Road-Tripping Checklist: Gadgets, Adgets, Mounts and other Accessories for every Traveller

Every road trip is an experience that changes people and invigorates them. ‘Wanderlust’ is usually the choice of term, but when that travel bug bites, the individual has to pick a destination. Driving to the vacation spot is vastly different from taking a flight or train. People get to see and feel the journey rather than be passive passengers. Road trips are also a cost-effective vacation option. Companies like are extra motivation to go on a road trip vacation. Buying cars second-hand usually meant a loss for the buyer somehow, but these companies refurbish the car, making them brand-new. People can purchase a higher-end car for their budget, and the best way to celebrate that is to go on a road trip.

Road trips are only as long as the destination. People could visit the nearest city for a vacation, and driving there won’t be as tedious. While planning the road trip is at the individual’s discretion, a few car accessories could take the road trip to the next level.

Top 10 Ultimate Car Accessories to Accentuate a Road Trip

Car accessories refer to mounts or other fixings that can attach to one’s car, for example, a car charger to charge phones. First-time road-trippers may be unaware of these accessories, so here is a basic list.

Gel Seat Cushion

Comfort is of the highest priority in a road trip. Uncomfortable passengers usually lead to rising tempers and unpleasantness for everybody. Taking a gel seat cushion helps lower the discomfort of long-term sitting. Getting every passenger an individual cushion is the prime option. Many individuals with back problems claim to have developed it due to long back-breaking journeys. As such, gel cushions are highly effective when it comes to distributing the weight of the user evenly across the seat. This fact helps in alleviating back pain and spinal problems in the long run.

Portable Power Station

While driving on the highway, it is possible to go through deserted stretches; the nearest city/town/village could be far away. If any trouble occurs during this time, the travellers will find themselves stuck in a bad situation. These areas usually lack a power source. It is essential to carry a portable power source that can power the car batteries or any electronic device to call for help.

GPS Tracker and GPS Tag

Several online platforms sell travel safety products, the top of them being a GPS Tracker. Experts from car retailers like recommend attaching a GPS Tracker to the car and GPS Tags to the luggage. A car with a GPS attached ensures recovery if stolen. Another item is a GPS Tag; this tag attaches itself to any item, sending a GPS signal to the owner’s phone. These gadgets become useful in troubling situations.

Window-Breakers and Belt-Cutters


Driving accidents do happen, and in such instances, travellers must be ready with a plan of action to get out of the vehicle. Sometimes, the car’s seat belt might get stuck, or the windows might refuse to open. Individuals might find it strenuous to get out of a car after it has collided with another entity. In such situations, a belt-cutter and window-breaker in strategic positions could help lessen the damage.

Car Dashboard Camera

Video cameras like the GoPro Hero can easily mount onto the car’s dashboard, documenting the whole trip. Every vacation is about creating memories; the car dashcam ensures all the memories are stored permanently. Another side benefit of these instruments is that they help record accidents and other unfortunate events. This fact is highly helpful if the individual is stuck in a scenario requiring litigation. Other than this, users can cherish the memories they create on the drive at later instances in the comfort of their homes.

Car Vacuum

People travelling with kids on a road trip are liable to have messy cars. On a road trip, most of the eating or snacking happens inside. Having a car vacuum helps clean up the spilt food or other items to maintain the car’s interiors.

Car Drinks Storage

People on a road trip in hot weather are likely to feel drained, and they must carry water or juices on the trip. Keeping them in a car cooler helps maintain chill temperatures for increased refreshment. Car coolers mostly fit only large vehicles.

Magnetic Phone Holder

The best ally for drivers on road trips is Google Maps. Using their maps, travellers can drive to any destination they want, and downloading the maps enables offline use. But it is a hazard for the driver to hold both the phone and the steering wheel. The magnetic phone holder fixes onto the AC vent and helps keep the phone in place. The driver can take a glance at the map while driving. It is an essential buy for solo travellers.

Car Roof Storage

When travelling in groups, there tends to be a lot of luggage. All the luggage might not fit in the car’s storage, and it is better to have roof storage in these situations. The storage options are a rack or a box. People can secure their luggage on top of the car effortlessly and remove it when not necessary.

Car Organiser

A car organiser works like a caddy. It hangs off the backs of the front seats and has pockets for storage. People can keep essential tools and equipment in there or even use them as dry food storage. Campers who stay in the vehicle will find these organisers extremely useful.

As observed, people that enjoy road travelling can accessories themselves with these products. While many of these products are excellent during long drives, they are also good instruments to ensure a healthy driving daily. Comfortably driving and travelling allows individuals to enjoy their desired destinations without tiring themselves out during the ride. Since long rides can be highly tiring, it is vital to ensure high levels of comfort to ultimately enjoy the trip. As such, these products ensure such comfort levels and ensure that individuals have the best trips of their lifetime

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