliser’s use is not restricted to cars only. Any vehicle with an engine can use it. That means motorbikes, mobile homes, and machinery with an engine are compatible. It is almost impossible to bypass or hack the system once installed because there is no physical device.

The wires are fitted into the vehicle so that it looks like a part of the entire system from the factory, making it difficult to remove without damaging an integral part of the system. Fortunately, technological advancements mean that the immobiliser will always be improved to elude theft, regardless of how sophisticated the thieves are.

You can check out Bespoke Vehicle Security to get a better understanding of this security system for your car.


The ghost immobiliser is the answer to the car theft problem. It works on most vehicles, and since car and vehicle theft can happen anywhere, it is only proper to consider using it. If you own expensive vehicles, add an extra layer of security to ensure they are safe, giving yourself peace of mind wherever you are.

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