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What were the least and most expensive cars to insure in 2018?

Before buying a car, people often check the insurance rates for that particular model. When it comes to the most affordable auto-insurance, family-friendly cars will always be the favorites. Chrysler Town & Country is in the top five cars people buy when they need a family-friendly vehicle. It is a sensible car, but it does not cost you a fortune to insure it. However, if you want to show off in a luxury-imported car, you should be ready to empty your bank account, because you will get an insurance premium.

Researching what the least and most expensive cars to insure in 2018 were will help you make an idea on the model of vehicle you should choose if you want to purchase one in the near future. Pro tip, when you buy a car make sure it fits both your budget and style.

We should start by telling you that Jeep is the manufacturer that has four vehicles in the top twenty least expensive cars to insure in 2018, the greatest number of cars a brand could get on the list. The fact that Jeep has four models in the top also highlights the preferences of buyers.


The list of the most expensive cars to insure in 2018 includes vehicles many people cannot afford, but they have always dreamt to drive them. Mercedes is the brand that dominates the top with eight models.

Least expensive to insure cars in 2018

If in 2017, the Honda Odyssey LX was the most affordable-to-insure vehicle, this year the champion is the Jeep Wrangler Freedom. As stated before, Jeep has four models of cars in the top 20, but it also occupies the number one spot. The Jeep Compass Sport occupies the eight spot, the number 11 is dedicated to the Renegade Sport, and the number 13 is a lucky one for Cherokee Latitude.

Jeep cars are affordable to insure because they come with numerous safety features. They are not luxury cars; they are entry-level cars that are affordable to repair.

The Honda Odyssey LX is on the number 2 spot. The third spot is dedicated to the Subaru Crosstrek. Actually, Subaru also occupies the fourth spot, with the Outback 2.5l model. In 2017, Subaru was on the 6th place, but it slowly grew in the people’s preferences, because it comes with complex safety features that are part of the standard version of vehicles. Insurance companies have cheap insurance rates for Subaru cars because even the base vehicles are safe to drive. If the last year the Fiat 500X was in the 14th place, in 2018 it can be found in the 5th place.

The list continues with Mazda CX-3 Sport, Mazda CX-5 Sport, Jeep Compass Sport, Honda HR-V LX, Ford Escape S, Jeep Renegade Sport, Hyundai Tucson SE, and Jeep Cherokee Latitude.

Most expensive cars to insure in 2018

As you could expect high-end luxury vehicles, very expensive models and sports cars are the ones with high price insurance policies. Mercedes has the first three vehicles in the top, less with one if it were to compare the top with the one from 2017. In 2018, the Porsche Panamera S is found on the fourth spot, and the BMW M6 Gran Coupe is on the 5th place. It is a big year for BMW because they have five vehicles on the top of the most expensive cars to insure.

The persons who decide to purchase a Mercedes or BMW vehicle expect to pay hefty insurance because they spend high sums for their cars. The price of the vehicle is always an indicator of the bill you will receive for your insurance. When insurance companies calculate the cost of an insurance policy, they take into consideration the sum they will have to pay if the vehicle is destroyed. In addition, high-end vehicles come with numerous top of the line features and this makes them very costly to repair if they get involved in an accident.

The big surprise of the top was Tesla, their Model X P100D is not very expensive, but it has multiple technological features and they are quite expensive to fix.

Electric cars are also expensive to insure, because of the big battery they come with. If you plan to switch to a greener car, it is advisable to check the no deposit car insurance options available on the market. The most expensive part of these cars is their battery, and insurance companies consider it when they set the sum of the premium.

Convertible cars are part of the list of vehicles that come with pricey insurance, the reason why is simple, they lack a roof. Mercedes S65 is found in the top, and it is considered a sure target to vandalism and theft.

The price of the car is not the only factor that makes it come with expensive insurance, the features and parts it has under the hood can also add to the price. For example, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that is on the 18th spot is affordable, when compared to other cars from this top, but it has 840 horses under the hood, therefore, it will cost you a lot to get it on the street.

The list of the most expensive cars to insure in 2018 includes Mercedes S65 AMG, Mercedes S63 AMG, Mercedes Maybach S650, Porsche Panamera S, BMW M6 Gran Coupe, BMW Alpina B7 XDrive, BMW I8, Nissan GT-R Nismo, Mercedes SL65 AMG, and Mercedes AMG GT S.

What factors influence the cost of car insurance?

Insurance providers consider multiple factors when they establish the price of the premium. The car is one of the factors, but it is not always the most important one. The other factors are the location where the car is parked, credit score, the age of the driver, the gender of the driver, driver’s driving record, repair costs, claim rates and type of vehicle. If you drive a sports or luxury car, you already know that affordable insurance policies are not an option for you.


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