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2017 BMW M760Li xDrive – Dream coming true?

I guess that there is no car enthusiast that at least once has asked why there is no BMW M7. German car maker has claimed that they don’t want to tarnish their M image with large sedan struggling to keep with M credentials in term of dynamics, and yet they offered us X6 M, which is, you will agree, even more, chunkier than 7-Series. Let us see whether they changed their mind these days.

Design – traditional style

The new 2017 BMW M760Li xDrive could be easily confused with regular 7-Series, It is most likely due to the Cerium Gray trim, which is giving color to larger air intakes in the front bumper, to some parts of kidney grille, to lines stretching alongside the car, and finally to the 20-inch unique alloy wheels. In order to not let things finish with just different coloring, there is a rear spoiler at the back and quad-type setup for exhaust pipes, separating it from the regular model.

Inside view

It doesn’t matter where do you choose to sit, front or back, you will be either way stunned with build quality, materials, and elegance of simplicity. At the back we have quality wood, high-gloss metal, and creamy leather while in the front brushed aluminum doorsills illuminated with “V12” badge, piano black trim around the selector lever, M-branded steering wheel with buttons in Pearl Gloss Chrome look and pedals from stainless steel, are all here to remind you why you were stunned in first place. The iDrive 5.0-inch infotainment system is present with as expected Gesture Control which debuted in regular model.

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive Specs

Finally, you are going to read about the fact that propelled this story from scratch. So, the model in question uses a 6.6-liter, twin turbo, all-aluminum V-12 able to produce 600 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 590 pound-feet of torque at an amazingly low 1,500 rpm for a petrol engine. Forget about downsizing, forget about “green” nonsense, this is 12 cylinder with two turbos and horsepower worthy of Pagani Zonda’s F version.

Acceleration to 62 mph is estimated at 3.9 seconds, with a top speed that’s electronically limited to 155 mph, but could go to 190 mph if the limiter is removed, and maybe even more. To wrap it up, shifter controls eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission with paddles on the wheel, Launch Control is happily here, and xDrive signifies the presence of AWD system.


Dynamics depend on your mood or personal preferences as Dynamic Damper Control let you opt for either comfort or sportiness, also the Driving Dynamics Control let you define steering, suspension, and transmission settings. There is active electromechanical roll stabilization, and the standard air suspension components were tuned specifically for this model.

For keeping you safer while using improved mobility you have Traffic Jam Assistant, lane-keep assist, side and rear collision protection, rear cross-traffic warnings, Surround View and Assist eCall.

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive Price

It will arrive in first part of 2017 and price should be $153,000, which is higher than Alpina’s B7 $137,000 and way higher than 750i xDrive’s $97,000.


It seems that BMW has finally changed its mind about bringing famous M letter to 7-Series, but unfortunately, it stopped somewhere halfway. It has enough horsepower to stand beside Merc’s S65 AMG and Audi’s S8 Plus. So, is it a dream come true? No, not quite, but it is the closest step to M badge and sportiest ever model in the lineup.

Power is here, but M letter brings much more besides just brutal engine. Actually wait, with some more thinking, we can say that this is a dream come true, or at least it is enough to fill empty space in hearts of BMW’s fans till proper M7 arrives.

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