Car Shipping Guide: How to Ship Your Car Across the Country?

When you ship your car from one state to another you are likely to face many intricacies. It is often not an easy task to self-drive your car from your home state to unfamiliar surroundings. You might have to look through many formalities and abide by all the rules and regulations as per the state laws. Moreover, if this is your first time shipping a car across the country then you might have to pay extra heed to rules, regulations, and safety standard levels. Therefore to enjoy a stress-free shipping experience you must make sure to hire services from a reliable and reputable shipping company just like Here in this article, we have covered everything that will help you in preparing your car, calculating costs, and saving some money in your interstate car transport process.

How to prepare your car?


The first thing to take into consideration is the condition of your car. Preparing your car beforehand will help you stay stress-free throughout your shipping process. You can begin by removing personal and expensive items from your cars such as collector auto parts, limited edition auto parts, decorative arrangements, and other related stuff in your car. Make sure to keep the tank fuel half empty so that when your car reaches its destination you will be able to know how many times your car was driven. Furthermore, make sure to keep separate copies of your shipping contract so that it becomes easy to verify your car anywhere in the new surroundings.

The option for car shipping

There are several ways to ship your car from one side of the country to another. We will suggest not to hire a auto transport company at first if you have some option

  1. Drive your car- Many people ship their cars because they don’t want to drive it. But shipping a car can add cost to your expenditure. Fuel costs, food cost and hotels too can make a dent to your pocket. We suggest you drive either to save those extra costs, if the distance is in a comfortable driving area.
  2. Tow your car behind a rental truck- You must have seen a U-Haul truck on the freeway towing cars behind it. Most vehicles can be transported by either a car trailer or tow dolly (a min trailer with only two wheels). Car trailers are usually not affordable for more than 500 miles. Whereas, tow dollies are affordable even for cross-country trips.

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How much does it cost to ship your car across the country?


There are many factors that can add to your shipping cost. Here we have listed below some of the major factors that have significant effects on your interstate shipping process. You must make sure to keep them in mind while booking your international shipping method.

1. Vehicle’s size

The size of your car plays an important role in determining your shipping cost. Heavy or big cars might require extra safety precautions compared to other small or lightweight cars. Therefore make sure to communicate with your service provider to know whether they charge the same rates for all types of cars or not.

2. Distance

Longer distance shipping can cost more than short-distance car shipping. Generally, interstate car shipping costs are higher than the shipping that takes place within the state. Each state has a different set of rules and regulations and based on which your shipping cost can be calculated. You might be charged more or less in one state compared to another based on these factors.

3. Pick up and drop location

At times it might be expensive to get your car delivered to a remote location. Therefore, you must make sure to choose your pick-up and delivery location wisely in order to save some money. If you can travel a certain distance to pick up your car then you must mention a location near to your home.

4. Vehicles’ overall condition

Some shipping companies often tend to work with high-end vehicles and not with all types of cars in the market. This way your vehicle’s overall condition can impact the shipping cost of your car. Make sure to ask appropriate questions about the same before finalizing your booking.

5. Means of transport

Last but not the least, your means of transport also plays an important role in deciding your shipping cost. A closed-end method of transport is probably the most expensive means of transport that many shipping companies have to offer.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car across the country?


As a matter of fact, there are certain ways you can save some money in your car shipping process. Here we have listed some of the effective ways you can save your money while shipping your car to different states.

1. Open car transport

Open car is considered one of the cheapest methods of transportation. If you are transporting multiple cars at a time then the open transportation method can be the ultimate available option for you.

2. Choose terminal-to-terminal transport

Door-to-door shipping services can cost you a lot of money. If you know how to drive or traveling a few miles to pick up your car won’t be an issue for you, then you must consider choosing terminal-to-terminal transportation.

3. Advance booking

Most shipping companies give priority to customers who often book their shipping appointments in advance. They also offer discounts and exciting offers to their customers who opt for advance booking methods.

4. Multiple shipping quotes

If you are yet to choose your shipping company then you must consider checking multiple shipping quotations on online websites to select the cheapest and standard shipping services providers in the market. The cost of shipping a car across Canada highly depends on the starting and end location, since the terrain is difficult in specific areas and transportation could take more time and thus increase the final price.

We hope with the above-mentioned information you will be able to make mindful decisions in your interstate car shipping process.

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