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Are Expensive Cars Worth It?

We turn our heads and watch whenever an expensive car zips past, expecting to some celebrity or VIP. Often, we find a rather ordinary woman or man driving it. And we wonder, why and how did they buy this pricey car.
This occurs due to the common myth that only celebrities and the very rich go for expensive vehicles. The reality is very different. People buy luxury cars for several reasons. Are they worth it? Let us explore.

Are Expensive Cars Worth the Money?

Spending a million Dollars or more on a mere vehicle would not appeal to most. An high-luxury model enhances glamor for celebrities, VIPs and the wealthy. You would have definitely seen their pictures with some of those pricey models. According to MoneyConnexion, the price of many of these expensive vehicles range from $1 million to $8 million. Yet, ordinary people opt for these for several reasons.


An expensive car is a prestige symbol. It is a reflection of your personality and wealth. People invest so much into this to send forth the statement they have arrived. That they have achieved a specific goal or objective.
Pricey cars also enable these otherwise ordinary people to identify with a niche. The pricey automobile becomes a matter of debate within their circle. It wins new admirers and elevates social status.

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Superior Material

Furthermore, pricey models are not just about prestige. It commands a higher price due to superior quality material that goes into its crafting. Unlike run-off-the-mill automobiles, an expensive car is usually handcrafted.
The owner gets to customize everything- from exterior paint to inner livery. Carmakers take extra care to ensure only the finest material goes into their manufacture. Often, they have to procure material from multiple sources within and outside the country.

Ease of Handling

High price vehicles are extremely easy to handle. They are easy to steer and cruise and stop almost instantly when brakes are applied. The reason: Repairing minor damage to one of these costs a fortune.
And owners will demand extreme ease of handling for the price they pay. All high-luxury models come loaded with paraphernalia that makes riding a pleasure.

Higher Safety

Not that pricey vehicles will save your life or prevent injuries in serious traffic accidents. Instead, these incorporate every feature necessary to prevent accidents. They are armed with devices that warn about a possible collision.
Chassis are made of a material that can withstand severe shock and impact. They have tires that will enable a safe ride for several miles despite a puncture. A whole range of devices alerts you of immediate collision threats from other vehicles on the road.

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Excellent After Sales Service

And finally, excellent after sales service. Owners of expensive cars do not have to wait in long queues or get appointments for servicing the vehicle. Instead, the dealership will arrange to pick and drop it at a location of your choice.
Most luxury car manufacturers provide roadside assistance. They will send a crew of technicians to attend even the most minor snag in the vehicle.


Considering these factors, I would say- yes. Expensive cars are worth the money. They may not have a huge resale value or demand in the used vehicle market. Instead, the benefits they offer to the owner are definitely worth that extra price.

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