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Verde Wheels (Rims) Review- Are They Any Good?

When we talk about wheel manufacturing brands that have shown great commitment and passion towards making top quality, budget friendly products, Verde Wheels is a special mention.

Verde Wheels has been a part of the industry for over 20 years now, and has introduced some excellent and innovative products that have been highly popular among the customers.

Even though the standard of their wheels is awesome, it is the easily accessible price range that has won most drivers over.

Verde Wheels is far from overtaking big market names such as Mickey Thompson or American Racing but it does, however, give them a tough competition every now and then.

Looks and Aesthetics:

At Verde Wheels, the aesthetic side of the products is given special attention. It offers an extensive range of designs, most of which are rarely found and thus, make the brand superior to many others.

Most of its wheels have unique and uncommon designs that can catch the viewers’ attention in no time. However, an element of elegance and decency is maintained which makes these wheels look magnificent on any vehicle that they are put on.

Verde wheels come in a wide variety of exteriors, including black, chrome, machined, bronze, graphite and grey. The finishes can be matte or glossy, according to the driver’s preference.

The spokes of these wheels are made in the standard way, although their concave structure and split or branching pattern adds a fine touch of modernity.


Verde Wheels offer products that perform superbly in everyday conditions and on paved roads. They are designed using advanced techniques and innovative ideas, which makes them highly stable and allow for uncomplicated handling.

These wheels can also survive in slightly harsh weather conditions and unfriendly terrains, which is a rare quality for a wheel of this caliber. However, the load capacity of Verde wheels is moderate and limited, and might not serve the needs of heavy duty trucks or SUVs.


The rims made by Verde Wheels are meant to be used in everyday conditions, and last for a satisfactory period of time. However, there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to the durability of these wheels.

Although they can resist assault and stress to some extent, these wheels are likely to crack under pressure. Moreover, the center cap of most wheels by Verde is known to fall off and then there is the issue of quick rusting of lug nuts.

The finish and overall exterior of these wheels, however, is of excellent quality and can last for a long duration without peeling.

Sizes and Configurations:

Verde Wheels offer products for cars, SUVs, crossovers and some light trucks. It is one of the few brands that cater to the needs of this many different categories of vehicles.

Verde wheels come in sizes ranging from 15 to 24 inches, and widths between 7 to 12 inches. Verde wheels use 5 to 8 holes in their bolt patterns.

They are also built to be light in weight, averaging at around 23 pounds. This makes these tires easy to handle and control.

Price and Value:

When it comes to retail price, Verde wheels win over. Its products are retailed at some of the lowest market rates, with some excellent products being sold at around $134. Its highest priced wheels retail for a maximum of around $414.

With a quality that competes with established brands, a price range like that of Verde wheels is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Best Products by Verde Wheels:

1. Verde Custom Wheels V25 Quantum Matte Graphite Wheel

This regal wheel by Verde Wheels is one of their top selling products. It has a modernistic graphite finish which is truly aesthetically appealing.

Its 10, sleek spokes are arranged in a stylish manner and can instantly transform the appearance of your vehicle.

This wheel is made of a tough one piece aluminum which not only makes it sturdy, but also light weight.

2. Verde Custom Wheels Axis Wheel with Matte Graphite Finish

If you are looking for a tough wheel for heavy duty tasks, this axis wheel by Verde is the one for you. It is constructed using advanced techniques that make it robust and highly stable.

The aluminum used in its frame imparts a great deal of strength, and is arranged in an attractive spoke pattern that add to this wheel’s catchy appearance.

This wheel has also been featured in the Best Wheels for C5 Corvette

3. Verde Custom Wheels Protocol Black Wheel with Machined Lip

This machined, five split spoke wheel is another great product introduced by Verde Wheels. It has a classical build which has a slight element of innovation in it, making this wheel stand out.

It is made of excellent quality cast aluminum, which is painted gloss black. This wheel provides strength and stability for passenger cars. Moreover, it is also backed by warranty.

This wheel was also featured in our recommendation list for the Best Wheels for Dodge Challenger

4. Verde Wheels Parallax Gloss Black/Machined Face Wheel

This parallax wheel is one of the best concave wheels available in the market today. The material used in its construction is cast aluminum, which is designed to be aerodynamic.

This makes this wheel strong yet lightweight, allowing terrific cornering and easy handling. It has an attractive five spoke pattern and a machined finish, which makes it look edgy.

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