How to avoid an accident in Florida- the main methods of prevention

The main causes of traffic accidents

If we consider road accidents not from a scientific point of view, it is an accident involving at least one vehicle, which entails damage to property or harm to human health / life. The following causes of traffic accidents are distinguished.


Accidents in Florida regularly occur because drivers do not obey speed limits. Speeding provokes hitting pedestrians, collision with other cars. Also, speeding drivers often fail to cope with the maneuver, themselves suffer and get injured.

The most unpredictable and severe accidents occur during poor visibility on the road, when there can be an exit from the roadway and a collision with a car in the oncoming lane. There are also a huge number of accidents caused by speeding during icy conditions.

Drunk Driver

Sober driving, social advertising and stricter measures against drunk driving helped to prevent many accidents. However, there are still many drunk drivers who get behind the wheel. Often speeding is provoked by alcohol intoxication.

Poor road quality

Roads have long been a dangerous problem in our country and in Florida. Bumps, holes and other factors often cause emergencies.

The situation is aggravated with absence of responsibility of road services for traumatism which is caused by defective road surface, wrong road marking, inappropriate marks, non working traffic lights and other.

Defective vehicle

Because of problems with the “stuffing” of the car, accidents do not happen very often, but they usually have serious consequences. If the fuel system is not sealed, the car can ignite or explode. Malfunction of the airbag system may cause them to deploy on the move.

You should also prevent problems with the brakes, chassis, tires, etc. To prevent accidents, Nunez Law Firm recommends passing the annual inspection in time, as well as monitor the condition of the car.

Carelessness of pedestrians

Some people in Florida, especially if they are in a hurry, ignore the traffic rules and cross the road at a red light or in a wrong place. When the pedestrian is a child or an elderly person, it is difficult to judge their conscientious behavior strictly.

Therefore, drivers should be careful when approaching crosswalks and on the road in general. Pedestrians in Florida, especially at night, should wear clothing with reflective elements.

Preventing accidents among children

Although children are usually only passengers or pedestrians, this does not protect them from accidents. Any road user is at risk. Methods that are used to inform adults are not used when educating minors, because working with children has its own specifics.

In preschools

Preschoolers are a special category of pedestrians and passengers. Education of kids should not be the same as for adults, because children cannot interpret traffic rules verbatim and do not have the abstract thinking to perceive them. Therefore, the kindergarten uses other forms of teaching that are appropriate for the age and developmental level of the children.

Children are explained to them about road safety, the causes of accidents by teachers who know the peculiarities of kids.

The earlier the formation of the rules begins, the easier it is for the child to fit into the process, since the nervous system at this age is quite plastic. In preschools, traffic corners throughout the kindergarten, games with vehicles, work with story pictures, slides with the rules, posters and more are used to cover the traffic rules.

In Schools

One of the most effective among children’s institutions is the prevention of traffic accidents in schools. Usually, an inspector comes to the school, telling about traffic safety and the rules of behavior in case of accidents.

Important! In high school children are already quite conscious. They are ready to follow the traffic rules responsibly, as well as gain knowledge about how to prevent accidents in Florida.

In elementary school, they explain what they need to do to prevent the possibility of an accident. Children are told about how to avoid accidents, how to behave on the road, conduct thematic games, where students become passengers of a car, bus, pedestrians, draw road signs with them and much more.

At home

If the child learns in kindergarten and school, but they are not reinforced at home, it will be ineffective. Children take the example of mom and dad, so it is important that parents show a pattern of intelligent behavior on the road.

You should also control the safety when driving with children: use child safety seats, seat belts. To prevent the risks of accidents on the child’s clothing and backpack should have reflective elements.

The role of parents in prevention

Preventing accidents is not only the responsibility of the police and other government agencies in Florida. Prevention, which is carried out in preschools and schools, is more effective when the child’s relatives support this activity. Adults should explain to minors that it is impossible to violate traffic rules, the perpetrator responsible for the accident will be punished, he will be detained by the police, etc.

Visual information and the advice of seniors are perfectly digested by kids. If an adult sees a violation, he/she should point it out to the child, tell them about the consequences and about correct behavior. This develops responsibility in the growing person.

General measures to prevent accidents

General measures include: careful training of drivers and providing them with refresher training. Also, at the training companies there are always hanging leaflets to promote the prevention of accidents by drivers, which visually present the rules that they must comply with.

To combat traffic accidents, work is being done:

  • on the improvement of vehicles;
  • introduction of safety equipment (belts, trauma-proof pillars of road signs);
  • increase the efficiency of services that take part in the elimination of post-accident actions, etc.

General measures also include prevention of accidents among police officers.

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