Should Real Estate Agents Drive Luxury Cars?

As the saying goes, “The first impression lasts longer.” However, the real debate is ‘will a good car be criteria for buying a property from an agent?’ In most cases, the agent’s car is the first thing the potential buyer or client gets to see when they meet. This is why you won’t exactly blame a client who prefers an agent with a fancy vehicle to one with a dirty and old car.

People often argue that real estate agents who drive exotic cars have a greater chance of closing bigger deals. One of the most important skills of a salesman is to be able to sell yourself regardless of the condition. In most cases, it is all about the appearance as no one is interested in doing business with someone who looks scrappy.

Even with a larger percentage of people insisting that the type of car you drive as an agent projects success. In some other cases, a percentage of people of believing the agent’s car has nothing to do with what he/she has to offer. Others like to see a part of reality that broadcasting wealth can make clients request for outrageous discounts.

The real estate business is an image-based industry, and no matter how we prefer to look at it, you attract what you project. Buyers and sellers tend to evaluate real estate agents right from the moment they meet. However, should this be the basic criteria for selecting a real estate agent? This article exposes the reasons to why or not a real estate agent should drive luxury cars.

What is the effect of the car you choose on your business?

When trying to sell a property, one of the most important factors to consider as an agent is your impression on the client. This, in every sense, determines whether or not they will be willing to do business with you. People feel comfortable doing business with people they perceive to be successful. The perspective a client has of an agent has a long-term effect on your business with them.

One of the most important skills of a salesman is to be able to sell yourself regardless of the condition. Rolling in an exotic car sends different signals to different people. Sometimes, it could favour the agent, at other, it could result in clients requesting for discounts. In some cases, the right car can attract the right client, especially when you are heading to one of the luxury estates constructed by prestigious agencies such as Zem Builders

This is the world we live in. Success is defined by influence, power, money, stability and of course your ability to afford the expensive and exotic things. However, real estate like we know is serious business which means that any luxury car bought by a real estate agent isn’t seen as just any luxury but a business expense.

Is it really the car or the condition of the car?

The truth is, after going through the process of putting up a property for sale on a property listing sites like, getting through to potential buyers, you won’t want to fall out after meeting the client. As a real estate agent, getting to the ideal buyers doesn’t require you living beyond your means.

Inasmuch as purchasing a good car can be regarded as a business investment, keeping the car in good condition is even more important. Most times, estate agents have the misconception that buyers are also concerned about the type of car they ride. However, a more important factor is the condition of the car.

Imagine you were to have an impromptu meeting with a buyer or seller in your car and they meet the car untidy and smelly. What kind of impression do you think it would have on the client? Regardless of whether or not, you are very skillful and diligent, it reduces your chances of closing the deal.

In real estate business, your presentation matter, however, a real estate agent with a fancy car but no skill has little or no chances of having good sales. Whatever car you drive or decide to buy is only an addition to what value you have to offer as a salesman. In the end, the most important part of being a real estate agent is the quality of service you offer.

The quality of your service, efficiency, integrity, and consistency just might get you that luxury car you want as a real estate agent. However, if you can afford one to make your job easier and better, then by all means, get one.

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