6 Vehicle Types That Will Rise In Popularity Within The Next 5 Years

Car sales projections are expected to fall 23 percent by 2024, according to the Detroit Bureau. Road travel is becoming more essential to modern life than ever before. The new decade brings new challenges to face on the road as well.

Motorists are likely to choose cars that fit the circumstances of the time. Check out these six vehicle types that will rise in popularity within the next coming years.

1. The Jack-Of-All-Trades Sedan

In an age defined by social distancing and minimizing exposure, the emphasis is on utility rather than specialization. That’s exactly what the Mazda3  was built for. It’s a four-door sedan/hatchback that combines its moderate speed with excellent handling, capacity, and fuel economy.

This makes it an excellent all-around car. It aims to do everything, so you don’t have to rely on anyone but yourself to get the job done. This car is perfect you’re the type of person who doesn’t have any special roles to fulfill. Versatile models like the Mazda3 are brilliant for those who want their vehicle to rise to the challenge, whatever it may be.

2. The Supportive Station Wagon

Building off of the same self-reliant concept as the all-rounder sedan, the station wagon is making a comeback as a family go-to vehicle. Models like the Subaru Outback are continuing the tradition of the family vehicle, with modern trappings and more robust construction.

Functionally, the station wagon is similar to SUVs, but the overall feature set is geared towards making family travel as comfortable as possible. Many station wagons are now outfitted with 4WD, touchscreen infotainment systems, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

However, this increase in functionality and quality-of-life features may lead to a wide range of costs, depending on their included features. It also helps to search through updated buying guides from a trusted reviewer like JD Power to determine which model perfectly balances your expectations and budget.

3. The Sturdy Pickup

In the US alone, 3 million pickup trucks are sold each year. The traditional pickup truck’s popularity shows no signs of going away, too. These days, if you need a fair amount of cargo transported, it’s advisable to do it yourself. Pickups can facilitate that, and more.

High-quality pickups such as the Ford F-150 are essentially SUVs with a flatbed and a more powerful engine. They have all the safety features of SUVs and can be outfitted with the passenger capacity of station wagons. To top it off, the cargo capacity is perfect if you’re the outdoorsy type or if the family business involves a lot of moving stuff around. If you have the funds for it, and frequently need to cart cargo around, it can serve you better than an SUV or a station wagon.

4. The Ever-Efficient Hybrid

Recent data gathered from motorists say that they want to become more environmentally conscious. This is likely to capitalize on the sharp decrease in carbon emissions since early 2020. Wanting to keep that good thing going, but also having the interest of fuel versatility in mind, makes one naturally lean towards the hybrid car.

When it comes to hybrid cars, the Prius still reigns supreme. It retains all the utility of a regular hatchback for a fraction of the fuel consumption. With its low-drag frame and 40 percent thermal efficiency, its drivers needn’t worry too much about their carbon footprint. The modern Prius is also equipped with state-of-the-art safety tech, in the form of Toyota’s Safety Sense suite. This driver-assist suite includes pedestrian detection, anti-collision systems, and adaptive cruise control.

5. The State-Of-The-Art Electric Vehicle

Since the first Tesla Roadster was first revealed by Elon Musk in 2008, the EV has rekindled hope of renewable energy becoming the chief fuel for our transportation. It has surpassed supercars and expensive sports cars in terms of popular anticipation.

People cannot wait to take the next step into the future, into the driver’s seat of an all-electric automobile. That isn’t to say that EVs aren’t without their high-tech trappings. Tesla’s latest brainchild, the Model 3, boasts a formidable suite of semi-autonomous driving features.

Tesla’s driver-assist suite contains systems that rival that of conventional vehicles, all while being fully electric. However, the main reason we think Tesla, and other EVs like it, is going to be popular in the coming years is because of the visionaries behind them.

With public sentiment on having a “fresh start” being what it is, they’re most likely going to capitalize on that. Seeing as Elon survived the recession of ‘08, it would be within reason to assume that he’ll be able to manage taking center stage as the EV continues its march onwards.

6. The Humble Subcompact

The subcompact car’s claim to fame started in the streets of Italy, where the rustic design of the cities is not very welcoming to regular-sized vehicles. Elsewhere in the world, however, they’re finding a different market. This market comes in the form of people who want more fuel economy, want easier handling and a softer ride, or simply want a car for the cheapest price. After all, subcompacts deliver all that and more.

Ergonomics is one of the main considerations when designing such small cars. As such, you can expect subcompacts to have roomier cabins and cargo spaces than you may expect. The cabin will also be as comfortable and attractive as the manufacturers can make it, to make up for the small area. Since their small frames are also more prone to damage, they’re brimming with safety features.

The main downsides are that the acceleration leaves much to be desired, and the engine can get noisy once you get to a certain speed. However, those downsides are trivial in the face of the value you’re getting for one of the lowest prices out there.

Travel has always evolved according to the drivers’ needs. If you have the funds to make your next purchase and frequently on the go, invest in the right vehicle that can serve all your transportation needs.

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