Family Road Trips: How to Maximize Luggage Space in Your Sedan

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Family vacations are popular in the US because they are an opportunity to spend quality time together. But the travel part of a holiday for four can easily cost a fortune even if you choose to fly in the economy class. Road travel is a savior in this context because it costs a fraction of air tickets. You also get the freedom and flexibility to choose your routes and timelines.

Not surprisingly, nearly 208 million (81%) Americans chose road trips in the summer of 2022. The trend hasn’t slowed down in 2024 and is expected to get bigger in the coming years. Although nothing matches the excitement of being with your clan on a long-route drive, you may struggle with a few things.

Route planning, frequent stops, delays, and breakdowns may slow you down. Additionally, the lack of enough luggage space is an underrated challenge families often face.

Traveling with kids means you may need to pack more stuff. But sedan owners may have a hard time fitting everything in.

We have a few practical tips to help you maximize your sedan’s luggage space during a family road trip.

Know the Size of Your Boot

The first step is to assess the size of your car’s boot. Knowing its rough dimensions enables you to gauge whether it can accommodate your family’s luggage.

You can consider leaving some things at home or experimenting with the alignment of the luggage pieces to optimize the space. A little adjustment often goes a long way when it comes to fitting stuff in a small space.

At this point, you should empty your boot space to maximize the area for carrying the things you need. A box full of old books or clothes shouldn’t keep you from carrying your baby’s stroller.

Store the extras in your garage or attic. Of course, you cannot eliminate your toolbox because you need it to address unexpected breakdowns during the trip.

Invest in a Roof Carrier

Sedan Roof Carrier

Statistics show that the average trunk space in a sedan is nearly 12 to 20 cubic feet. The size may seem enough for local drives, but it can fall short when packing loads of stuff for a long-distance family vacation. You may have more than suitcases and bags, such as extra blankets, toys, and even a stroller for your little one.

Investing in a roof rack is a great idea because it can be a lifetime asset for your future road trips. If you are confused about the right product, you can discover the ideal car top carrier for your sedan with some in-depth research. This additional space can help you accommodate bulky luggage and equipment, freeing up room inside for smaller, more essential items.

RoofPax recommends considering factors such as the size and weight of the carrier when it comes to finding a perfect fit. The ease of installation and removal is another consideration because you don’t want to depend on a professional to handle it before and after every tour.

Utilize the Interior

Your sedan’s trunk shouldn’t be the only place to use for storage. Many models have comfortable legroom you can utilize for storing small luggage pieces.

You can even convert the rear seat and floor space into a bed for your kids by placing bags and covering them with a soft blanket and plush cushions.

Fitting smaller bags and items under the front seats is a good idea. Be creative with storage solutions such as under-seat storage containers and seat organizers to keep your items tidy.

The best part is that these organizers make things more accessible, making your journey easy.

Pack Like a Pro

Pack Like a Pro in Sedan

Air travel has luggage limits constraining families from carrying extra stuff. However, you don’t have to follow any rules during road trips. You shouldn’t let the freedom to create storage woes during your family adventure. You should still pack like a pro and avoid carrying too much stuff.

Prepare a packing checklist and stick with it to minimize clutter in your bags. Encourage kids to choose their stuff wisely if they are old enough.

Opt for lightweight and compact materials and versatile clothing items you can mix and match. Packing like a pro is also about techniques, such as rolling instead of folding clothes and organizing stuff in packing cubes.

Vacuum to Save Space

Besides trying different packing techniques and space-saving luggage, you can vacuum your bags to minimize the area they occupy.

You can find compression bags in the market. All you have to do is pop your clothes in a bag, attach your vacuum to it, and suck out the air.

This way, you won’t have to declutter your packing lists. You have an excuse to carry all the stuff you want to wear on the holiday. Compression bags make a wise investment for people who love traveling because they help save space on every trip.

Carry Food and Entertainment Wisely

Family road trips are about fun, food, and entertainment. But you shouldn’t let loads of food and entertainment items occupy all the space in your vehicle. The last thing you want is more food and games instead of the stuff you actually need.

Steer clear of bulky snack packages and choose individually wrapped snacks. You can even buy as you go, stocking up on fresh stuff as you take breaks along the way.

Consider digital entertainment options such as tablets or e-readers instead of carrying physical books and games. You can save space with these options and provide wholesome entertainment for everyone in your clan.

Wrapping Up

packing in Sedan

When you think of a family road trip, you probably visualize a big car or recreational vehicle that fits everything in. With millions of American families owning sedans, there are good chances of seeing more of them on highways.

Worrying about luggage space is natural when traveling in a small car. However, these simple steps can help you make the most of the available space. Try these on your next road trip for a comfortable ride.

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