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Top 12 Cars That NBA Superstars Drive (2018)

If you could know back in high school how much will professionals athletes earn you wouldn’t skip gym class? You probably wouldn’t. Neither would I, to be honest. In those days it was easier to get a note that excuses you from participating due to health issues or something else. But now some of those that excelled in gym class are playing in NFL or NBA, and they earn millions.

The hard earned money needs to be spent. And there is one thing professional athletes love to spend their money on – super luxury cars. There isn’t a player that didn’t treat himself to a couple of hundred of horsepowers. Below you have a list of top twelve vehicles driven by NBA Superstars.

12. LeBron James


LeBron Is the current king of basketball, hence the nickname King James. His annual salary of $25 million allows him to buy any car he wants. His impressive car collection includes vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, a Ferrari F430 Spider, and Dodge Challenger SRT among others. This time we would love to single out his customized Lamborghini Aventador. The hypercar was wrapped in a pattern of James’s Nike LeBron XI Legacy sneakers. It’s priced at $670,000.

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