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History Of Sh!tMobile – Trailer Park Boys

When we take a look at the Sh!tMobile that has appeared in almost every episode of our favorite Trailer Park Boys series it is hard to imagine that this once was a 1975 New Yorker and that it can even run. But for many episodes, it proved us wrong, very wrong.

Originally Sh!tMobile belonged to Julian’s grandmother but at the end, it pretty much finished as Ricky’s residency. From the first episode, this car was in terrible shape, thankfully to Julian’s grandmother that was half-blind and always completely d***k. As a result of her state, she, too often, had close encounters with immobile objects.


Pilot episode showed us that this is Corey and Trevor’s car and during that time it had all doors and all parts. In the first season, Julian inherit it from his late grandmother and with the car came the trailer, but, at that point, the right door was already missing.

Sh!tMobile Utility

Not long after that, Lahey comes to the scene and forces Ricky and Julian to repair it so it can run. Comedy continues after Julian gives it to Ricky and he uses it as his residence. Without most of its paint, passenger door missing and the fact that it frequently brakes down, it was a real wreck but we could see Ricky expressing both love and hate for the vehicle. It was so drastic that he wanted to burn it at one point since he didn’t need it anymore. With few turns and twists, he was again forced to use it as living quarters.

We all know Ricky and what he did to that car. He used it for everything, from sleeping in it to cooking and when he needed to travel he just used “clearing stick” to remove all the junk, ups, I mean, his personal belongings and various debris. Without a doubt, this is the most iconic vehicle in entire series.

Sh!tMobile Ice Hokey

Transmission of Sh!tMobile

What about driving? Well, it is pretty complicated. Most of the times when it even wants to run it needs a special treatment. Ricky stated that third gear is used for driving since drive gear will make the car go in reverse. If you choose reverse you will be using second gear and if you want to park it you need to put it in neutral.

Sh!tMobile Sitting

It is very interesting to add that the Sh!tMobile has a history even before the show. This 1975 Chrysler New Yorker was owned by Mike Clattenburg and his wife and was driven by them until it was pronounced too ugly to even stay in the driveway. After this, they decided to fully commit it to the show and we were able to see it in almost every episode.

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