Top 10 Budget Car Option for Car Enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts should not curtail their unconditional love for cars because of the price tags. With the revolution of the automobile industry, numerous options are available in the market today for car lovers. Consumers now do not necessarily have to break their banks for investing in a car. One can carefully plan out their requirements, preferences, and purpose and then carefully select the options from the budget options available in the market.

Whether you want a car with a powerful engine, a model with sophisticated and rich appearance, great operational capacity or sturdy and yet smooth to drive, there are tons of affordable options in the market to choose from. As noted by CaRPM, brands are now paying attention to the factor of affordability while designing the cars. They aim to cater to the needs of a larger audience from various sections of society without compromising the quality of the car.

From Porsche to Toyota to Ford, here are the top 10 budget cars for car enthusiasts that are worth putting your money in.

1. Ford Mustang (Fifth Generation)


The customer satisfaction and the trust that Ford has built among its customers still remain untouched even after all these years. From high-end luxury cars to budget cars, the brand takes into consideration all the customers. The fifth-generation Ford is a perfect choice for an American pony car. This car is an indirect tribute to the first generation Ford Mustang and brings back the good old days in terms of the design. From V6 that comes with 210 horsepower to V8 boasting 300 horsepower in the rear wheels, this car is pretty good for a person who loves American cars in its stunning form.

2. Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6

Chrysler Crossfire SRT 6 is the next on the list for amazing budget cars. With supercharged V6 and transmission given by Mercedes Benz AMG division, Chrysler Crossfire is a total catch in the automobile market. It also comes with a refined engine that produces up to 330 horsepower. Even though SRT 6 does not possess the manual transmission, but the contribution of AMG in this car makes its functionality worth spending your money on.

3. Toyota MR2 (Third Generation)

The reputed name of Toyota is famous amongst the car lover since the time immemorial. MR2’s third generation of Toyota is a cult sports car available in an affordable price range in the market. it holds the mid-engine design including either an automatic or manual transmission which sends the power back to the rear wheels.

The car comes with a four-cylinder and 140 horsepower weighing about a ton. It will not instantly pick up the speed in the first go but there are plenty of modifying options available that can accelerate the spend and will make the car more powerful.

4. Porsche Boxster (First Generation)

If you want to be a proud owner of a 911 but do not want to spend a fortune, Porsche Boxster’s first generation is an ideal choice for a luxury yet budget car. The flat-six engine which produces about 200 to 280 horsepower is a perfect option for a powerful car. It can vary depending upon the model and the year you are going for. Porsche lovers have been waiting a long time for a reasonable Porsche option and the value for Porsche Boxster gives you just that.

Boxster First Generation is both sporty and comfortable. You will feel the power and the smoothness together while driving. The car consists of everything you desire in a sports car and more.

5. BMW 1 Series

Another high-end option of a German car is the BMW 1 series. The model comes with a four-cylinder engine and the popular 3.0 L inline 6 which BMW is proudly known to make in the market.

If you are a gearhead, you will not resist falling in love with the 1 series BMW. The car was a popular choice among the customers as soon as it launched and still remains to be one. If you are a car lover under a budget, this is a great option provided you maintain it properly.

6. Toyota Celica (Seventh Generation)

Toyota Celica’s seventh-generation is an unexpected addition to the list of budget cars for car enthusiasts. Toyota began to surprise its consumers with affordable yet high-quality cars back in 2006. The design of a sporty car consists of a powerful engine and transmission that has been designed by one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world during that time.

It is a complete no-nonsense car with a four-cylinder that gives the horsepower up to 180 and is more than enough for people who love speed and control both. It is a front-wheel-drive with the two-door car and sleeps exterior and interior. It might not be the best car in the market when it comes to functionality but it certainly is a great affordable option in the list of good cars.

7. Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac Solstice is an ideal option for all the gear lovers. The car is built to have fun while driving around and during its launch, was loved by a massive crowd. The lustrous design makes the car look luxurious from inside out along with the powerful engine that revs up to speed in no time.

8. Honda S2000

One cannot complete a list of great budgeted cars without including Honda in it. Honda S2000 is a perfect option for car enthusiasts in the market today. The brand has built a trustworthy relationship among its customers in a very short span of time. Their cars are sturdy, powerful, smooth and most importantly reliable. Honda S2000 is a two-seater car that comes with 237 horsepower and weighs less than 3,000 pounds. The styling of the car is timeless and the price is affordable and will fit in your budget.

9. Nissan 350Z

Nissan has created its fair share of amazing cars in the market including the sporty and powerful ones. Starting from their 240Z to 30Z, consumers have loved all their cars. But their most widely known affordable option for the car is 350z which was made popular by Fast and Furious franchise movie- Tokyo Drift. It comes with 3.5 L V6 that provides somewhere between 280 to 310 horsepower to the rear wheels. It can go on for long distances smoothly without exhausting the driver.

10. Mazda MX-5 Miata (Third Generation)


Lastly, Mazda MX-5 Miata’s third generation is one of the finest options for an affordable sports car option in the world. The rear-wheel-drive has a smooth manual gearbox and is perfect for all the car enthusiasts who love their buzzing engine. If you understand the technical aspects of the car, you will know that Mazda always comes with the best kind of gearboxes in the automobile industry.

Purchasing a car is a long term investment for any person. Even though the budget is one of the primary options to consider when putting your money in a car, there are multiple things that need to be kept into account while selecting the ideal choice. Know and understand your needs and purpose of investing in a car and then go ahead with selecting the most suitable option for yourself in the market.

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