Robert F Kennedy (Triborough) Bridge Toll Info Like Rates, Cost, Prices, And How To Pay

Robert F. Kennedy is one of the largest bridges in New York. It is connecting Queens and Bronx. What makes the popular Triborough bridge unique is the structure, which is a complex of four parts with approaches and viaducts. The length of the bridge is around 2,780 feet, while there are 14 miles of approaches. The main benefit of this bridge is that it connects Manhattan with the Bronx over Randall’s Island.

When it comes to bridges and highways in the US, drivers will have to pay for the toll road fees in most of them. There are different regulations from state to state. It is important to check more about these fees and where you have to pay them. Avoiding paying will lead to penalties. In case that you are planning to drive in California 241 Route, visit Uproad to check more info about the toll prices, rules of the road, and available payment options.

When it comes to toll roads, the rules are different from state to state, and some of them don’t even require this fee to use the highway. The purpose of this fee is to keep the roads in good condition. It is common for most toll roads to divide vehicles into different categories, where cars and motorcycles will pay less than big trucks. There are different ways to pay for the toll road.

The traditional option is the toll booth, where you will stop at the beginning of the highway that is charging for driving and get a ticket, and then pay after you get off the highway. The more advanced solution is the highway that does not require any stops. Instead of that, you will get the ball on your address. The third common option is E-ZPass, which is an electronic system, which provides convenience and simplicity.

Moreover, the methods used for using and paying for the toll road are not the same in each state. Therefore, you should always check that before getting on the road. If you are planning to drive in New York, we are going to introduce you to prices, rates, and payment methods on the Robert F. Kennedy bridge.

Rates and Fees

This bridge represents another pathway where drivers are not capable to pay with cash. This law started in 2017. The reason for that is that city is trying to integrate more advanced systems that will decrease the traffic jams at this point. New York is the most populated city in the US. Therefore, traffic jams are not a surprise here.

According to the statistics, around 100,000 passes over this bridge per day. Keeping the toll booth in a such frequent zone would significantly increase the traffic and make it even more challenging. When it comes to rates, there are two categories, cars, and big trucks. When it comes to pricing, you can choose from two models. The cheaper one is an electronic pass, which costs around $6.5, while the mailing bill costs around $10.

Keep in mind that you will need to pay these fees on other driveways and bridges in New York as well. There is a total of 27 toll roads. However, the prices are not the same at each point. For example, the fee for crossing the Henry Hudson is only $3 if you are paying with an electronic system. On the other hand, you will have to pay more when driving through some other parts, where the price is around $12 for electronic payment, and $16 for the bill.

Payment Methods

As we already mentioned, many of these roads canceled the possibility to pay with cash. There are faster and more convenient solutions like Nexus card, Z Pass, National Pass, Express, and mail. When it comes to E E-ZPass, it represents a modern solution where you can connect the system to your credit card. It requires you to place a special device in the vehicle that will be scanned when you pass the toll road station. The required amount will be automatically deducted from your account. The main advantages are lower prices, saved time, and excellent efficiency of this service.

The available Nexus card represents a great feature for those who often travel to Canada since you can use it to pay for the toll road in NYC as well. You will get the same benefits with an Express pass. In case that you don’t have an account of any of these online services, it is important to don’t avoid paying for the toll road. As you can see, the prices are not high at all. However, if you skip that part, the penalty will be $50.

Therefore, downloading a mobile app like Uproad is the best solution to keep track of different regulations and fees on the roads in the United States. This app provides you with the ability to connect it with your bank account, and you will be able to check the details of every road where you are heading. Also, you can pay for the toll road with it.


Most of the East Side states accepted a new model of toll road payments where drivers don’t need to stop or collect any tickets anymore. In case that you don’t have an app to pay online, you will receive the bill at your address. This option is much more expensive. Also, avoiding paying will lead to additional penalties. There are still some roads in NYC where the traditional system is active.

Moreover, you should check the prices of different driveways because you could save some money that way. It will provide you with the ability to determine the most affordable route through the city. It is especially important for bridges that have stations to choose a more affordable digital payment option. The mailing bill costs almost twice as much as the online option. Therefore, driving around and through New York with an electronic tag and using an app to pay can save you a lot of money.

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