5 Best Methods to Improve Your Car Security

Car security is an important issue for everyone. The statistics of car crimes are surprisingly high because the owners of four-wheelers are not paying attention to securing their property at all. With gradually developing technology, our cars are becoming more capable of fending of thieves who are targeting them. Particularly, in older vehicles security systems are not up to the same standard as current vehicles. These things increase the chance that your car will be stolen. Using some anti-theft devices and methods may help prevent your vehicle from being stolen. These 5 best methods of prevention make the effort of stealing the vehicle more difficult and increase its overall security.

Car Security Cameras or Dash Cams

The dash cams or dashboard cameras are nothing but car security cameras that are mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle to record everything that takes place in and around it. Many advanced dash cams come up with GPS technology which can also determine vehicle speed, acceleration, deceleration, steering angle, etc. By using Dashcams, you can capture awesome footage of the long drive as a memory. When you want to park a car, you can set up parking mode by wiring the dash camera directly into the battery. So if someone comes up to your four-wheeler, the camera detects the motion, and it will start capturing footage. Using 4G connectivity, it will send the captured footage to the owner. Through these, you can save your car from thefts.

Also, before buying any of the car security dash cameras for your vehicle, one must look into the various features and aspects that the particular camera should have and also should match your car and your requirements. It is hence, important to know about the various important thing regarding dash cameras as mentioned in-car security camera guide on Dksecurity. One must not make a decision ever oneself when it comes to the employment of security in vehicles before knowing properly what actually is required and how to properly make a good decision.

Car Alarm

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A Car Alarm is an effective anti-theft device feature electronic sensors designed to activate automatically when the key is removed from the ignition, unauthorized entry, breaking of glass, and perimeter violations. The electronic sensor detects the threat and activates the siren at over 120 dBs to alert the car’s driver and everyone else within earshot. High-pitched sound and flashing lights are a powerful deterrent. Some alarms also come with a pager or mobile app to alert you if they are activated. An alarm installed in the vehicle will not physically stop a thief, but it won’t let a thief operate anonymously. Most modern cars are pre-equipped with an alarm. If you don’t have an alarm installed, get one professionally fitted. This will help secure your four-wheeler from theft. Also, apply stickers on the window; on both sides proclaiming your vehicle is protected by an alarm. If a thief sees that a car has an alarm security system, they may move on to choose another victim.

Car immobilizer

A Car immobilizer is an electronic security device that prevents the engine from starting without using the vehicle’s authorized key. If a Thief attempts to use an unauthorized key, then the immobilizer uses satellite or mobile to alert the owner that an unauthorized attempt was made to code a key. This system uses a special digitally coded key or a Smart Key fob containing a transponder chip. Transponder chip stores the electronic security code. The ECU of the vehicle does not activate the fuel system and the ignition circuit if the code in the key and that stored in the immobilizer does not match.

Sometimes if a thief successfully breaks into your car without having a key he’s going to have to hotwire it before he can drive it away. Immobilizing devices prevent the car from being hotwired after entry has been achieved and thus reduces the possibility of theft. The immobilizer is a great high-tech, reliable system that benefits in terms of prevention, thefts are at least three times higher than the costs of installing the immobilizer device. This is the most cost-effective way to prevent thieves from hotwiring your vehicle.

Car tracking systems

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A car tracking system is a device that is hidden in your vehicle which keeps the track of it 24/7. Though it is not an anti-theft device, it will help to locate your car after it has been stolen. The vehicle tracking system commonly uses GPS technology for locating the car and the information can be viewed on electronic maps through the Internet. Some vehicle tracking systems send alert security to a phone if the vehicle is moved without authorization. The tracking system receives data from the GPS tracking unit and securely stores the information. As soon as you notice your car missing, you can use it to locate it, and inform the authorities.

Steering wheel locks

A steering-wheel lock or club lock is an anti-theft device to prevent the steering wheel being turned. A steering wheel lock is attached to the steering wheel of the car to lock in a place. No one can drive it until they remove the Steering Wheel Lock. This prevents thieves from driving the car. A steering-wheel lock consists of two pieces. Each piece has one hook, fitted around the rim of the steering wheel. When the Steering Wheel lock is set, it is impossible to turn. To remove the steering wheel lock device, the user unlocks the central bar and slides the pieces together. This allows freeing the wheel. Steering wheel locks are easy to install, and it is a great way to deter most thieves. These are all the top methods that one can employ in a vehicle in order to achieve maximum security. However, one must give the most priority to the installation of car security cameras at the least, which plays a very significant role in-car security.

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