9 Truck Mods That Will Make Your Pickup Cooler and More Durable

According to Statista, in 2018 alone, nearly 3 million pickup trucks were sold. With so many fellow truckers on the road, trucks mods can be just the thing to make your truck stand out and make an impression. The right selection of truck mods won’t just make your truck look good. It’ll make your truck perform more powerfully and last longer. Check out these 9 truck mods to get your ride looking and performing at its very best.

9 Truck Mods

There is an almost endless supply of possible truck mods to experiment with. These are some of the most efficient choices, allowing you to get the most out of your purchases.

1. Performance Chip


Installing a performance chip in your truck allows it to channel its maximum power into speed and pulling strength. Your truck comes with pre-installed factory settings that play it safe and play to the needs of everyone at the same time.

By using settings that are adequate for everyone, they end up being perfect for no one. A performance chip will let you change your truck’s settings to be perfect for your needs.

2. Brakes


We all focus on amazing pulling power, but with the right brakes, your stopping power can be just as impressive.

Typical truck brakes are perfectly adequate, but if you’re looking for the next level of performance, then you’ll want to shop around for some world-class brakes that can take practically anything. The toughest jobs require the toughest tools.

3. Step Bars


Trucks come suspended at various heights, especially if you customize your suspension or add lifts (see below). Step bars provide a long, sturdy step that runs from the front of your front door to the back of your back door.

Even if you prefer to high-step it into your truck, step bars fill out the empty space around your truck’s frame nicely, giving it an increased presence and feeling of sturdiness.

If you happen not to like that look, but do want to have a convenient step into your truck, then you can have special fold-out step bars installed that remain hidden inside the truck until you open the door to use them.

4. Suspension and Lifts


If you want to travel the toughest, bumpiest trails, then you’re going to need to find a way to keep the bottom of your truck from getting stuck on some crazy bump. A lift kit is just the solution.

Installing a lift kit will allow you to lift or drop your car’s height at will. Lift kits require a complicated installation procedure, so it’s best to call on the help of a professional unless you’re a car lift kit guru.

Off-roading means hitting a lot of bumps, and your car’s going to need to be able to absorb those shocks. A brand-new, beefed up suspension will allow your truck to remain steady while driving over bumpy services.

5. LED Lights


There are many kinds of light mods you can add to your truck. Headlights are still catching up to modern improvements to lighting technology, so if you really want to illuminate the road or trail before you, adding your own bar of high-tech LED lights can make you wonder how you ever got along without them.

Fog lights are another cool truck modification that add one more environment to the list of ones you can navigate with confidence and competence.

6. Use a Bedliner


People buy pickup trucks because they have things to haul. Loading and unloading heavy items in and out of your bed can make the bed the first part of the truck to wear out and need replacing.

On the other hand, you can make your bed last much longer and resist tougher loads by using a Speedliner spray-on product. Lining your bed with Speedliner can also make it more resistant to environmental wear and tear like intense heat and ultraviolet light from the sun.

7. Air Intake


Maybe you bought a truck for its power, but a little extra speed never hurt anybody. On top of that, air intake systems don’t just add speed to your car, they can empower your engine to run on less fuel.

The secret is that a cold air intake system feeds cold air into your engine’s combustion chambers, unlocking their hidden potential.

At just a couple of hundred dollars, an air intake system is one of the best trucks mods that will give you the most bang for your buck. You can read an expert review on AutoExpro about top-rated air intake systems. Hope it will help you to find out the best one for your truck.

8. Custom Exhaust


A custom exhaust is one of those pickup truck mods that ticks all the boxes. Not only can they look amazing, but they can also sound spectacular and simultaneously boost performance.

You’ll be catching everyone’s attention, whether it be with your stylish look, your powerful engine roar, or your fantastic performance. A custom exhaust can give you control over how loud your engine sounds and also increase your torque.

9. Custom Wheels


The wheels on your pickup truck aren’t just a tool to ride on. They are a canvas on which you can paint mesmerizing patterns. A dazzling chrome option can sparkle in the daytime, or you can go for a more subtle, understated black color that allows your truck to fade into the night’s shadows.

Every color in the rainbow can also be chosen, to match your car’s accessories or express your personality. And those are just the color options!

Perfectly smooth plates of metal or jagged circles with sharp lines can both turn the world into an audience watching your car. Every pattern imaginable can be built into your wheels.

This is the best truck modification to let your eye for art and style show.

Take Pride In Your Ride

We hope you found some awesome ideas for truck mods you can add to your own truck. Check out our other pieces to keep up to date on the latest in car news.

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