How to Install Side Steps on a Chevy Silverado: Step by Step Guide

Does your Chevy Silverado seem too high to get in and need a side step? Then you can install it in some easy steps. It will take you 15-20 minutes; it will not cost you extra money to take any expert assistance.

If you have decided to do it by yourself, then you are up to knowing- how to install side steps on a Chevy Silverado? I will share my tips as you can do it by yourself. Let’s make it smooth for you!

I will now share my experience as how I changed my side steps and guide you on how you will be able to do the same. So, stay with me and check the guide.

How to Install Running Boards

With a running board, you can get in your Chevy Silverado easily; it works as a stair to get it. It is a bit higher for its off-road features than other pickup trucks. First, get suitable running boards for your truck. Now I will describe the steps below:

  • It would help if you used jacks to raise your truck; install the jack on one side, under the back Cabin. It will give you enough space to lie under it to find the right spot.
  • You will find holes below the truck doors from the inner side and rubber plugs in those holes; those are factory default to set side steps; several models come from different manufacturers. So, pick the right spot for your running board.
  • Remove the rubber plugs from the hole when you have identified the right spots. These holes come with inbuilt threading for bolts. Put top screw bolts in those six holes, and screw them up to 50% for hanging the side step.
  • Hang the site step on the screws, check the alignment and tighten the screw bolts. Lower the jack and remove it.
  • Do the same on the other side and check if the running boards are wiggling or not. If it is wiggling, you need to tighten it.

Now, you are done with your running boards, but there are a few issues you need to know about. Please keep your eyes on them on your running board. If you still have confusion, try this video tutorial.

Taking these running boards to a dealer or mechanic will cost you some extra bucks.

How to Choose the Perfect Running Board

It is not always about buying a running board from many brands; you have to get the right one. The best option is to get a board from a well-known manufacturer; they maintain both standard and quality for your brand.

While buying a running board, you get it according to your vehicle model and manufacturing year. Or it will not suit your vehicle. For example, if you have a 2020 model Silverado and a pair of running boards for model 2019, they will not suit.

On the other hand, you may find the running board at a cheap cost, but be sure about the model and manufacturer issues; it may lead you to a complete loss. You can visit Automohub for some suitable models.

Does all Chevy Silverado Need Running Boards?

If we go by model, then it is a No. Because the order Silverado was not high enough, there are some low rider models. These trucks do not need running boards. Here we need running boards for the latest version and off-road pickup trucks.

If we want to elaborate on these things, from 2000 to 2010, models are low enough, and you can get in without any side steps. But, after 2011, the models are changed, these are all high and offroad versions, and you need help to get in. From kids to elder people, all need a running board to sit in the truck. If you need a detailed guide, check this PDF.

Do we Need Expert Assistance to Install a Running Board?

If you have basic knowledge about your chevy truck, then it is easy to do it yourself. As I have mentioned above, you can install your running boards by yourself; you need to hand the side steps in the holes and screws under your chevy. Then it is done.

If you think you cannot do it, you can talk to the dealer who sells it; he will get it done with some extra cost. That will be a good idea, but you must spend some money.

On the other hand, you can take to the mechanic to whom you take your truck always for any repairing and maintenance. He will take care of the issue for some service charges. So, there are several methods to get the task done. In a few cases, it is free of cost; on the other hand, it requires some money.

How to Install a Customized Running Board?

Customized and unique running boards will bring an elegant look to your truck, but that will cost you some big money. Also, you need to look for the right side step that will suit your model; it is not magic that you buy a different model and try to adjust it. It is not possible at all.

You will make a big mistake if you try to set a different model running board on your truck, it will cost you a lot of money, and your main structure will need modification. So, never give it a try.

Some modifiers make unique running boards with lighting effects; you can try that. If you are very upgrade-minded, you can try a modified running board that will make your truck look different.

Will a Running Board Increase the Performance of my Silverado?

Running board installation will not affect the driving performance; it is just an accessory to ride in your truck. So, never expect anything about performance. It will not give you any extra performance feature but will act as a comfort feature. Just install it for a better riding experience with your offroad Chevy Silverado.

Final Word

I have shared my running board installation experience with you in the above discussion, and I wish you can do it yourself. If you are still confused, you can at least get it done properly by an expert. Stay hassle-free about running board installation now and get it done in the shortest time.

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