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2017 Chevrolet Beat – Cheap move

2017 Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet revealed the third generation of Spark model in 2009. Despite wearing a bow tie, we know that it was GM Daewoo or current GM Korea underneath. Spark was nothing more than Daewoo Matiz, but the third generation made such a huge leap in every department, that nobody should care what it is actually. Third generation Spark was introduced in India year later after official debut, and over there was named Beat.

Now Chevy has different plans, as the fourth generation of Spark debuted in 2015, while we had to wait two years for its arrival to Indian shores and further to that 2017 Chevrolet Beat has a unique story to tell.


Indian market is far from developed, but it is definitely one of the biggest and with immense potential for the rise. GM decided to take a questionable move, counting on much higher prices of new cars in India, compared to Europe or the US and putting into calculation market’s vast interests and demand for low cost specifically tailored models, plenty offered over there.

The Beat is not the same Spark anymore, as Indian thing is now a just old model with some makeup still sitting on the old platform and not actual new generation revealed two years ago to the world. The profit margin on Beat will rise for GM undeniably, but some respect might drop in return.

2017 Chevrolet Beat

2017 Chevrolet Beat STYLING

We have the same overall shape of the previous generation, and we see an effort to bring resemblance from actually new Spark. It has the same hood, which remains unchanged from the previous model, it has a similar grille, and somehow related headlights, though not much. The area around fog lights is different, and Beat’s bumper has air intake bellow grille, Spark’s don’t.

Side profile remains absolutely unchanged from the older model, so the new dynamic waste line doesn’t found its place on Beat. The rear end is the biggest disappointment as it carries nothing of new more harmonious design. We have old Spark with revised taillights, which are even uglier in our opinion.


There are no photos of the interior yet but expect the same type of blend between old and new. Supposedly it should receive two-tone interior, beige and black, with 7-inch MyLink infotainment system in highest trims. Used materials should be upgraded, and visually we should see the old interior with new styling bits, trying to mask the main traits. Boot remains at the same six cu ft, and let’s not discuss how much less is that from 11.1 cu ft of new Spark.


Same 1.0-litre L3 diesel engine delivering 57 hp and 111 lb-ft of torque should carry on. As for petrol offer, 1.2-liter rated 80 hp might also remain or it could be replaced by 1.0-liter L3 petrol unit that was provided already before but outside India. Apparently, new 1.4-liter L4 with 99 hp currently in newest Spark is not intended for Beat, so one more disappointment to already existing long list of ones.

Add to that also 5-speed manual transmission as an only option, contrary to the new Spark which has CVT on the options list.

2017 Chevrolet Beat CONCLUSION

2017 Chevrolet Beat is set to arrive later this year to Indian streets priced from Rs 4.20 lakh or $6,400. This is a fair price for Indian market, but if the previous generation could arrive as a proper model, why this one couldn’t?

Currently, Beat sells in a fraction of numbers compared to rivaling Maruti Suzuki Ritz and Celerio or Hyundai Eon and Grand i10, and stuffing old, dated body with some cosmetic bits is just going to worsen the situation. We think GM will have to mend some feelings in the future on the only subcontinent in the world.

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