What you need to paint your car

Decorating and painting your vehicle is definitely something that a lot of people love to do. However, it is a very delicate process, and if you lack knowledge and skill, a paint job can turn your car into a mess.

Think of it as painting your walls back home. If you simply move in all directions with the brush, after the paint dries up all your mistakes will be visible for everyone to see. So, in order to keep your paint job process flawless, we decided to write an article which covers everything you need in order to successfully paint your car. So, without any further ado, let’s start painting together.

Getting ready for the painting process

First of all, we need to understand that painting a car is a very delicate process if we want to do it professionally. Which means that it can sometimes take up to a few weeks to fully complete with all the details. So, first of all, we need to find a place where our painting will take place. A shed or a garage will serve just fine, so if you have any of those two available, we are already off to a good start!

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Next, on our list of things that we need, are of course the tools required for the paint job. We will be needing more than just a can or tube of paint. We need something to apply the paint with. A spray gun is what usually people use, both professionals and those who choose to paint their own cars by themselves. So make sure you get a paint gun that is of higher quality, you don’t want it to stop working in the middle of your painting. Next, we need both wet and dry sandpaper, an electric sander, an air compressor and masking tape as well. Safety glasses are recommended.

Final preparation steps

Okay, we assume that you have everything that we mentioned earlier by now, so it is time to start. According to, it is always smarter to take as much time as you need while painting because it is something that usually lasts you for many years when done right. So instead of rushing, carefully perform each step.

You should start off with the electric sander and completely pass through your entire car with it. This will ensure that the surface is smooth so that paint can be applied much more easily.

Next, and this is usually the final step before starting with the painting process, you need to mask off some of the parts that you don’t want to paint. You can do this by using anything like old newspapers or even duct tape.

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You need to prepare the paint by mixing it with the correct ratios that usually come with the instructions. Making sure that you let an area dry before painting it again is extremely important. Also, you need to equally paint each part of your car, so that any visual imbalances will be avoided. For example, if you paint your door 3 times and the back of your car only with one layer, it will be visible and obvious, and probably look bad. So, being careful and distributing the paint equally is pretty important.

If you want to know more about what kind of paint or wrap you need for your car, here’s a car paint guide by TouchUpDirect to help you decide.

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