Reasons Why Car Crashes Occur

Every day, hundreds, if not thousands of road accidents occur across the world. Statistics show that people get involved in car accidents mostly because they don’t pay full attention to the road while driving. Road accidents can occur due to many reasons. In some cases, drivers become tired because of the multiple hours spent at the wheel. They either text on their phones, eat, change the music, drink, or any other activity that should be entirely avoided while driving.

There are many important things to consider when you get behind the wheel. Even if you might feel you’re in complete control, driving can become challenging if you don’t pay full attention to the road, especially if you have passengers with you. They might also be a distraction to you, so be careful with who you travel. It’s less important if you are an experienced or new driver: don’t take risks! Here are some reasons why car accidents occur.

Distracted driving

It sounds familiar to you, right? Distracted driving is one of the most common reasons for road accidents across the world. This involves drunk driving and speeding are causing major accidents on the road. Of course, distracted driving isn’t the only cause of car accidents: using your cellphone while driving is a major cause of accidents. It might not be a big deal for you, but with a bit of struggle, you may get rid of this habit.

Whenever your phone rings, the best thing to do is to pull over, if possible. Take the call and then continue your driving. And don’t even think that wireless earphones will save you from crashing! They might be useful in many situations, but not when driving. It’s easier than you think to get distracted from necessary visual and audio signals while driving. So, convos on the phone should not be carried while you’re behind the wheel.

Not to mention that such activities while driving are forbidden by law. You might wonder if you can use your phone at a red light? Or in traffic jams? The short answer is no. The law confirms that no person should use their mobile phone or any other handheld device while on a road. It’s also illegal to interact with your mobile phone through voice commands (Siri, Google Assistant) if you need to physically pick up the device. If you can access those commands by voice, then it’s fine.

Also, accidents aren’t caused only on the highway, but in parking spots. If a person doesn’t park their vehicle properly, accidents can occur. We get it, finding available parking spots in your large city may be difficult. But if you live in Los Angeles, for example, you’re in luck. There’s a tool that can help you find the best Los Angeles monthly parking options, called WhereiPark Los Angeles. You will be able to search locations, and view parking spot availability. This way, you will avoid parking your car in unsuitable places that might cause other drivers to scratch or hit your vehicle.

Drunk driving

This is perhaps the most dangerous thing someone can do: get under the influence of alcohol and drive. No, you’re not capable of driving while you’re drunk, no matter how experienced you are, and also, you are most likely to cause an accident. So, avoid drinking before getting behind the wheel, not even a bit. Most people do it particularly on weekends, when they drive home from parties. When people drink alcohol, their ability to pay attention to the road is significantly reduced, increasing the risk of causing major accidents. For some people, even the smallest amount of alcohol can be enough to make them drunk. Drunk driving accidents can be avoided: make your life and those around you a priority, and plan on consuming alcohol only when you aren’t driving. Honestly, taking the cab isn’t a bad idea.

Avoid eating while driving

We are all busy people who want to finish their daily tasks effectively. But while this isn’t always possible, you should not take into consideration eating your meal while driving. You want to save time? Get up early in the morning and allow yourself to do all the activities you normally plan on doing while driving. Spilling drinks and foods is a major cause of distraction, which can lead to accidents. Pull off the road in a safe place and enjoy your meal. You’ll be thankful later.


Speeding is another major cause of fatal road injury. Driving above the speed limit is common for drivers, especially for motorists. It’s also illegal to drive aggressively because you vastly increase the risk of losing control of the car and cause an accident. The fast you will drive, the longer it will take to slow down in case of an obstacle. Even the slightest increase in speed can result in much higher risk of getting involved in a crash or a more severe type of accident. So, it’s critical for all drivers around the world to be aware of the speed at which they’re driving. Stay with the legal limits!

Bad weather conditions

Believe it or not, rain is one of the common reasons why road accidents occur across the world. Then the highway becomes wet, vehicles can lose their grasp on the road and slide diagonally. Also, if your car is poorly maintained, rain can amplify the risks of causing road accidents. The driver can become panicked, resulting in losing control over the vehicle. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to be alert of the road conditions, speed limits, and rainy weather.

Getting involved in a road accident can be a terrifying experience. There are excellent drivers who know how to avoid an accident, but no one can guarantee safety when driving. It may also be difficult to know what to do after an accident. However, it’s critical to protect yourself and others while you are on the road.

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