Top 8 Safety Tips for Commuting with an Electric Skateboard

Nowadays, it is popular to consider electric skateboarding for commuting as it is fun and eco-friendly. You can get a perfect thriller experience when riding on different longboard terrains. You will feel fresh and entertained during the smooth ride. But it can be dangerous if you do not take care of yourself.

There is a high risk of injuries while riding the super-fast skateboard if the rider does not know how to use it properly. You need to take precautions for a safe journey. One should know everything about the skateboard and other equipment. You can buy electric skateboards Australia for on and off-road commuting.

This write-up will help you stay safe while riding the electric skateboard by providing essential safety tips. You must avoid taking a small backpack, wearing a helmet, or going off-road. You need to prepare yourself to stay safe while riding the fast longboard.

1. Pick the Right Skateboard


Different skateboards are available that are perfect for riding on different terrains. Some models can be folded to keep them in the backpack. For commuting, you need a portable, durable, and reliable longboard.

You can ride electric skateboards over long distances compared to manual ones. It is necessary to have a removable battery so that you can charge it completely before the ride. The board width and length should be enough to allow you to stand comfortably.

If you are adventurous, you can choose a specialized skateboard for a downhill ride. The portable and foldable board is quite convenient as you can mount or dismount it whenever required. You must choose the appropriate longboard depending on the terrain and your requirements.

2. Wear Safety Gear

You can only ride on your electric skateboard once you wear all the safety gear. Wearing a helmet is not enough to stay safe. The electric boards can be operated fast, so the risk of getting injuries is relatively high. You must wear knee and elbow pads.

It can be uncomfortable to carry the protective equipment, but it will keep you safe while commuting. Even if you fall, minor injuries will happen, and you will be healed quickly. If you are riding the skateboard on rough terrains, the chances of injuries will increase, and you need to be extremely careful at that time.

3. Inspect the Skateboard

Before you start riding, you must remember to inspect your electric skateboard. It will take a few minutes, but it will prevent any risk of accidents. You must check whether the wheels are tightened, and the removable battery is fully charged.

You must also inspect the functionality of the brakes. In the case of any damage, you must repair it. You can only ride your board once it is ready to go. It is better to do the inspection a few days before your ride to prepare yourself and your electric skateboard.

4. Practice Enough


As a beginner, it can be tough to ride an electric skateboard. But you can begin your training on a smooth road where you can go slowly and practice enough. In a controlled environment, you can stay safe and get enough experience to ride the skateboard differently.

Later, you can increase the speed and try riding on rough terrains. But if you are trained enough, you can ride directly on different terrains at different speeds. With enough practice, you can quickly be perfect at riding and cover longer distances.

5. Control Your Speed

The biggest challenge that many riders experience is controlling the speed of the electric skateboard. Compared to the manual longboard, the electric one rides quickly, and it is difficult to maintain the speed immediately. You can watch the speed and control it as required if you are a trained rider.

But you need to work on your skills if you are a beginner. It can be dangerous and tempting to ride at high speed. You must choose a safe speed and take care of your surroundings while riding your longboard.

6. Be Alert

While riding an electric skateboard, you should always maintain your focus. You should always stay alert and keep a check on your surroundings. There can be many obstacles or broken roads. You must be careful while riding the board on different terrains.

You should never focus only on the skateboard but also on the people or objects around you. If you are not alert enough, you can collide and experience injuries. Therefore, you need to be safe on the roads; it is possible only when you are prepared enough.

7. Know Traffic Rules


The electric skateboard can be used like other vehicles in many places, and the rider must follow all the traffic rules. You should know about signs, lights, lanes, pedestrian protection, etc.

If you know the rules, only you can ride the skateboard on the road. Like other drivers, you must follow all the signals and ride on the path. You cannot harm pedestrians and your surroundings by going in the wrong lane or direction.

8. Avoid Traffic

The risk of collision or accidents is high when you ride on a busy road. It is necessary to plan a route where you can avoid traffic. You can check the route on Google Maps and confirm there is no traffic there. You can follow the route and reach your destination on your skateboard.

In small intervals, you should also check the battery status so that you can stop and charge it whenever required. If you take a traffic route, the battery will be consumed quickly as you use the brakes often. You can avoid collisions by avoiding traffic.

Final Thoughts

If you desire to commute with an electric skateboard, you must follow all the mentioned safety tips. You need to stay protected on every terrain you are riding your longboard. You should also take care of pedestrians and the surroundings like other vehicle drivers do on their journey. These safety tips will help you safely ride the electric skateboard on different terrains.

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