When to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

Car accidents can sometimes be fatal. Many of us don’t really comprehend the scale of damage from an auto accident. How much damage has it caused to the vehicle. What about personal injuries? Are they sustained? Were they serious enough to even lead to paralysis or death? There are many factors involved in a car accident. Automobile accidents also raise questions about insurance companies’ reimbursement policy.

Injuries from a car accident can be very serious – and treatment for it can rack up the medical bills quickly. So, who will pay your bills? Accidents can cause loss of income or even loss of ability to continue at a job. Let’s also not forget about the pain and sufferings from the trauma of an accident.

Is there a fix to these troubles? You sure can fix the situation with a good car accident attorney on your side. Car accident law agencies are masters at this. Yes, agencies like Eric Ramos Law, PLLC have handled tons of cases like yours. So, they know exactly what to do for the best possible outcome for you.

Do you need a lawyer for every car accident case? Not really! There are a few circumstances when you should contact an expert attorney.

When to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer
  1. Long-lasting Injury.
  2. Car accident fatality.
  3. Medical bills you have to pay out of pocket are high and increasing with time.
  4. Non-economic losses like pain, trauma, or any kind of suffering.
  5. A dispute about accident fault.
  6. The accident’s place is questionable.
  7. Insurance companies deny a payout.
  8. Insurance companies offer a low settlement for your damages.
  9. More people got damaged in that accident (a minimum of 2 people).
  10. Inaccurate paperwork (Police report medical report, other legal papers).

Why You Need A Car Accident Lawyer

Most people do not have enough knowledge about car accident damages and compensation policy. So, insurance companies can easily fool them and settle at a lower price that is not even close to compensate for the actual damage. Let’s find out why a car accident attorney is the best option in this situation.

  1. Assess the value of your Injury

It is really important to assess the condition of your damage before you make a claim for compensation. This is one big loophole insurance companies try to use.. They hire the best expert managers to convince you the payout they are offering is fair. They know all the tactics to convince people to settle..

A car crash lawyer on your side will be important here. They can assess your actual damage and can determine the amount of reimbursement for you. Chances are they have had similar cases as yours and know precedence on what type of compensation is realistic for your damages. Lawyers are also expert negotiators. They will put up a strong case to the insurance company for you and negotiate on your behalf..

  1. Contingency Fee

It is a fee structure many injury lawyers use where they only get paid when they win a case.  So this makes it a risk-free proposition to hire a lawyer. They are so confident with the chances of your case that they will bet on a win for them to get paid. That is a level of confidence that will work in your favour.

Contingency fees are also fair and agreed upon before they take your case. So there are no hidden charges or costs. It is only fair that they get a fee for winning you the best settlement you could have won.. So the settlement can also include legal costs, so your  lawyer fees will be covered by the payout —a kind of win-win situation for both the lawyer and their client..

  1. Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have expert customer relationship managers. They are masters in settling deals at lower prices. They are working to pay you out the least possible they can to keep their profit margins up.. Lawyers know all the loopholes to negotiate well with your insurance company. If you get a fair deal from the negotiations then you can settle out of court.. In case insurance companies deny your proposal, then you can take them to court. When your lawyer threatens court action, insurance companies will most certainly want to settle so they don’t incur more legal fees. So again a win-win.

  1. They know the Time Limits

Different states of the US have different time limits to claim on automobile accidents. You must submit all legal papers to claim your compensation. An attorney, in this case, is quite knowledgeable about this. He knows about the papers in a case and when to submit it.. If you have no ideas about this time limit, then you may lose your chances in the court for compensation for not filing the case within the time limits.

  1. Proving Liability in Court

Why would you suffer from another person’s negligence in a car crash accident? To claim that justice, you need a report from police and witnesses present in the scene. Also, it needs a proper presentation in the court to justify your demand.

What if the insurance company is offering a low settlement or no refund at all? Once again, you must submit all necessary documents like medical bills, police reports for a stronger claim. Also, there are some guidelines and procedures of the court that you must follow. Otherwise, there is a chance of losing the litigation.

Personal injuries can be very serious and the effects of that can be long lasting – from continued medical bills to potentially loss of ability to earn a living for the rest of your life and even disabilities. Shulman & Hill offers free consultations at any time, and can advise you about any kind of personal injury cases.

  1. Attorneys avoid Pitfalls

Sometimes people get emotional about accidents and post photos and status on social media. The opposing party, who is mostly responsible for this, can take advantage of it. Also, insurance companies can take this as an opportunity. So, they can misinterpret and present it in the wrong way. Car crash attorneys have previous experience and know-how to play this game. So, leave it to them to help you avoid pitfalls.

On another note, some people settle for the insurance companies lower offers. Insurance companies can then find pitfalls in your accident and cut your compensation. So, hire an expert attorney to fight this.

Car crash injuries are not easy to recover and heal from. If you hire a good lawyer, then you have a good chance to be compensated for your losses. So, put the best foot forward with your lawyer at hand.

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