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How to Acquire a Replacement Car Key if You Have Lost the Original

Car keys and all other keys used to be simple but as time progresses and as thieves became more and more inventive and persistent we all had to improve our security.

Car keys used to look like ordinary keys from your front door. Maybe a bit thicker or a bit longer, depending on the make and model of the car, but they were simpler. This simplicity made car locks and ignition locks easier to pick and start or open your car. This is where security needed to be upped and this is why we now have keys that look more complicated with all kinds of electronic safeties.

If you lose all of your spare car keys with these newer cars you may be in a bit of an issue because replacement ones for your make, model and year need to be bought from a dealer and coded there if you want to use them. If this isn’t an option then you may have a bit bigger problems. Thankfully since we have persistent and more inventive thieves, we have a locksmith that understands the same systems and they like to use their power and knowledge for good. For issues like that there is a solution like a 24-hour locksmith and you can find them if you visit this site.

All of us have been through these problems and we believe that you all are expecting some answers which is why we are not going to prologue your suffering anymore. Because we all don’t have new cars we will include solutions for those with older keys that don’t need electronic coding to work.


The first and best way to get a replacement key for your car is to go to your locksmith. Every replacement you get with the car will be suited but an original has a special feel to it. Get that spare key and go to your locksmith and in the time frame of 5 to 10 minutes, you will get a new original key probably very cheaply. Those simpler keys are easily and quickly done and they don’t cost a lot. If you don’t have any keys at all you have a bit bigger problem at hand. If you lose all your keys or if you are buying a used car and you get one or two keys for the car and lose them, you will need to break into your car. Now those locks on some complicated models and a bit more secure will mean you will need to sacrifice a window or a door to get in.

We also see a few new models that are advertised as tough or impossible to get in without keys but we saw locksmiths open them without much trouble at all. There are a few series of Mercedes vehicles that can’t be accessed if you don’t have a key or f you don’t know a trick. The trick is to light a small fire beneath the car and wait for the system to think that the car is burning and open all doors and locks to “let you out”. These types of services are a lot more expensive because a small number of locksmiths know about things like this and they are not willing to tell you about these tricks.



The next thing that is a bit more complicated and a bit more expensive is when you have a newer car with an immobilizer chip inside the key fob. These need to be both programmed and cut so you can do this at a dealer and a locksmith and they will usually cost you a lot more than a regular key that only has to be cut to fit your lock. Having a good device that can read the code from your car and then code it to the immobilizer, is a must. Without this no matter how good and fine the key is cut it will never start your car. Another remedy for this type of car and key is to go to the dealer or a mechanic that can turn off the immobilizer but this is something that we do not recommend for many different reasons, primarily car security. Immobilizers have been turned off before thanks to some mistakes in the system, malfunctions or faulty connected parts, and they have been turned off because of the key issues.

Keyless entry keys


Now, this is a pretty big issue if you lose the original key or all of the spares you have. Keyless entry keys are usually plastic and bulky and depending on the year, car, make or model you either stick them in their spot to start the car or keep them in your pocket while you are in the car. This way the car knows and recognizes the key is in and it can be unlocked and started. If you lose this key you pretty much have two options – a car dealer or locksmith again but be sure to find one that understands modern tech and knows what they are doing. If you go to a locksmith that doesn’t have the equipment and programs needed for successful coding you may get a hefty bill and a worthless key that you can get near your car with. When we are on the topic of the hefty bills, the dealer option in this case means you are going for a safe bet when it comes to tech understanding and equipment possession. Car dealers always have whatever they need for these situations including replacement keyless entry keys that are “blank” and ready to be programmed to suit your car. You will need to either tow the car to them or have them come to you to do this, depending on the dealer. This service will set you back quite a bit but here you are 100% sure that the key you got will work and will not give you any more trouble.

After you read this you now know what your options are. Thanks to people interested in this and thanks to specialists there is a solution to any situation thanks to a little bit of tech and a lot of knowledge. When it comes to the special keys and complicated systems, even if you buy a used car with only one key our advice is to take it to the locksmith immediately and have a spare made. Keep it in the drawer or someplace safe where you can easily get to it if you ever need one.

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