2016 Honda Odyssey – Perfect Everyday Vehicle

Minivans may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying their usability. A minivan is perhaps the perfect everyday vehicle. It can carry lots of people, stuff, and they even tow a decent amount. If you opt for the right make and model, you’ll even get good fuel economy and reliability. Well, those are the exact words that come to mind when you say the word “Honda.”

The Japanese company has always been a manufacturer of reliable vehicles, perhaps the most reliable vehicles on the planet. It’s only logical that their take on the minivan would be one of the best on the market then. Well, with the original Honda Odyssey they created just that. The most popular minivan on the planet was born.

Here we are 22 years later, and the Odyssey name is still going strong. The car has evolved into so much more than just a big people carrier. It’s now a great highway cruiser, daily driver, and even the occasionally fun vehicle. Yes, you read that right. You can have fun while driving this car now more than ever.

For the 2016 Honda Odyssey Japanese car maker has introduced a new Special Edition trim (SE) which includes a few range-topping options from the Touring Elite but leaves a few out, making it a more affordable package. Other than that nothing else has changed but why would you change something that’s already at the top of the game? It makes no sense spending more money to develop something which works exactly as it should and pricing it more expensive. That would be bad for the consumers as well.

New Spy Photos of 2017 Honda Odyssey!

2016 Honda Odyssey design

Anyway let’s get back on track. The looks. The one thing minivans are most criticized for. Well, the Odyssey manages to be stylish without being too in your face. Well, it’s as nice looking as a minivan can get. The front is good looking with the headlights and grille following definitive Honda styling cues and even it is close to other models in the lineup it is still clear that this is a minivan. Other than that it brings standard minivan boxy shape but what can you do with it. There are a lot of dull and flat surfaces when looking it from a profile. The only thing breaking up the dullness is the line for the sliding doors.

Honda Odyssey interior

That rather uninspiring exterior hides a practical and huge interior. There’s a large array of seating arrangements you can do in 2016 Honda Odyssey. The second-row seats can be adjusted so that a middle aisle or a side aisle can be created to gain easier access to the third-row of seats. On trims higher than the EX (including the EX) the center portion in the second row can slide forward more than 5 inches, putting the youngest occupant closer to the front seats where mom and dad usually sit. The two outward seats in the second row can also be slided outward to give even more space.

There are loads of cubby holes everywhere, and there’s even a flip-up trash bag in the removable center console making it very easy to dispose of. The addition of a cooling compartment is always welcomed as it keeps your drinks nice and cold at all times. All trims except the base LX have a big touchscreen display which can act as a rearview camera and an access point to the infotainment options including the audio system and apps like Pandora. Ergonomics are excellent, and all of the buttons are where you want them to be, and even it’s not driver oriented you will be able to access all settings quickly. Certainly one of the selling points is that it’s very easy to use and user-friendly.

The top-level Touring Elite model is loaded with all the bells and whistles and is usually the most popular choice in the Odyssey range. It gets entertainment for the rear seats with a widescreen monitor which has the option to display two different sources. So, for example, one side can play a DVD movie and the other a video game simultaneously. There’s even a built-in vacuum cleaner with a long 10-foot hose to clean quickly any mess or debris on the seats and floor before it even has a chance to dry or go stale.

Practicality shouldn’t even be a question with the Odyssey. It will totally devour anything you throw at it. Fully loaded with passengers it can still haul 38.4 cubic feet worth of stuff behind the third row. Fold the third-row with a 60/40 split into the floor and you suddenly have a massive 93.1 cubic foot of cargo space. Removing the second-row of seats gives you a scarcely believable 148.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity although you will have to remove the seats altogether to achieve that number since they don’t enter the floor like the third-row does. With a diminishing number of competitors on minivan market, we can easily claim that these figures are among the best in class.


There’s only one engine option, and it’s a 3.5 liter V6 which is capable of developing 248 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. This engine comes mated to a six-speed auto transmission. There is no option of the all-wheel drive, so the only wheels spinning are the fronts. This setup is capable of returning 22 miles per gallon on the combined run. The top-spec Touring Elite model managed to reach 60 miles per hour in a quick 8 seconds. Overall, engine capabilities of the 2016 Honda Odyssey are on par with other vehicles in the segment, and we are glad to see an engine that has been tested and proven for so many times.


When tackling the twisty roads and sharp corners, the Odyssey outshines its competitors. It may be down a few horsepower on them, but regarding road compliance and body roll, it trumps all of them. It’s got just enough dampening to absorb the bumps and be the best highway cruiser, but the confidence-inspiring steering and suspension make it feel smaller than it is. There’s active noise-cancelling technology which brings road and wind noise to an absolute minimum. The V6 doesn’t feel like it lacks any power and is easily able to do everything other minivans are capable of doing. You will find that 248 hp in this vehicle is quite enough for all your daily errands.

Honda Odyssey 2016 price

Prices for the base model start at around $29,400. For this, you’re getting a great people mover and daily driver. Expect to pay more for the top-spec model loaded with everything but we highly recommend you do. In case that you choose Touring Elite version it will set you back for about $44,875, It’s more than worth the money and the original investment.

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