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6 Tips for Adding Ambient Lighting to a Car

Car enthusiasts can get enough of mods for their cars whether they are factory issued or aftermarket parts and mods. The car industry is huge but the world of car enthusiasts is even bigger.

This is why we see a lot of modifications and aftermarket parts all around. When it comes to our vehicles all of us like to have one that is as unique as possible. When you are on a limited budget for your dream car maybe you are looking just to purchase one no questions asked, and after that, you will add to it what you want and what you need for it to stand out.

The car industry does make some unique vehicles, and when it comes to equipment, they do offer a lot of things in and for cars, but you also have to pay a premium. This is where the car parts market has found its stepping ground and piled a whole bunch of things toward car enthusiasts. When it comes to the looks of your car you can find anything you want for both interior and exterior, but there are also plenty of mods for your engine and engine bay.

Today we are discussing the interior of your vehicle, ambient lighting in particular. This is probably the easiest mod you can do to your car and today we will share some tips regarding this. If you are still looking for the perfect ambient light for your car check out and see what they have for you.

1. DIY

Installing ambient lights, or the difficulty of installation will vary on your skill and the vehicle you are adding them to. With ambient lights, you will usually need very few tools and some cable managing skills. Most of this can be done by yourself so if you like working on your car you can tackle this by yourself. Since this can easily be a DIY project we want to suggest you start slow and work your way up. If you want to see what the interior lights will look like and which colour to choose, we suggest you change de dome light and the lighting above the back doors. These will be easiest and they can set the pace for the rest. Ambient lighting isn’t just colour strips in the door, dashboard and around it and below your feet, it also starts at the top. This is why we suggest starting from up and going down and trying to fit all the colours and ambient to your liking.

2. LED strips

When going for ambient lighting most car owners decide to go aftermarket. Ambient lighting strips that wrap around the whole car do look cool but they can be found in several newer cars and have to be paid extra. This is why most car enthusiast decides to mimic this in their cars with aftermarket strips that can be bought for our car specific. All you need to take care of is that you nail the make, model and year of the car’s production to make sure your fitment is as smooth as possible. It can look intimidating but if you have some wire management skills and some basic tools this is an easy and oddly satisfying task.

3. Do not go the cheap way

When buying aftermarket parts, the most important thing to do is never go to the cheapest route. You will find plenty of LED ambient strip kits online, mostly eBay and what you will quickly notice is that their quality isn’t something special. When doing this, especially if you plan to hang on to your car for some time, going slightly expensive mans you will make sure it holds the test of time and look the same on its last day as it did its first. When it comes to these strips, they can be fragile and crack and they can be very gloomy, not getting enough of the light you want. They can deteriorate and die pretty soon so even though you paid less you will have to buy them more than once.

4. Go with easy options

When picking an ambient light kit try and find one that is easy to install and hook up, especially if you are doing this by yourself. This way you will make sure that you do the job correctly and not run into any sort of issues along the way. Sometimes you will need to provide power to these strips and hook up certain things to the electricity of your car and you need to get as a straightforward kit for this, as possible. If you want something a bit better though and if you don’t want to trouble yourself you can always go with the specialist route and drive your car to someone professional that can do this with ease for a bit extra money, of course.

5. Less is more

When enhancing your car with aftermarket parts most times you should pick a route that says less is more. Some like to throw a bunch of things inside and out of their car to make it as cool as possible. In that process, you only end up with a car that can be described as a ricer one at best. This also goes when doing the interior. Try to focus on which sides it needs enhancing and do them, not every inch of your car. If you want people to focus on the door trims, floor, dashboard and the entrance of the vehicle then you should go with these ambient lighting strips to achieve just that. Choose colours that will agree with the rest of your vehicle and that will accent other parts that you want.

6. Go for a kit with an app

What you have probably seen plenty of times is that there are aftermarket ambient light strips that can be changed by a mobile app. This is cool and all your friends will think so. Look for the ones that can be controlled on multiple platforms so you don’t encounter issues after installation. This way you will be able to set the mood of your car interior whenever you want and for how long you want. It is an awesome addition to the looks and we know that you will love it!

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