5 Scary Las Vegas Car Accident Statistics That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Las Vegas is a major tourist attraction in the United States. The fun spreading from the casinos to the tourist spots attracts many people. However, accidents also keep surging as more people flock in.

There are over 1.69 million people in Las Vegas. For every 100,000 residents, there are usually 1,114 traffic accidents. This number is alarming, considering the non-residents that come in for business trips and vacations.

So how common are car accidents in Las Vegas? Sadly, they are pretty common. The numbers in this article prove the previous statement. Here are five car accident statistics that every resident or tourist in Vegas must know.

The top 5 Las Vegas accident statistics include:

  1. High drunk driving rate
  2. Increased pedestrian accidents
  3. Increase in distracted driving
  4. High overspeeding rate
  5. High accident fatalities

1. High Drunk Driving Rate


Driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs has been on the rise in the past few years. As of 2022, 37% of all fatal car accidents in Las Vegas were due to drunk driving. Most drivers in these car accidents were under the influence of alcohol more than any other drug.

Several laws try to prevent drunk driving in Las Vegas, but they do not work. Most drivers still choose to get behind the wheel after one too many bottles.

The local authorities are still trying to curb the menace of drunk driving. However, according to the statistics above, it is scary that they aren’t producing any results.

2. Increased Cyclist and Pedestrian Accidents


Pedestrians and cyclists have contributed to the rising number of car accidents. Most of the accidents in this location involve vehicles and either a pedestrian or a cyclist.

As of early 2024, 28% of the total accidents in Las Vegas involved a car and a pedestrian or cyclist. Most of these accidents occur in places with heavy traffic and people. Despite the addition of crosswalks and cycling paths across different places in Vegas, people still end up colliding with cars.

Stopping accidents involving drivers and pedestrians/cyclists in Vegas will take longer. The local government and authorities are trying to implement more measures. Despite these measures, the high numbers prove that a new strategy must be devised to reduce the number of car and pedestrian/cyclist collisions.

3. Increase in Distracted Driving

Almost 22% of car accidents in Las Vegas are due to distraction. Most electronic gadgets, including smartphones, take the blame. Most of the drivers in these accidents were texting or browsing while behind the wheel.

On a few occasions, some drivers were using navigation apps while driving. In this case, it’s clear that whatever these drivers were doing on their phones didn’t matter. The results were catastrophic.

To this date, several public campaigns have raised awareness of the dangers of using phones while driving. Though the impact is minimal, hopes are high that people will acknowledge the facts with time.

4. High Overspeeding Rate


Vegas is the world’s capital of fun, meaning that supercars are everywhere. 46% of car accidents in early 2022 were due to overspeeding. Ignoring the speed limits contributed to these car crashes.

On other occasions, the speeding drivers ended up hitting slow-moving vehicles. There are currently heavy penalties in the city. As a result, accidents due to overspeeding are going down.

5. High Accident Fatalities

Of all the above statistics, the high fatality rate is the worst. Most of these accidents have led to many deaths. At the end of 2022, there were over 336 deaths from car accidents. This number seemed to have increased compared to previous years.

What You Should Do Following a Car Accident


These scary facts prove that car accidents are a major issue in Las Vegas. People should know the actions they should take following a car accident. The actions you take following an accident can mitigate the consequences of the accident.

If you sustained injuries due to a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can claim compensation for your losses. But most victims get cheated by insurance companies. It is a golden rule to reject the first offer an insurance company makes since it will always be a lowball offer.

The first thing you need to do following a car accident is seek medical attention. Getting medical attention helps you in two ways:

  1. Physical recovery from the injuries you sustained
  2. Prove to the court that you have sustained injuries and financial losses due to the accident

Proving to the court that you have sustained losses is important since, in civil cases, the plaintiff bears the burden of proof. It means you have to provide substantial proof that the defendant caused the accident and that you have sustained losses due to the accident. Medical bills are a great way to do that.

The immediate action you need to take after getting medical attention is to consult a lawyer. Insurance adjusters are trained professionals who will lower your settlement by any means possible. Car accident lawyers are your only hope. They can protect you from insurance adjusters and their cheap tactics to lower your settlement.

Car accident lawyers will calculate your losses and draft a demand letter. The demand letter will have information on how much compensation you are seeking. Mostly, the insurance company will reject your request, but you don’t have to worry since it is expected. Your lawyer will start negotiating with the insurance company.

However, the insurance company will require solid proof. So the lawyer will investigate the car accident and collect evidence against the defendant. Then your lawyer will submit all the evidence to the insurance company and resume negotiations. Car accident lawyers will get you the compensation you deserve.

Bottom Line


The disturbing reality of car accidents in Las Vegas is a scary fact. These statistics may make you think less of the thrilling nightlife. Most of these car accidents happen due to human actions on the road. Drunk driving and smartphone use while driving make it clear that drivers are the main contributors to these statistics.

Finding Reliable Auto Repair in Las Vegas

After a car accident, especially in a bustling city like Las Vegas, one of your first concerns is getting your car repaired. In such situations, auto repair in Las Vegas offers an indispensable service to get your vehicle back in top condition.

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