Why Millennials Should Consider a Career as a Truck Driver

We’re living in an interesting time for the working population. Technological and societal shifts have resulted in a swathe of entirely new industries. From the rise of AI adoption to the resurgence of artisanal production, there is no shortage of fascinating marketplaces to explore.

At the same time, we are also living at a time of great uncertainty when it comes to labor. Some industries are taking unfair advantage of the educated and deeply hard-working Millennial generation, masking low pay and lack of benefits provided under the guise of participation in the gig economy. This generation’s workforce is agile, smart, and committed — and they deserve careers to match.

It may be surprising for some to learn that truck driving sits at the apex of both technological advancement and industrial stability. We’ll explore a few aspects which make the logistical industries worthy of consideration for the Millennial workforce.

A truck driver is an individual who carries out the transportation of various goods over long distances. Drivers work in rather difficult conditions, spending 8-10 hours a day behind the wheel, often forced to spend the night in roadside motels or, in the absence of such, directly in a specially equipped car cabin. Often two drivers go on one flight, which reduces time costs.

Working as a truck driver requires knowledge of the rules for carrying out cargo transportation and traffic rules of the countries that have to be crossed. Additionally, it is required to know the structure of heavy vehicles and they must be able to change technical fluids and quickly eliminate various breakdowns that can be dealt with without the involvement of other specialists. To avoid straying from the proper route, you must be able to read paper maps correctly and use the navigator. Nowadays, there are many job opportunities for truck drivers. Some of the most popular are cement truck drivers, concrete mixer truck drivers, tipper truck drivers, and vacuum truck drivers. For instance, on Jooble, you’ll find many job offers for cement truck drivers.

In general, any organization or company is interested in attracting a truck driver with experience. Therefore, the sooner a person gets a driver’s license, the better. Among the numerous activities, this kind of work is quite popular. It has lots of advantages. The amount of income depends solely on hard work and time spent. People can combine several activities and spend exactly as much time on work as needed. For many people, the advantage of working as a truck driver is that there is no need for advanced training. It does not require any financial investment. You can start working immediately after obtaining a driver’s license. However, it requires physical effort and mental stress.

This kind of job has some peculiarities. First, you need to be careful on the road and strictly adhere to the rules of the road. In fact, the work is quite monotonous and calm. Secondly, the lack of physical effort has negative consequences. For some people, this leads to being overweight. Therefore, during non-working hours, it is recommended to pay attention to your health and exercise. It is also immediately necessary to tune in to the complete absence of career growth. People who desire to work as truck drivers should remember that an irregular work schedule and the desire to earn a lot of money can lead to serious workloads. There are also certain risks on the road. In this article, we would like to talk in detail about financial perks, travel opportunities and early adoption of tech.

Financial Perks

One of the challenges Millennials face in the current climate is payment commensurate to the skills they can offer. Commercial driving has a well-earned reputation for competitive pay and frequent bonuses.Studies show that the average base salary for a truck driver is approximately $1,105 per week — higher than that received by the average college graduate.

The average truck driver’s salary in the US is $63,000 per year or $32.00 per hour, though qualified ones can earn more than $90,000 per year. In Europe, truck drivers receive much less. For example, in Germany, the largest economy and one of the richest countries on the continent, truck drivers earn an average of about 2,000 – 2,500€ per month. Most drivers work for a company, and they are full-time employees of transport companies. However, many seek to save money and buy their personal truck to work as independent contractors.

Much like college, drivers are expected to invest insufficient qualifications. The higher-earning, specialist driving positions require more in-depth experience. For example, drivers who transport hazardous materials must obtain a hazmat endorsement on their CDL (commercial driver’s license), due to the complex, dangerous nature of the work. This qualification is not simply a case of financial investment, it behooves potential drivers to commit significant time to their CDL hazmat practice tests to ensure they can be confident in their expertise. To take a free HAZMAT endorsement test visit

Upon obtaining the correct license and endorsements, though, drivers can expect to be treated well by their employers. Alongside competitive pay and bonuses, it is common for freight companies to provide drivers with benefits which include medical, dental, life insurance, vision, and retirement plans. Truck driving is also considered to be one of the more secure career paths; freight volumes are expected to grow 35% by 2029, meaning there is potential for drivers to enjoy career longevity.

Travel Opportunities

The potential to explore new areas of the globe while working sounds like the stuff dream jobs are made of. There are certain careers that offer the potential to jet around the world, getting a little taste of the world’s major cities in between meetings. Trucking offers an alternative to a life spent in airports; and the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to travel.

Long-distance truckers enjoy a very personal travel experience. Aside from sticking to schedules, they are in control of their route to their destination and often get to see parts of the country that they wouldn’t otherwise. During moments of downtime, many truckers set out to explore the areas they’re visiting or passing through, meeting locals and engaging with the rich cultural landscape.

There’s certainly an element of adventure to long-distance trucking. Depending on location and type of cargo, truckers can spend weeks at a time on the road, traveling across states or even across different countries. Though in amongst the new experiences, it’s important to remember the practical elements of long-distance travel — owner-operator drivers may have to take responsibility for their own visas, and confirming whether their liability insurance is sufficient for their intended location.

Early Adoption of Tech

Millennials are the first generation of true digital natives to enter the workplace. This means that they have the advantage of familiarity with technology, coupled with real insight into how it can be used to make lives richer, safer, and more efficient. The trucking industry has taken an approach that compliments this generation’s enthusiasm for all things digital.

Recycling and re-using is another millennial trend that the trucking industry is adopting. truck hire and sales offer an extensive range of refurbished as well as new build trucks.

Fleets have been quick to adopt a combination of apps and plug-in gadgets in order to enhance the safety of their drivers and the efficiency of working practices. Commercial vehicles have become one of the early examples of the automotive internet of things (IoT), utilizing tech such as the SmartRide device, to monitor vehicle diagnostic information, trip information, even driving habits.

The industry is undergoing a tech revolution, and digitally literate Millennials will find that they are ideally placed to work in this IT- enhanced environment. These changes are continuing to gather apace, with fleets exploring the possibilities offered by electric vehicles, and even elements of autonomous driving — although this isn’t expected to make drivers obsolete any time soon. There are exciting technological developments taking place, and now is a fascinating time to enter the market.


There is a great deal of attention surrounding the state of the job market that faces Millennials. On one hand, we have seen the rise of exciting new industries, on the other, there is a widespread struggle to find employers that treat this generation fairly. The trucking industry may offer solutions that these intelligent, creative workers may not otherwise have considered. Between providing the financial stability that can seem a rarity today, to providing opportunities for travel, commercial driving has a lot to offer Millennial workers.


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